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  1. I agree... but: I Troll jason a few times. But only, when I have to play counselors the 10 times, although i want to play as Jason with jason spawn preference...
  2. Really??? 113 ? Wtf ? I think this is really stupid...
  3. First : nice Nickname i really enjoy playing counselors,but if i want to play jason, and the matchmaking don't chose me, i am playing counselors with no fun and not with the conzentration like with jason. I think ...no I know... the most players can confirm that by they own.
  4. No i dont Sent a Support Ticket, i play on ps4 but Report the crashes. But the most crashs are because a Networks Problem or something else. I think the dedicated Servers could be solving the Problem ... I hope ...
  5. Yeah but a System like dead by daylight should work?! Because, maybe the most want to be jason, but to be honest: be jason by time its get boring and we play counselor .And when I/we want to play jason, i should have to wait a bit longer for an lobby. But the Ticket System Sound ok ,we have to wait and give it a Chance....
  6. The game crashs are really Bad... the game is well,but the crashes are annoying... And the jason spawn preference are a joke. In 20 games, i am maybe 3 time jason...
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