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  1. I deleted the game and reinstalled now it works like a charm! Loving the challenges
  2. Same here! First went to the store then a restart and now it just crashes
  3. Will that erase my saved files? That’s why I haven’t done it yet
  4. It started to do that and then I restarted the Xbox and now it gives the game screen then crashes about a minute later
  5. That’s the first thing I did...other games load without issue
  6. I can’t get the game to load after the update...
  7. Ello everyone! I'm TheRealSamSinn, I've been an avid Friday fan for as long as I can remember....watching the movies as a kid late night on the weekends and as frequently as I could, watching the newest film when it was in theaters and constantly renting them from the local video store. I was always a fan at the original NES Friday game, however horrible I was at it. When this game was announced I was ecstatic however stuck with a previous generation console I was not able to experience it until this past Christmas when my lovely wife surprised me with an Xbox One and a copy of this wonderful game! Look for me on Xbox One under the same name and maybe we can play.
  8. Hello, I'm TheRealSamSinn and I play on Xbox One...
  9. I don't understand....If someone hates this game so much, why waste your time posting on it's forum? I love this game. I'm extremely excited for the update...Keep up the great work!
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