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  1. Lol we will believe it when we see it ?
  2. this game in general is a joke the developers really feel off the ban wagon aint no body gonna buy that crappy Slasher edition and u still not give savini jason like soo Pathetic and than no post from you guys about the dang dedicated servers or etc.. like you guys gave up and dnt give two craps about the game smh sad people
  3. Does the Salt Mines Even Work??? And if so how can we even know if its There or not
  4. What About Paranoia will it be in the Next Update???
  5. Finally!!! Geezus Felt like i was Waiting for Christmas Presents all over again ???
  6. Console - Ps4 GamerTag - Darkwonder1223 **Also Let me know your from the Forum when you send a Friend request**
  7. Oh I guess I havent seen that part but thanks for the info
  8. Whats the point of showing us this? Like when will we get some kind of content atleast, like we keep hearing heres this and what's gonna be in that and etc and not once have you guys mention anything bout the Paranoia Game Mode like after that one teaser last year bout it i have not heared one word but you guys wanna keep letting us informed on stuff thats bearly important or Necessary... like come one now its ridiculous Smh
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