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  1. You were. I just read it all, but missed my opportunity to join in when thing got real with shift.
  2. Yes, we all need to be a united front and demand the truth on everything gun has been bullshitting us about. Client side saves, dedicated servers, why the priority to fix only the game breaking bugs and completely ignore everything else, Uber Jason, everything. Every...damn...thing.
  3. We all know what the answer is, but Gun KNOWS that the moment they confirm it, we'll revolt. So it's nothing but locked threads and bans to avoid the truth, which we will never get.
  4. @Daneasaur and my thread got bullshitted then locked. But it is what it is. Wink, wink. Say no more. #MakeYourVoiceHeard
  5. I believe we can all band together and make all our voices heard. All of our causes are important. Each and everyone one of them. And I believe we can fight for all of our causes together and win them. Each of every one of them: Uber, client saves, fixes, everything. #MakeYourVoiceHeard
  6. This is not a this or that choice. Gun media unlocking Uber Jason will not somehow prevent them from fixing the game. We can have both Uber Jason and game fixes, and every one of us can be happy. Attacking each other is senseless and doesn't help in anyone's cause.
  7. Not Just because he was promised to us, and not just because of the cool design, but because he is the last bit of f13th we can ever get in what may very well be the last F13th game we ever get for a long, long time. Maybe ever.
  8. A fellow member on the Friday the 13th Forum who shall not be named just pointed out how odd it is for Uber Jason to have double the standard amount of weapon kills, speculating that the reason why is because the extra kills were intended to be sold as a weapon pack. I thought about, and it makes perfect sense. While gun media absolutely can legally give us Uber Jason, as I explained earlier, they cannot put out a kill pack, as that would count as additional content made after the cut off date. The kills are all currently lumped together and to make said kill pack, they would have to take out the half they wish to sell and package them. But they can't package the kills and so would either have to give us those extra kills for free or just not at all...like Uber Jason himself. So now we have what I believe to be the real reason they won't unlock Uber Jason: He can't be monetized #MakeYourVoiceHeard
  9. In the original, Ed Harley was forced to commit suicide in order to kill pumpkinhead, as pumpkinhead's soul was bound to his. So, yeah, no kill state whatsoever.
  10. I figured 5% would sound more reasonable to the team. When Jason's running speed was increased back in February, it was by a whopping 1%
  11. I have something to add: Has anyone noticed if part 9's stun resistance actually makes a difference? I checked him out and didn't notice any. Thank you in advance. Oh and I think the throwing knives should have a 5% damage buff. Currently, each one does about 30%. It should only take three to kill someone, and the boost will help make Jason a threat again, especially since most players run thick skin anyway, reducing what little damage the knives incur. This boost in knife damage will also help to make parts 5 and 6 more viable.
  12. Gun media has already admitted to being allowed to modify any content that existed before the cut off date. He came in with the engine update, passing certification, and arriving before the cut off date. They can unlock him and do whatever they need to do afterwords. As the kill video showed, he is fully functional and his model is complete. All he is missing is the appropriate music files and some sound effects. It would take a whopping 5 minutes to add any missing machete sound effects, since they are already in the game. Why would a space machete sound any different then a regular one? But anyway, the facts and supporting were all laid bare. @Daneasaur made sure of it.
  13. The thing is not only did miller get paid off in 1988, but Sean Cunningham actually did try to settle with him, and he refused. People keep jumping to Miller's aid like he's just a man who wants he just dues, but he isn't. He got paid for writing the script, he got some sort of settlement payday in 1988 and continues to receive payments to this day, and now he wants to try to gain hold of the Friday the 13th Franchise. Or at least as much of it as he can. He's not just an asshole, but a damn dirty greedy one, too. He doesn't give one fuck what he's doing to us fans. Not one.
  14. I edited my post for more clarification, btw.
  15. Well, I did confirms things with an actual lawyer the other day about what I said. I can go ask a Judge. legal precedent is everything to the law, and the precedent was already set by the Hot coffee scandal, as I said. If something in a game is there in any way, doesn't matter what way, it exists. and if it exists, it is content. And we were given said content with the engine update. We're right about Uber Jason. Absolutely right, but the fight is rigged against us. The bad guys win.
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