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  1. Mawlock

    trouble playing

    Glad I am not the only one.
  2. Mawlock

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    Aww, you had me until that last part.
  3. Mawlock

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    I was doing the bots for a while there, but it got really old having to spend 10 minutes hunting down that one bot (usually Tommy) just standing around in the middle of nowhere.
  4. Mawlock

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    So much for that then. None of my friends own this game, and I have a thing about friending random strangers from the interwebs. I know what you mean about the rage quitting though. I make sure I'm the host before I even bother. Lately, the game has worn me out entirely though. I'm only level 82, but I'm sick to death of all the damn grinding, but I guess I have to If I want Roy to be able to use the machete. So, I've been sorta cheating the system by setting the game up as host, and then doing literally anything else. Got from level 77 to 82 that way. Currently enjoying Boy meets world with the Mrs. I'll make sure to whip some bot ass as soon as the double xp event starts thursday, and I can check out the new and improved part 7.
  5. Mawlock

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    Does private have matchmaking? I can't check right now.
  6. Mawlock

    Anniversary XP & Tape Drop Event

    Lucky, I've only found one, and i've been playing since day one. All them ninja looters, I guess.
  7. Him. Not you. Sorry about the confusion.
  8. Wow. What a total dipshit.
  9. Truthfully, If I had made the game, every level would have been it's own unique scenario, with each having their own, fully unique win conditions, instead of just "your-in-some-camp-that-looks-basically-like-all-the-other-camps-and-if-you-put-it-on-random-you'll-have-no-idea-which-one-you're-even-on-complete-with-the-same-lazy-win-conditions." Examples: Map: Camp Crystal lake Gametype: Couselors vs. Jason variant (1 vs. 7 team deathmatch) Inspiration: original two films Something very wrong is going on at camp crystal lake. At first, it was just a feeling in your gut. At first, your friends all laughed at you and told you to stop being so silly. At first, you just chalked it up to being Friday the 13th. But now...now you know better. Now you know that you where right all along. Now you wonder where all your friends have gone. Now the phone lines have all been cut, and poor little you can't call anyone for help. Now poor little you can't leave, with the vehicles having all been sabotaged. You feel it in your bones: That campfire tale was more than just a harmless ghost story. HE is out there somewhere...watching and waiting. His name is Jason, and today is his birthday. Your death will make his special day all the more special for him, or so the story says. But you can't let that happen. You WON'T let that happen. You're just too young to die. And besides, you don't know for certain that your friends are dead. Who knows? Maybe you can find them and save them before it's too late. Maybe they can save you. And maybe, just maybe, tonight you and your friends can lay the legend of Jason Voorhees to rest for good...maybe Map: The Sanitarium Gametype: paranoia mode variant (counselor free for all) Alt game type: Battle of the Jasons (Everyone is Jason free for all) Inspiration: Ending of F13th part V/Jason vs. Jason X comic. No matter how many times they tell you Jason Voorhees is dead and buried, you just won't believe. No, You CAN'T believe. You KNOW Jason is still alive--still out there, somewhere, just waiting for the right opportunity to finish the job. Things didn't use to be so bad for you. It used to be that whenever you thought you saw Jason, if you could close your eyes hard enough, you could make him go away. But not anymore. Now you can't stop seeing him. Jason is everywhere. Jason is everyone. He's Jason. She's Jason. Even YOU are Jason. The doctors can no longer help you. No one can. It's time to help yourself. It's time to make Jason go away once and for all. Map: The Cornfield Game type: Timed survival Inspiration: Freddy vs Jason rave scene It was just suppose to be a fun night. One of the best of your life, in fact. Maybe even THE best. A fun little rave for you and all the kids in town to blow off some steam. And it had been fun...up until that maniac in the hockey mask showed up. Now just about everyone is dead, save for you and friends. Sure the cops have been called, but you know how it goes; you've seen your fair share of horror movies. You are so totally boned, right? Then again, amongst your friends, you ALWAYS were the lucky one. Maybe they'll all die, but YOU'LL be alright. The police will come and YOU'LL be saved. End of story, right? All you have to do is bide your time. But you can do that standing on your head, right? Perhaps you can run and run and run? The man in the mask doesn't look so fast, does he? Or maybe you can find somewhere nice and safe to hole up for a bit. That abandoned barn over yonder with the dead animals nailed to it sure looks enticing. Oh! What about that scarecrow over there? Maybe if you ask him real nicely, he'll do his best for you... But anyway, these are just some ideas I have floating around. F13th is a fun game, but it isn't really the multiplayer horror experience we all deserve and crave.
  10. You wouldn't be necessarily be screwed if you could just pick up whatever weapon you wanted, like the counselors. But, hey, what if the counselors could pick up your weapon if you missed? Make the feature a whole risk/reward thing. I remember the condemned 2 multiplayer was like this. You could throw your axe/sledgehammer/whatever heavy weapon you had at someone, and if you hit them, your target would either take heavy damage, get stunned, or straight up die. If you missed, they would pick up your former weapon and go to town on your now, basically defenseless ass (you still had your fists, lol) .
  11. I'd like to see a map where it's ALL woods and you simple have to find the hidden keys to the Rv and make your way to it alive to escape. If that's too easy, maybe the Rv needs repaired and refueled, too. The gas would, of course, be inside the Rv. Or a map where you're locked inside an old, dilapidated mansion with Jason and you must find three keys to unlock the padlocked chains off the front door. This goes without saying, but the windows would all be boarded up, and there would be no phone line to call for outside help (cops/Jarvis) with.
  12. Why not the ability to just throw your weapon at the counselor? If it connects, instant death, like how Jason killed Melissa in part VII.