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  1. This again get over it your not getting him for free I usually calmly explain why but it’s not like you’ll listen so no your not getting him because you’re not a backer and if you r saying you don’t know why people play this game then why are you asking for something for a game you don’t want to play?
  2. Sorry to hear that and whoever that was who said sorry I can’t ban them was being pure lazy he did not take the time to translate therefore not abiding by their OWN rules I feel you should post this on their Twitter
  3. Maybe just ask for a belt they could easily add Fox’s belt in a alternate color it would be a quick fix to a big problem
  4. Well with the hot fix patch coming next week I can see us getting mostly patches then a dlc like the pickaxe for part 2 and maybe a clothing dlc more patches Uber Jason and more dlc if they run out of ideas ?
  5. Yeah and it’s not like it would take that much work they have the model just add new clothes and stats like Tiffany is stealth and stamina make her sis strength or composure or repair and luck or maybe even speed and strength depends I couldn’t care less really the more counselors the better imo
  6. Thanks for the info and I didn’t mean she’s a a plain I mean girl next door sorry I got them mixed up ?
  7. So I been drawing poses for bodies like a mannequin and decided to draw some clothes then a added a big version of it to decide how it look on a person and then I saw a lot of posts about new counselors but every time I clicked on it it would be someone from the movies with images and no actual concept or drawing with it (except for the Reggie one I think there’s a rough sketch? And Melissa’s one but she’s out so I don’t count it) so I decided I would post this one and kind of let people pick their own stats and title but I came up with “the plain Jane” but that sounds like Jenny so if you have an idea feel free to post I’ll post a pic when I find out how to (sorry I’m new ?)
  8. No it was just a reference to part four with the twins and unless they used the same models and different stats (which I won’t think they’ll do...) then it’s probably not going to happen sorry but you could always make a thread about it and let people think of some stats for her if you’d like it sounds interesting and people had talked about it when the game came out but no real concept thread was made
  9. Well to counter this I usually try to get sweater because I think it’s better than the blouse
  10. I think they didn’t make them loop because of people whining about “trolling” or it could just be they didn’t want to make them loop
  11. This update is going to be great if all goes well with it
  12. Queue the world war z gives where the zombie climb the big wall ?
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