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  1. Are we getting little stuff like new kill, new animations, more ways of escaping, and is the pajama clothing pack in the update
  2. Please make it to where there another way to kill Jason and that would be to drown him. Here’s how I think it should work. First, like normal, you need Tommy Jarvis and a female with Pamalas sweater. As Tommy, you would need 3 other teammates to get a large rock on a small boat,then wait. As sweater girl, you need to get Jason close enough to the water and tell him something like “Jason, come with me and I’ll be right here with you”. as soon as Jason drops him guard, wait for him to get under the boat, BOOM, Tommy wraps that chain around him and goes in Crystal Lake once again, This would be awesome and I would love to see this in the game. please and thank you
  3. Okay maybe not fashion shows that’s just wouldn’t fit
  4. Imagine if you could go in a private match with your friends and do fun mini games. I have lots of ideas for this game and this one is one of them. I’m just throwing ideas out there. It would be more like an actual summer break. Think of this, you have all counselors with horrible repair and your racing in 2 teams to get a car repaired. Whichever team got it done wins that round. Or stuff like... dance contest, fashion shows,races. This would be amazing and I hope the f13 group reads this. Please and thank you.
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