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  1. zmccain

    Adios Amigos

    Abandoning ship for the same reasons as everyone else. See ya around guys.?
  2. Did @F134Ever86 leave as well? I went to his profile and it looks like he posted a farewell post but I'm not seeing it anywhere. Deleted?
  3. This. Which is welcome. I'm glad they are still doing events like this.
  4. According to GameFAQS the game will be released in Japan on July 13th 2018. So there's that to consider. Edit: Last time I checked the date was 07/13 but now it's changed to 08/02. https://gamefaqs.gamespot.com/ps4/upcoming/2-japan
  5. And there is the problem. You and the other mods seem to be incapable of determining what is an insult and what is not. You and the other mods keep falling back on the words "insult", "abuse", "abusive" when anything makes you uncomfortable. Other moderators on other forums are not doing what you are doing. I have never seen it. And I'm not alone. Plenty others have noticed this as well. I repeat, other moderators of other forums do not behave this way. The way this place is moderated is an anomaly and everyone can see it. Everything here is interpreted as "abusive". I've never seen that word so many times in my life except for here.
  6. I've said it before and I'll say it again. I've been a member of many forums. NEVER have I seen anything like this.
  7. Did RJ Macready's farewell thread just get deleted???
  8. It's been said a dozen times but knowing what they did in regards to the lawsuit/deadline they should have focused on getting the new content out first and doing bug fixes later. Am I disappointed in no new content? Yes. But what bothers me more is the mother fucking host quitting every God damn match!!! That and the lag and the bugs. Uber Jason? Not so much. Edit: Surprised this thread hasn't been locked yet due to "clutter" on the boards. We DO have existing threads addressing this topic.
  9. @ShiftySamurai Is this a correct statement from Wes? The last sentence. $1M/month? If so, can we really trust that dedicated servers for consoles are on the way?
  10. The mods will be here shortly to tell us how we are all wrong and that we actually DID experience the contests, challenges, etc. but we just don't remember.
  11. If dedicated servers would cost $1million a month why has ShiftySamurai and others been saying that they are coming? That the engine upgrade was implemented so that they could install the dedicated servers? Something is wrong with this picture. Either Wes is incorrect or ShiftySamurai is. Somebody isn't being truthful.
  12. And no amount of evidence will ever satisfy the conspiracy-deniers as well. Even if the evidence comes from the dev's own mouths.
  13. Yep, Wes said dedicated servers would cost $1million a month. Is there anything on the planet that costs $1million a month?
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