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  1. @HaydenX, Was supposed to have a chance at closure back in March, but COVID-19 pushed that hearing back. Haven't heard an updated date for the hearing as of yet. Best thing to do if you want to keep up with the lawsuit is to follow Larry Zerner on his Twitter page. In case you didn't know, Larry played Shelly in Friday The 13th Part 3, he is now a copyright lawyer and he keeps everyone up to date on the law suit.
  2. They did a great job with it. I just wish it was longer than 31 minutes. Would love to see them get funding to do a legit full length movie.
  3. Just a PSA, not that I really even give a shit what anyone thinks....I main NES Jason and I’m not a try hard. I was a part 8 main for pretty much the first year and a half I played the game, but my fave Jason by far is NES.
  4. Been like that on my phone for about a week now. Really annoying.
  5. DWVR Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume One TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge 2 Just Deal With It! Shadow Complex Remastered Robinson: The Journey We Sing Hitman Go: Definitive Edition Shadwen Joe’s Diner
  6. Apparently there are only 10 games that won’t be playable on the PS5, F13 is not one of them.
  7. Why is it so hard to believe Jason uses a bow? Jason was at a camp when he drowned. His home is “Camp” Crystal Lake. The use of a bow and arrow is a camp activity. It makes perfect sense that Jason can use a bow.
  8. lol, that's why I said I'm not holding my breath.
  9. Not holding my breath, but they are taking about it. https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/friday-13th-movie-announced-works/?fbclid=IwAR3rMmixztsIEUjUIWdLrid3LYepv3kIqSMG5DLfLRDIGzcxAdXMcp41EDk#gallery-19
  10. I’ve played the game long enough that I don’t need any of the counselor or Jason badges so getting a random counselor doesn’t really matter to me. I have every counselor equipped with perks as well as every Jason equipped with my weapon of choice and the kills I want just in case the glitch happens. In other words, I don’t take the game that seriously and play it for fun, so there’s no experiences being ruined on my end.
  11. So let me get this straight. You don’t want to spend the money to get to see what you want to see. So in turn, you expect someone that’s spendIng the money to share it to let you see it for free? Don’t hold your breathe on that one dude.
  12. Welcome aboard @willow what platform do you have the game on?
  13. That’s what I was suggesting. Load in as the counselor you have selected with no AI Jason. Probably would only work with the bots as you would still have the time limit, but could still perform the same actions as a counselor. Just eliminate Jason for this option.
  14. Yeah. Give us the option to load in as our selected counselor with the rest of the counselors as bots. Don’t even have an AI Jason. It would also help people that haven’t done so yet to find all the Pam and Tommy tapes.
  15. I've seen multiple people do that as Jason also. More often I've seen Jason's quit as soon as the alert for the cops being called is made. All in all, it's hilarious.
  16. Yeah, exactly. I can see where everyone is coming from wanting to play counselors in offline play. I mean as it stands now, the moment the servers are shut down our beloved murder victims that we spend a majority of the time playing will be lost to us forever. I like others would love to just be able to explore the maps and such as a counselor in offline play. I can kind of see practicing with the car, but in my opinion, the best practice you can get with driving the car? Pop a Grand Theft Auto game in and start driving. Most of the controls are very similar. Sure you can’t practice on Crystal Lake Grand Prix, but you can get a feel for the controls.
  17. @TimDuke 01, there’s been conflicting stories about the backwards capability. Last I heard, it will have backwards capability and most of the PS4 games that was made after a certain date will be supported. F13 I think makes the list, but Gun isn’t going to release a “PS5” version.
  18. Welcome @Twist3d_NixX. They have said there are no plans to port the game to the next gen consoles. As for a new game in the future, that depends on the lawsuit finally ending and someone else wanting to take on the franchise. Gun has already stated they will not make another F13 game in the future.
  19. Have you seen how stupid the bots are? Imagine Jason as a bot. There would be no challenge whatsoever.
  20. I agree 100%. Crystal Lake small, I repaired the two seater and a couple of people came up with the keys, so I let them have the car. I put the gas in the four seater, found the keys and started looking for the battery. The Jason was a newbie, I as well as another counselor that was helping me, had time to search every cabin at least two times each and anywhere else the battery may spawn. There was. I second battery.
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