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  1. Please enlighten us. Where’s all the videos of what’s wrong with the game?
  2. Because it's not normal server issues they're having to resolve. The servers have been hacked, and by someone that undoubtedly knows what they're doing. Hopefully they can sort it out, but I wouldn't expect it to be anytime soon.
  3. If what you say is true, that's royally screwed up. Basically means they knew it was coming and didn't do anything about it. My only question is, if they wanted to cause problems for the devs and show off, why didn't they make all the unreleased content available for everyone to use instead of making the game unplayable? That would have made them look like bigger bad asses.
  4. I haven't been on for about a week. And until the servers are worked out, I'm not evening booting the game up. So it's a no as far as my participation at the moment. Don't know if @SirMang has had a chance to run him down yet.
  5. Obviously they don’t have a magic wand to resolve the problem either. As far as I know, I don’t think they can snap their fingers and make things happen either.
  6. When the community manager of the page responded that the team is aware of it and trying to resolve the issue?
  7. They tried something similar to that before. It was called the “Salt Mines.” They didn’t work. I for one wouldn’t object to them disabling the servers until they’re fixed to allow players to play. I personally wouldn’t be playing until the servers are back up and running though. That’s just my opinion on it.
  8. No, they cannot kick you out of the lobby. They can however ruin everyone's game by quitting the match. That's the main reason people wanted dedicated servers. Back when it was p2p play, you always had to make sure you didn't kill the host first as Jason. If you did, halfway through the kill animation, the dreaded "Lost connection to Host" message would appear across the screen of everyone in the lobby.
  9. Peeps on Facebook are saying the game is playable again. I see @AchillesShield reported playing last night. Is everything good to go @mattshotcha?
  10. @OCT 31 1978, Charlie looks very interesting, but they fell well short of their funds. According to the site, one person is working on the game and even though they fell short of their projected donated funds, they say it's still going to happen. I hope it does just for the fact that so much work has already gotten put into it. When and if it's released, I'll get it. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Gun has already stated that they have no intentions on taking the game to the next gen consoles. After the lawsuit ends, that may (hopefully) change. After the lawsuit is finally done, I would love to see the game move on to the next gen consoles and have all the bugs worked out. I have a feeling that is very wishful thinking though.
  12. There’s an upcoming Chucky game?? Have any details? I haven’t heard about that one, I know there was talks about a Scream game upcoming, but I think it got trashed.
  13. Hackers that were banned got pissed and took the servers down. Gun is aware and are trying to resolve the issue. Been going on for a few days now.
  14. Jason Part 7 was going to be the next NECA figure until the lawsuit shut them down. Hopefully as soon as the lawsuit is settled, that’s still their plan. And then they can go ahead and knock out 8, 9, Pre-Uber and Uber Jason very shortly after.
  15. That’s badass!!! I absolutely love how you knocked the face out of the park!!! Superior work buddy!
  16. Read my post above yours. It tells you why you are having problems. No one can play the game right now online. You may get into a match, but you won’t be able to play.
  17. The servers have been down for the past couple days. It’s reportedly happening on all platforms (PC, PS4, Xbox and Switch). They are aware of the problem and trying to fix it.
  18. They've had issues with the servers after patches in the past. Now that it is finally causing issues and they know about it, they'll probably have it worked out soon.
  19. @Jason Todd Voorhees, I knew there couldn't have been that much of a difference. After actually seeing the difference in those pics I agree they did Kane dirty. They could have used different angles and had Kane wear platforms to get the visuals they wanted.
  20. Yes, people are also reporting that Private Matches are working fine. More than likely something from this recent patch has finally showed itself.
  21. @HaHaTrumpWon, Gun did post on Twitter yesterday that people were reporting issues with connecting to the servers and they were looking into it. I don't know if the issue has been resolved yet or not. **edit: Apparently the issue hasn't been resolved, there are people responding (as recent as half hour ago) to the initial tweet asking about an ETA of when the servers will be back up and running. People reporting what you mentioned, game will start, but shortly after they have interaction glitches and then the connection drops you. @mattshotcha, I know the team is aware, but have you got any feedback from them on this situation?
  22. Haven't been able to catch up with him as of yet. Probably gonna have to catch him on a weekend, the times he said he was on was way to late for me.
  23. To each their own. I actually thought Mears did a great job in the reboot. I do have to add though, Hodder was my favorite Jason. I wish they would have let Hodder play Jason in Freddy Vs. Jason, but understand they wanted the huge height difference between Freddy and Jason. As for Mears playing Michael Myers, has he expressed interest in that role?
  24. Might wanna have a look at this thread. It was never said that they were going to add content after the lawsuit. There was a discussion had shortly after the lawsuit started because it looked as though it might be settled quickly after the announcement, but again the answer was no to future content. Edit*** Initial link doesn’t work Here
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