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    Jason is weak

    When is this going down? Anybody streaming it so we all can watch?
  2. Dragonfire82877

    Jason is weak

    If you want to challenge him, you need to tag him in your post. @Tommy86
  3. I agree that killing Jason is extremely to easy. I normally don’t go for the kill when I’m picked as Jarvis. I normally focus on objectives and try to help others make it to the cops if they have been called. But, the other night, I entered a QP match and a few of the people in the lobby were saying they wanted to kill Jason because they had never seen it before. One of the guys in the lobby said he would try, but he would need help. As it was, I was selected as Jarvis....
  4. Dragonfire82877

    Jason is weak

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, if Jason in his current state is good for you, I’m happy for you. Keep enjoying the game. But, there’s a lot of people, myself included, that think the balance is way off at this point.
  5. Dragonfire82877

    Jason is weak

    So, since a running Jason can “almost” out run every jogging counselor in the game, that makes him not weak? The fact that as few as 2 skilled counselors can bully Jason endlessly and ultimately kill him is fine, so long as he can “almost” out run everyone that jogs?
  6. Dragonfire82877

    Any updates/patches on the horizon?

    There definitely needs to be a patch soon for the matchmaking issues on the PS4. I’m able to get into QP, but not without effort. Canceling, retrying and even relaunching the app sometimes. It has caused some people on PS4 not to even be able to play since the November patch. Hopefully they are working on a hot fix for this issue and plan on rolling it out soon.
  7. Dragonfire82877

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    How in the world can anyone think boobs are bad? That's the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard. Boobs are awesome, lol
  8. Dragonfire82877

    NECA Releasing Zombie Pamela Figure

  9. it would probably fall under the category of new content, but it would be nice if they could expand the "idle kick." Instead of just moving the analog stick every few seconds to avoid being kicked, have it where the player has to move a certain distance on the map. Of course this wouldn't apply to someone in a hiding spot. But for the trolls that like to get behind the cabinet on the Pinehurst map, or the ones on the porch at Jarvis (I know you can still kill them with Jason), or even the ones on the roofs, if they don't leave from the exploit area and go a certain distance away in a certain amount of time, they get kicked. Just a thought, but it would keep people from having to wait 10 plus minutes because some jackass wants to be a troll.
  10. Dragonfire82877


    Most of the time it’s trolls that want to stab Jason with their pocket knife and then dance in front of him that cry about slashing being unfair. Slashing is part of the game and an effective killing method. The only thing “unfair” in the game at this point is the glitchers that get in spots on maps that Jason cannot access. But then again, that would be trolls as well.
  11. Dragonfire82877

    Murder or strangle?

    Play the game how you want to. Who cares if it pisses people off that you slashed them? They’re just but hurt that they didn’t get to use the pocket knife that they have in their inventory. I’ve made a point of trying to slash everyone as Jason anytime I hear them talking crap about the Jason in the previous round being a slasher. A kill is a kill, no matter how you achieve it.
  12. Dragonfire82877

    Jason weapon swapping

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but the amount of time it takes to break a door down is dependent upon which Jason you use and not the weapon, right? For example, Jason 4, Jason 8 and Savini are the three swing door busters because of +destruction?
  13. Dragonfire82877

    Jason weapon swapping

    Welcome @BlazedupG. I currently use the pig splitter. The spear was my main for a few months after I got to level 113. The main benefit with the spear is the range, especially when you are getting attacked by a mob. It breaks the doors of the cabins down as efficiently as the rest of the weapons as long as you are holding the attack button down during the process and not trying to use combat stance. As for breaking windows, it's terrible unless you use the prompt to do so. Taking random swings to break the window most of the time will not work. Besides that, every weapon in the game has it's own unique benefits, but I will not use Roy's shears. The shears is the most boring weapon in the game in my opinion.
  14. This is the list I'm currently going by: https://www.trueachievements.com/a234677/a-phd-in-murder-achievement
  15. Dragonfire82877

    Jason is weak

    You can go into the settings on the PS4 and change that, I only know this because my son who has had his PS4 for a fraction of the time I've had mine showed me. I currently have mine set at 30 minutes. Besides that though, I think it is very possible the mask was knocked off with a single gun shot. I personally have seen the mask knocked off after one hit with a bat and then a gun shot, and that was within the first two minutes of the match (I died as Jason a few minutes later, lol). I can see Jason being de-masked with a single shot if the perks was stacked correctly. Stranger things have happened in this game.
  16. Not my best round as Jason by any means, had several failed shift grabs (some because of lack of judgement, others because the controls were lagging), got beat on by the counselors, but made quite a few people mad when they found out that you can still be killed while camping out on the front porch at the Jarvis house, lol
  17. Dragonfire82877

    FvJ: the ending that never was

    I felt the same when I heard about FvsJ, they could have done a lot better than they did, but it was entertaining. It would definitely have to be done right, but if you had the right group do a crossover between Jason, Freddy and Michael, it could be amazing.
  18. Dragonfire82877

    FvJ: the ending that never was

    Unless it was with Michael Myers, then it would be bad ass.
  19. Dragonfire82877

    Jason is weak

    That is a question I have seen asked a few times on the forums, but haven’t seen an answer. When Illfonic was still involved with the game, they had someone that would chime in ever once in a while on the forums, but up to this point, I don’t think Black Tower has been to the forums. Then again, they could be on the forums and not yet have let their presence be known.
  20. Dragonfire82877

    Jason is weak

    Let us know how the "pro" does @Drop.Dead.Cynical.
  21. Welcome to the mad house, lol
  22. Dragonfire82877

    Nudity Parcial or Total for Adults

    Welcome to the forums @Aniquiladordepsicopatas. Unfortunately there will be no more DLC’s for the game because of the lawsuit. But the one you are requesting, if it could happen, would probably drive the rating of the game up. I doubt they would do that even if they were allowed to release any more DLC’s.
  23. Dragonfire82877

    Latest patch broke game on ps4

    http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25404-ps4-server-issues-since-nov-21st/ @leotaglia, read Shifty’s post in this thread.
  24. Dragonfire82877


    @Wofpakz, this discussion was had back earlier in the year. Since then they have discussed having client side saves so you wouldn’t lose your online progress when your offline or when the servers finally go down and online play isn’t available anymore. They never gave a definite answer, just said they were looking into it.