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  1. Just picked one up today at GameStop. They’re $26.99. Cheaper than Target. I now have all the Jason’s that have been released that I want. Not interested in the remake Jason or Roy. The only other ones I wanted were 7, 8, 9 and X ( but those won’t happen anytime in the near future).
  2. I had to share this, I didn’t think it was going to count, lol There was no communication between myself and anyone else in the lobby. I was the only one with a mic. I had just found the fuse and was searching for the phone box when the two minute warning came across the screen. I had pretty much decided to just ride the clock out, but Sweater Girl came running up and dropped the axe. I didn’t think we had a chance in hell to do anything. I still for the life of me can’t figure out why Jason crossed the lake. The only thing I can figure is he probably thought time would run out before we could get the kill. I sure as hell thought we didn’t have time, lol.
  3. You could have just had a string of bad luck, the only melee weapon with a guaranteed stun chance is the frying pan. Let's hope there isn't a new bug raring it's ugly head. I thought for sure you were going to say you used a machete, lol. I know it's possible, but I personally have never seen the axe fail to drop Jason to his knees after the sweater.
  4. @gmintz09, what weapon were you using as Tommy to stun Jason after the sweater stun? The reason I ask, I have seen many failed attempts to kill Jason because the machete has a lower stun chance than the axe.
  5. Greed. That's all that it comes down to. The almighty dollar. Sean doesn't want Miller to get anything other than what he's already gotten. If Sean would pull his head out of his ass and give Miller his dues, they would both be filthy rich.
  6. @Strigoi, here's two matches from the other night, they were QP matches that really didn't have any communication going on between myself and the others involved. This is to show you how easy it was to remove the mask and get the Jason kill. This was with total strangers, without any communication other than saying gg at the end.
  7. Has anyone noticed an increase in tapes over the past few days? I only need a few more Tommy tapes under my son's PSN name, but most the Tommy tapes I have under his name, I have found over the past few days. I find a Pamela tape every other round it seems, but don't need them.
  8. At first I thought Jason took both cars out with throwing knives. After watching the gameplay, both cars are taken out while he is shifting (static on the screen). So was it knives, or did he shift into them?
  9. I had a kid message me and threaten to report me for cheating because I shift grabbed him and killed him. He said that I was using some hack because it was impossible to do what I did. To make matters worse, he had friends in that lobby and after the match, they all turned on their mics to start telling me I was a try hard Jason. I just laughed and said, “I must not be a try hard Jason, because I didn’t have to try hard at all to kill any of you.” lol
  10. I would lean towards the game breaking bugs. The deadly to car throwing knives need to go. Was in a match last night that the Jason player took out both cars with knives.
  11. How is that any different than what we currently have? The game is somewhat broken and in some instances seems unfinished. Still a very enjoyable game and thankful that we have it though. I understand why the content isn't in the game, but I'm sure the majority of the player base wouldn't mind using an unfinished Uber Jason if given the oppurtunity.
  12. Not trying to say you weren’t a good player or a non-experienced player, just saying there are some counselor mains out there that even with Deborah can make life a living hell for even the best Jason players. I used to try and complete all the objectives by myself, but with the amount of players now that just sit back and let others do all the leg work and reap the benefits while you die, I just casually play now and toy with Jason for as long as I can. I’m currently on my third trip through this game, pretty much achieved everything on my primary account and now just switch back and forth between my son’s PSN accounts.
  13. While I'm not the best counselor player around, I can string Jason along and let others complete objectives fairly easy. Your comment, you would tear me apart, I wouldn't be so sure of that. You may very well have been able to defeat me a lot sooner than the Jason in the clip I shared, but I have seen other players using Deborah string Jason along for what seemed to be to entire match and survive. It comes down to the skill level of the players involved. Here's another clip from last night. This was a decent Jason, one of his kill attempts on me did glitch, but this game really is a big game of cat and mouse.
  14. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/07/friday-13th-rights-battle-deadline.html?m=1
  15. Taking 7 minutes to kill a single Deborah makes a Jason bad? What if it took almost 9 minutes? lol
  16. Even if the lawsuit was over and wasn't appealed, Miller really wouldn't be able to do much with what he won because he only owns the rights to what he created in the US. He couldn't market whatever he makes outside the US.
  17. Maybe after they get the glitches taken care of, they can work on that. There's no reason they cant make this a possibility as it's using content that's already there. This would breathe much needed life back into the game. We all know it's not "new content", but it would be a nice change of pace and feel new for everyone.
  18. Keep making all the ignorant posts you are making and you'll be blocked here as well.
  19. So many different and unique killers that don't do any killing.
  20. Never seen that happen before, but there was a glitch a while back where counselors could get on that ledge right above where she ends up and Jason couldn't get them. I think this might have been a one time fluke. Sure there are several out there that will try and re-create this if they see it though.
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