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  1. @SeasonoftheWitch, a lot of people say Part 8 is close to Savini.
  2. Another Freddy.. And an updated shot of the case. Running out of room. Currently searching for Pinhead, but haven't found him yet.
  3. Welcome to the forums @Gamera85 Hope you are enjoying the game. What platform do you play the game on?
  4. Sounds like the interaction glitch. Not sure it’s been brought on by this latest patch however. Some people have been saying for the past few months on Facebook groups it’s been happening to them. Only way to get out of the glitch is have Jason slash or grab you. Sometimes another counselor can hit you, but that doesn’t always work. I’ve been running into the Jason interaction glitch lately. When you try and quick block, all of Jason’s lock down and all you can do is slow walk. It takes getting hit by a counselor or getting in the water to fix this glitch.
  5. @The Milwauking DeadThe last time people reported missing tapes, level resets or any other missing items it was a server issue. I know this may sound like a broken record, but report your issue to Jasonkillsbugs.com They had a similar issue after the April patch last year. **Edit: Nevermind, just saw your most recent post
  6. Not exactly, but yeah, pretty much Summer of Heat Mitch Murder The summer began Burnin' hot, inside of me Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the street (out on the street) Oh, you held onto me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey, what! And the time began The best I've had Inside of me (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, and feelin' so free Out on the beat (out on the beat) Oh, you stay there with me On the summer of heat (summer of heat) It was the very first love The very first love Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first love The summer began Burnin' hot D-do you, do you wanna have fun? (Ah-ah, yeah) Oh, the lessons are free We're out on the street (out on the street) All you said was to me Was the summer of heat Summer of heat, yeah Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes… Hey! (Who's that?) And the time began Goes so fast Like grains of sand in my head Oh, the best things are free Said was to me (said was to me) [?] Do you, feel, Remember it, The summer of- Waiting for the bad And get my weather sad The lights real low It was the first love It was the very first- The wind across my hair (it was the first love) The ruckus [?] in the air (it was the first love) The gang's inner web [?] (summer) It was the first love (it was the very first love) It was the very first love And the nonsense [?] And good fun [?] And grind [?] In the summer, through heat with you tonight Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you 'Til the summer of- Summer of heat with you
  7. The spear gun and pitch fork were already created. That’s true. The interactions and kill animations that would take place in online play with those weapons was not created. This means they would have to create those animations and then add them to the game. Sounds like adding new content to me, wouldn’t you agree? As for NECA, they had Roy, FvsJ Jason and Corpse Pamela figures approved and in the production process before the lawsuit shut them down. That’s why they were allowed to release them. Their situation has nothing to do with the game, with the exception of them both being screwed over by the lawsuit.
  8. Because that would be new content and they have already stated over and over again since the lawsuit hit that they cant add new content to the game. In order for Jason to use the weapons, they would have to add new animations.
  9. I'll let @mattshotcha chime in, but both him and wes have said no in the past when this subject was brought up.
  10. @Fair Play, does your buddy live near land owned by a Forestry Commission or a protected wet land? A guy I work with has 50+ acres, but it neighbors land that is owned by the Forestry Commission. They constantly have drones flying over their property and sometimes on to his. He has complained about it several times when the drones would "accidently" fly over his entire property. He has also threatened to shoot them down.
  11. Considering none of the bugs @Qlimax posted about was brought on by this latest patch, what are you talking about?
  12. No. The awesomeness of the rainbow blood remains. I personally hope they never take that out.
  13. Yes I threw a knife at the car, but this “kill squad” wasn’t getting the kill or escaping. Gives you an idea how to handle a 3 on 1 though. I only knife a car when someone is mowing down others or just talking excessive crap. Stopping the car with a well time morph and shift is more enjoyable, but when there’s someone wanting to troll or just be a jackass, I take the car option off the table.
  14. You mean like what Wes came on the forum and told everyone that they were going to do? Still don't understand why that went away. He asked for the community's feedback for this project well after the lawsuit had halted everything and they made their stance clear about content and such.
  15. lol, do you happen to have video? That sounds hilarious!
  16. This is happening more and more in QP: Bet these are the same style players that danced on Packanack roof.
  17. They have already said no to this. I can’t remember what post it was in, but if you feel like using the search function, there is a thread posted a while back where @mattshotcha breaks down why this isn’t a possibility.
  18. And here we go again. Anywhere in Matt’s response did you see him say there was a major horror franchise game in development? No. He didn’t. Horror games could mean other games like another Layers of Fear or anything for that matter. Stop going off the deep end every time someone from Gun says anything.
  19. Maybe Beyond the stream will never return. Maybe we will hear updates and news when they are ready to share.
  20. I went back and pulled the stats off my son’s name (I play F13 under his name when he hijacks my name for Fortnite) and totaled both names up, 558 hours. That seems about right. On a side note, he logged 909 hours under my name on Fortnite. I'm impressed, lol.
  21. It’s not a slogan. There is no hidden message. They just made a general statement. Gun Media isn’t going anywhere anytime soon, meaning, they are still in business and don’t plan on closing up shop anytime soon. Stop reading into something that isn’t there. When they are ready to reveal their next project, they will let everyone know.
  22. It basically means what @Fair Play said, Gun isn’t going out of business. They are still going to develop games. No hidden messages. Seems like you are reading way too much into this.
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