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    NECA teases an Ultimate Part 5 Roy Burns figure!

    Roy has been revealed: http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2019/02/ultimate-roy-burns-figure-from-friday.html?m=1
  2. Dragonfire82877

    Someone riddle me this

    So far you have suggested nerfing his grab and now sense. Any other nerfs to his abilities you think they need to do? Maybe they should take his weapon away as well so he won’t be able to slash.
  3. Dragonfire82877

    Map/lobby suggestions

    They could put multiple boats on that map instead of cars. Someone miss a skill check on the propeller and Jason would have to guess which boat to morph to, lol.
  4. Dragonfire82877

    Map/lobby suggestions

    @Slasher_Clone, very good idea! That would be awesome if they could do this.
  5. Dragonfire82877

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

  6. Dragonfire82877

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Just got the shipping notification. Retro Jason will be in my mailbox tomorrow. Happy Valentine's Day to myself, lol.
  7. Dragonfire82877

    Saying hello...

    Welcome to the forums @Richison!
  8. Maybe it’s Lebron James, lol
  9. Nothing on the official Friday the 13th Twitter feed, so I doubt there’s any truth to it. Would be nice though.
  10. What do you mean? If the car has been started and is sitting motionless, you can still disable the car by approaching the engine and hitting the prompt. If you’re talking about the player waiting until right before you get close enough and then drive away, that’s part of the game and is working as intended. In this scenario, you’ll have to fool the driver with either a shift around the car and stop immediately, or shift to the car and stay against it until they stop.
  11. Dragonfire82877

    Stunned in rage

    With a melee weapon that is. The shotgun, bear traps and Mother’s sweater still stun Jason after rage as well.
  12. My guess would be they’re quitting because they weren’t selected as Jason. It happens a lot unfortunately.
  13. One piece of advice I would give, if you are Jason and come up on a counselor that is wanting to be be killed, kill two others and then go after that one, lol.
  14. Dragonfire82877

    Anyone have this issue?

    Been playing since February 2018, long past the kill 1313 counselors trophy, still haven’t gotten the 500 matches as Jason. Wish you could see progress on PS4, I have to be close if not past 500.
  15. Dragonfire82877

    When a player calls you trash

    I was told I was being reported for cheating and exploiting because I shift grabbed someone and killed them.
  16. In theory that would be very helpful. Unfortunately, the same bad eggs you are wanting to call out would abuse the system and put notes against non-offenders. If there's a way to abuse the system, you can bet the farm they will find it.
  17. Undoubtedly today was a day of doubles, lol
  18. Dragonfire82877

    Jason question

    I agree 100%. That's probably why Jason"s are getting the infinite grab. Why even bother to pick up your weapon? Unless it"s a shotgun, it"s pretty much useless post rage. As soon as you get dropped, sprint to the left or right. If you go side to side instead of straight out in front of Jason, you'll avoid the grab cone.
  19. Dragonfire82877

    Independent Servers

    That I cannot answer. From my experiences with them, if it searches for longer than 2 minutes to find servers, I’m generally put in a p2p lobby. That is if I allow it to search for that long. If it hasn’t connected me to a server within 20 seconds, I cancel and search again. If it doesn’t work after 5 tries, I close the app and relaunch to start the process again.
  20. Dragonfire82877

    Funniest Experience?

    Nevermind the Jason gameplay in this clip, I don't know if he was lagging or if he just wasn’t that good. He had a chance to kill both of these counselors multiple times before it got to this point. They eventually escaped, but I was more intrigued by what happened while all this was going on, lol
  21. Dragonfire82877

    Independent Servers

    @Cash1980, also make sure it says your on official servers as well. For example, if you’re in the US, it will say Official US Servers under the map selection screen. If you’re not on the official servers, you are connected p2p and if the host quits, it will kick you.
  22. I have currently switched to Deborah and have her set up with Epic Preparedness, Legendary Medic and Epic My Dad’s a Cop.
  23. Dragonfire82877

    Fastest Escape.

    I didn’t know that until I saw it mentioned here on the forums in another thread. I actually think it was you that pointed that out, thanks. Unfortunately, this gameplay footage was from before I knew about it, lol.
  24. Dragonfire82877

    Fastest Escape.

    This is the fastest I’ve ever seen, and I was Jason, lol They had the car started and rolling in just over a minute.