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    Tapes collected during event

    Played about 45 matches since the event started, haven’t seen one tape.
  2. Dragonfire82877

    Tapes collected during event

    I was host every match I played yesterday, played about 20 total matches. I don’t know if anyone else found any tapes, but I didn’t see any at all. Something odd though, I was selected as Jason way more than ever before and was Jason in consecutive matches three times. Out of all the matches, I was Jason half the time, lol
  3. Today is Friday the 13th. If anything was going to be done, it should have included the “whole” day. Not wait until mid day or late day. I’m judging this book by it’s cover. They must not be doing any type of event since we just had one earlier in the month.
  4. Seeing that it is almost noon here on the east coast and no one is reporting any extra XP, It looks like they aren’t doing anything at all for the 13th.
  5. If they were going to do any type of XP event, wouldn’t they have announced it by now?
  6. The article is a year old. Things change. Search the forum, there were several discussions covering this topic. The lawsuit changed to the point it also covered the game as well.
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    No. No it's not. It has been made perfectly clear that Savini Jason will never be made available again. It was for backers of the game and that was it. A simple search through the forums and you can find the original statement from Gun themselves.
  8. Unfortunately, I don’t think we are going to find anything out.
  9. It would have been really cool if they had made a SP story mode. It seems like back before the game was ever out of Kickstarter, they had mentioned a story mode, but it must have been scrapped. SP is really Important to me at this point. When they turn the lights off on the game, that’s all we’ll have left.
  10. Posted on Twitter. July 3-9
  11. Dragonfire82877

    Jason Goes to Hell Directors Cut Petition?

    Anyone seen this petition? My nephew shared it with me, not sure how this would be achieved with the ongoing lawsuit though. https://www.change.org/p/paramount-pictures-jason-goes-to-hell-definitive-director-s-cut?recruiter=463167158&utm_source=share_petition&utm_medium=facebook&utm_campaign=autopublish
  12. Dragonfire82877

    Car badge

    Same issue as me, but different task. I needed one more sweater stun to get the completed badge the other night. I used the sweater on Jason, got the PS4 trophy acknowledging the amount of sweater stuns, but it still shows I need one more on the progression screen to complete the badge.
  13. This! This is what I would have loved to have.
  14. Dragonfire82877

    Gamer Tags for F13!

    PS4: cars-fan
  15. Dragonfire82877

    wish i had a chance to respond

    Anyone ever consider that the reason they keep saying the client side saving isn't a priority right now is because they don't plan on leaving the game anytime soon? Maybe they do actually care about the game and want to fix what they were able to complete. That's my hope atleast. To me, the game is fine as is without any extra content, just as long as the bugs eventually get fixed.
  16. Dragonfire82877

    Games getting a high level of new people

    There was also an increase in new players last night on PS4. Had no problems at all filling up QP lobbies, and surprisingly, only had one host quit. It was a good night last night, hopefully it carries over for tonight.
  17. Dragonfire82877

    Best Screenshots

    Giant weapon, lol! Another Giant Weapon... No windshield, lol Jason seeing red Water disappeared
  18. Dragonfire82877


    New players are going to be non-existent? There's new people buying this game everyday. I don't plan to stop playing it. The entertainment aspect of the game is still there. They said they were going to continue to support the game and resolve issues. Even if they didn't fix the issues they have now, the game is still playable. The logic you are using about a refund at this point would be the same as if I went into a grocery store and told them that I wanted a refund for a stick of chewing gum I had been chewing on for two months because it had lost it's flavor.
  19. My only question is, Why did Miller wait 37 years to file a lawsuit?
  20. Three rounds as Jason today, all three have ended by me losing connection to the host. It’s getting quite frustrating not being able to complete a round as Jason.
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    lol, the counselor should have to use both hands to carry that wrench!!
  22. Dragonfire82877

    Question about salt mines

    What if you’re Jason? I was playin a match earlier and two counselors escaped to the cops. As soon as the last counselor made it out, I lost connection to the host. They probably think I rage quit, but I didn’t. Will I get salt points for that?
  23. Dragonfire82877

    Today/Tomorrow's Thursday!

    Seen that more times than I would like to admit. Cops called or car starts, Jason is gone