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  1. If that’s truly how you feel, I have two questions for you: 1. Why are you still playing the game? 2. Why are you an active and contributing member of the game’s official message forum? If you truly believe what you posted above, you should have left the game and everything related to it.
  2. They can still hear you, regardless if they have a mic or not. I have talked to several people that didn't have a mic and coordinated repairs and escapes. It can be done, as long as the person you are trying to communicate with is willing to do something other than hide or have a dance off.
  3. https://twitter.com/zernerlaw/status/1128355039951458305?s=21
  4. I never was a huge Predator fan, but the possibilities of this game are mind boggling. This could be an epic game!
  5. Never. He was a backer exclusive and he will not be released again. Some people were lucky to get him when both X-Box and PlayStation screwed up and put him up for sale, but I don't see that happening again.
  6. That tweet was from April 12, anyone hear anything about the phone mediation yesterday? I cant find any information about it, and even Larry Zerner hasn't even tweeted about it.
  7. Larry Zerner was thinking a settlement might very well be a possibility when the appeal was reinstated, but now it looks as though he doesn't think a settlement is going to happen. Here's hoping for the best, but expecting the worst.
  8. I’ve seen it happen a couple times. They spam the crouch button while walking towards the fence and eventually they end up going over it. Have also seen a few try and get back to the other side without any success. As far as I know, Jason cannot get them once they make it over, even if they’re right up to the boundary line.
  9. Still my fave personal quick knife kill, and I guess it falls under "sniper" status because it had some distance. @DontZzz34, your through the window knife kill was excellent! Very satisfying to watch, lol.
  10. Apparently if the door has a window in it, the counselor can attack you through the door as well?
  11. @Steven Your current level will transfer to the Slasher Edition. I can’t remember, but you may have to re-select your perks, but all your achievements will still be there.
  12. Just played a round as Jason where I was stunned two times by a counselor from inside the cabin. Looks like this is possible again:
  13. Welcome @Oliva, we're happy you decided to join us. What platform do you play the game on?
  14. They said they would determine how long they were going to run it by when all the issued were resolved.
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