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  1. @Strigoi, what kind of action figures do you collect?
  2. Was that a 150 Savini? I've seen better Jason's that was around level 30 or less. At least by level 30 or so players have learned to use the block function. He went for the grab and get smacked bait almost every time.
  3. Unfortunately, with the two stubborn old men that's fighting in this lawsuit, I don't foresee the forums even being around by time the lawsuit gets settled. This lawsuit will probably drag on until one of them dies.
  4. @Sanitago5, They cannot add any content to the game. They can't implement new game modes, as that would be new content. This game is in it's "final" form. All they can do is try and fix bugs/glitches.
  5. I have died less than 20 times as Jason. Don't have an exact total, but know it's fewer than 20. Most of those were early on when I was a low level noob and wasn't worth a crap as Jason, but the rest of the times after the rage update. On a side note however, I think it's hilarious when low level kill squads actually meet up with a Jason that has half a clue what's going on. They think just because Tommy is there and they get the sweater that the Jason is supposed to just put his machete down, remove his mask and accept the kill. I've had some of my greatest laughs with this game while dismantling kill squads and denying them the kill as they all die.
  6. If I'm not mistaking, he's on both. I have to agree with you though. I think he is the best Jason player I have personally seen. I've seen several clips of him using "exploits", but I have also seen several more legit matches that he just totally annihilates everyone because he's just that damned good.
  7. Good luck on your quest for the Turtles. I got lucky and got them off GameStop’s web page after a re-stock. They have said there is another re-stock coming. Also, NECA teased a post last week about new 90’s Turtle two packs. Didn’t announce a release date on them though. https://twitter.com/NECA_TOYS/status/1224859863987212289
  8. @OCT 31 1978, great minds think alike, lol All they had was Shredder that they could sell. They had full sets in the back that had the two Foot Soldiers, Shredder and Splinter, but they were pre-orders going to be picked up. I was told by the manager that they'll get another shipment on Monday for me to call around lunch to confirm and they'll hold a Splinter for me.
  9. If you can’t find the dream sequence Jason at Target, check Walmart. My local Walmart has had five dream sequence Jason’s on the shelves since they started selling NECA a few months back.
  10. http://www.fridaythe13thfranchise.com/2020/02/friday-13th-rights-arguments-to-bring.html?m=1
  11. Not in this instance. The game promptly ended as soon as the last counselor made it to the cops.
  12. This coming from one of the main complainers about Jason being to OP.
  13. Dragonfire82877


    There is nothing for them to fight for. The lawsuit ended everything Friday the 13th. It’s not just hindering Gun Media. It also stopped NECA and other companies from doing anything that pertained to the F13 brand. If Gun didn’t care about the game, they would have pulled the plug long ago. Instead they continue to support the game as well as the servers that you play the game on. Again, try out the search function. You will see most of the previous posts were just as much asinine as yours.
  14. You've heard the old saying, you have to pay to play? If they made the price to be in the game cheaper, they would have thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands of people willing to pay the price. With that being said, how many people do you actually think would then be put into the game? The reason the price was so steep is, you had to really want it to get it. Kudos to the ones that could afford to do so.
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