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  1. Welcome @TazDe. You can report glitches and bugs at Jasonkillsbugs.com. But what you are describing is a case of teaming at it's finest. It will do no good to report teaming, they aren't going to do anything about it at this point. Best thing to do if you suspect there are a group of teamers in your lobby is leave the lobby and join another. Besides having to deal with the assholes that ruin the game for those who intend to play it properly, I hope you enjoy the game.
  2. He is in the puzzle game, figured he would be available for use if the lawsuit wasn't a thing.
  3. Dream sequence Jason from Part 5 Ghost Jason from Never Hike Alone
  4. Yeah, they need to fix it. They should make him a demigod before rage and an outright god after.
  5. Thanks for sharing!! Really looking forward to this figure.
  6. Yeah, how much are you looking to get for it @VoorheesChopper?
  7. I wouldn't say you were talking out of your ass. I do remember a conversation a while back on the forums where someone asked them if modding would be a possibility at the end of the game's life cycle, and it was said that they would look into it. This was a good ways back though, so it might have been Shifty that was having the discussion and not Matt.
  8. Matt’s response to mods in a recent discussion: found in this thread ”We can't allow mods in a game with a licensed IP, unless it were through a map editor and handled LONG ago where every potential map asset were approved by partners prior. To develop that now, and not be able to charge a dime for it to recover development costs is foolish and unrealistic.”
  9. @Gamesftw78, Seeing that this game is going to have maybe 2-3 more patches, I highly doubt your suggestions have any real chance to even be considered. All we can really hope for now is that they get all the bugs and glitches worked out over those next 2-3 patches and have it set up for all our progression to be transferred to us for offline play when they turn the lights out for good.
  10. It’s still an exclusive. It was given to the backers and also exclusively to who they wanted to get it.
  11. They were able to release everything that already had approval and was in production. Roy and FvsJ Jason were the last two variations of Jason that had approval and was in production. Pamela had approval and was in production before the lawsuit stopped them.
  12. Pamela is on NECA's official November release calendar. She is being released November 25th. http://necaonline.com/events/
  13. I thought that at first too, but that account doesn't obsess over the possibility of a Halloween game, so I don't think they are the same person.
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