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  1. Dragonfire82877

    Gigantic Baseball Bat

    It was patched out in July. You can see it in the patch notes. There was a glitch where you could use a flare gun to shoot another weapon, making the weapon you shot increase in size. Find another flare gun, shoot the jumbo weapon again, make it even bigger. Some people were walking around with axes longer than the buildings were tall, lol
  2. Dragonfire82877

    Gigantic Baseball Bat

    Before they patched it out, the hit box didn't exactly match the size of the weapon, but it was greatly increased above the normal hit box. The sad thing is, depending on how many flare guns you could find, the weapons could get a lot bigger than the one the OP posted, lol.
  3. Dragonfire82877

    Gigantic Baseball Bat

    lol, I thought they patched out the jumbo size weapons. Time to find a flare gun and try it out!!!
  4. Congrats! Have fun weapon swapping!
  5. Has Offline Bots started stacking perks???? I haven't played offline since the update (I'm also on PS4), but before the update, AJ would never show up red with sense, even in the rare occasion the match went long enough to make it into rage mode.
  6. This was discussed a while back in another thread, Shifty had said that they knew this was a concern, but at that time dedicated servers and bug fixes were more important, but it was getting looked into. If I have time to dig, I will find the thread and link it in this one later today **EDIT** I think this one is it...
  7. Match host left right after getting killed in a match I was in last night. The red arrow moved to my name for a few rounds until everyone eventually got put back to the main menu. Also noticed, every time the game ended and got sent back to main menu, about 6 of the 8 players that was in the previous session return once a session is found. I ended up playing around 10 matches last night with most of the same people.
  8. Was just Jason in a match, boat escaped with no sound whatsoever.
  9. You can get driving practice playing games like GTA. The driving mechanics are virtually the same.
  10. How long did the patch take to download? I started downloading at 7:00, came back and just checked, says it has 14 seconds remaining, but the download bar isn’t budging.
  11. Why would you want the match to continue if Jason leaves? That’s kind of pointless isn’t it?
  12. Dragonfire82877

    Playing with your victim

    If you start the act of the kill and the person rage quits, you should get credited for the kill. Why should the Jason player get penalized for them being but hurt and rage quitting?
  13. There were a couple people teaming up on me in this match. One got sloppy and I took them out, so it left one to fend for themselves. I decided to play with them, (grab and miss and let them get a few more hits in) and then take them out. Wasn’t expecting to have the satisfaction of causing them to rage quit though, lol This video is of the last one. This is becoming a more common occurrence as of late. As soon as someone gets caught, instead of admitting defeat and taking the kill, they quit during the kill. I know it’s happened in the past, but I have seen it happen at least once every match I’ve played in over the past week or so.
  14. All these were the same match, don’t know how to edit them together.
  15. Didn’t get the kill, but was good for a “what the hell” moment, lol