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  1. You forgot Mitch. Mitch is the only counselor I use, I'm spending most my time as counselor trying to repair things or running for my life, lol. To answer your question though, I believe the community would have revolted had there only been one of each and would have had it changed. You cant gang up on Jason as bad with only one Vanessa and one Chad.
  2. I'm the first one to say yes, lol!! I'm buying it for the simple fact that I love the game, but until this point haven't bought any of the available DLC. So with one fatal swoop (bit overpriced) I will get all the DLC and the mask I was probably going to purchase anyway. To each their own though. I can understand the reasons that have been stated why people aren't purchasing it, but for me, I just want it.
  3. I see what you’re saying now. The example I used in my prior post was a bad example, as your progress was saved offline to your console.
  4. I wouldn’t think you would have to start over from scratch. Your progress (if you’re playing on a console, I have no clue about PC) should be saved to your system. I completed Uncharted 3 on PS3 and then went and bought the Collector’s Edition, when I loaded the game, my progress was still there, but everything that wasn’t unlocked on the regular version was available.
  5. Dragonfire82877

    Pinehurst in 1986?(TIMELINE PLACEMENT)

    It was revised with the engine upgrade.
  6. Dragonfire82877

    Tapes collected during event

    Didn’t get any during the event, but found 1 each in the first two matches I played tonight.
  7. Was it the "Unbranded Jason Mask" that resembles part 3? I just got one off Amazon in the mail yesterday, it looks better than expected, and for $7.48, it's freaking awesome! https://www.amazon.com/Unbranded-43220-153357-Jason-Costume-Mask/dp/B01H1FPEJI/ref=sr_1_6?ie=UTF8&qid=1531848288&sr=8-6&keywords=jason+mask <<<< This is the mask I purchased. It may be a cash grab by the devs, but I'm still purchasing the collectors edition, if for nothing else, just because I want it.
  8. Thank you for that, it makes perfect sense now.
  9. I’ve seen multiple times that players join after a match starts, but only as spectators. Then once the current match is over, they’re in the lobby waiting for the next match. I’ve never been able to do that, it always puts me in a lobby waiting for a match.
  10. Well, I don’t know about anyone else, but I’ll be purchasing this, lol
  11. Dragonfire82877

    Tapes collected during event

    Didn't find any during the event, wont find any today because I'm at work.
  12. Thanks for sharing!!
  13. Dragonfire82877

    Tapes collected during event

    Played about 45 matches since the event started, haven’t seen one tape.
  14. Dragonfire82877

    Tapes collected during event

    I was host every match I played yesterday, played about 20 total matches. I don’t know if anyone else found any tapes, but I didn’t see any at all. Something odd though, I was selected as Jason way more than ever before and was Jason in consecutive matches three times. Out of all the matches, I was Jason half the time, lol
  15. Today is Friday the 13th. If anything was going to be done, it should have included the “whole” day. Not wait until mid day or late day. I’m judging this book by it’s cover. They must not be doing any type of event since we just had one earlier in the month.