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  1. How would you know? According to you, it's too hard to kill Jason, so you wouldn't know what it feels like to kill him.
  2. That's the one thing that NECA didn't impress me with was part 6's mask. It has a weird shape to it and looks a little off. I believe if they had put it on the figure in the packaging, it would have at least held a better mold. For your custom JGTH, did you use part 5 Dream Sequence Jason as the base?
  3. @OCT 31 1978, that is amazing! Great job!!!!
  4. No you don’t. I have never ran the sucker punch perk and have killed Jason an obscene amount of times. No special super secret hard to achieve perks required. If at this point you still find it too hard to kill Jason, stop trying.
  5. Just chalk it up to bad luck. I don't run sucker punch, but I'm able to drop Jason to his knees about 80% of the time with the axe as Tommy. I have killed Jason and dropped him with the machete a few times, but if the intent is to go for the kill, I'm grabbing the axe if possible. As for having to hit him from a certain angle, or wait a couple seconds seconds after the sweater, I don't think any of that matters. But, I always use heavy attack for the initial stun hit after the sweater is activated.
  6. It still works to kill Jason. It just has a lower stun chance than the axe so you are taking an increased risk of not getting him to kneel if you use the machete.
  7. ***No new content*** Lawsuit killed the chance of any future content. ***No new content***
  8. There will be no changes. New content for the game was halted by the lawsuit.
  9. Still have to take in consideration for the time the load screens and XP counts take, but I can easily see being able to finish a 1v1 match in as little as 2 minutes. After getting the 500 matches as Jason trophy, I started logging all my Jason matches so I can count down to 1000. I see now why it seemed to take so long to get to 500. It's going on 6 months since I got the 500 trophy and I'm only up to 151 matches a s Jason since. At this rate, I should have the trophy in just over a year.
  10. I post all my pics to a folder I have on Facebook and then share them from there.
  11. It only costs 500CP to roll for a perk. Just roll every chance you get and eventually you may get it back.
  12. When I had my son helping me try to get kills toward the PHD in Murder trophy (which I still don't have), the matches took about 4-5 minutes each. I was set as Jason, I would select the map, load in, tell him where to go for the particular kill, get the kill, start the next match. It's definitely time consuming, but there are people that achieved the accomplishment within a week. I say more power to them. I have better things to do than grind every waking hour on a video game.
  13. Private matches with friends and they have you selected as the Jason. There have been people get this achievement in less than a week.
  14. Oh no! I guess they’re going to have to close up shop and call it quits. Without your support, surely they won’t be able to stay in business. 🙄 @JPops, here’s another trash post that needs to be closed.
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