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  1. Stalk was always fun to use. I actually tried booting the game up for the first time since right after the servers were taken down a couple days ago. Lasted about two minutes into the round and lost connection due to ping. Memories will make this game last for me.
  2. Awesome job. That was my least favorite version of Myers because the mask looked goofy, but you captured the goofiness of it perfectly, lol. Great job as always buddy!
  3. Thanks @OCT 31 1978, it was pure coincidence that the music did that on the mask, lol. That was my first attempt at a TikTok and it seemed to work decent. Here’s the rest of them and the Jason collection again in case someone can’t access the TikTok.
  4. https://screenrant.com/friday-13th-sean-cunningham-paramount-warner-bros-profits-lawsuit/ Seriously wish this dude would deflate the ego and let others get their share so that this franchise can get back up and start rolling again.
  5. Has no one else noticed that this report is based off a tweet Larry Zerner made in September of 2018?
  6. Hopefully they are delaying it so that they can iron down the rights to release parts 8, 9 and both versions from Jason X shortly after they release 7.
  7. Hope everyone had a great Christmas. Definitely a different experience this year with the whole pandemic thing going on. We were able to spend time with family, but through video chat. Hopefully next year will be back to normal.
  8. Sorry @selfhumour PS4 players don’t have access to stats. There’s no way of knowing how close you are to an achievement, unless you have been personally keeping track.
  9. @Slasher_Clone, any problems with the game making your system crash? Hear a lot of complaints about that across social media. Got the game, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet.
  10. Throwing knives and more throwing knives. Work on quick throws with the knives. Best way to slow down Vanessa and any other faster counselor.
  11. It's also easy to assume that if a person using the mini map knows that the "N" stands for North, they would know the other directions based upon that.
  12. It's on Packanack. It's also a spawn spot for a pocket knife sometimes and can have a health spray at the very back of it near the targets and hay stacks. The range only appears on the map style that has Jason's shack at the top of the map above one of the cars.
  13. It is with a heavy heart that I will be retiring this game from my PS4. Ever since the servers shut down, my connection has went to shit. Even when I’m host, the gameplay is so jumpy it is impossible to pull off a straight forward shift grab with Jason. I want to thank everyone here for the knowledge shared and the general conversation throughout the forums. The forums have been a staple for me since I joined back in early 2018. Unfortunately, they will be going away shortly as well. I will continue to visit them until they are archived (which I believe is unnecessary) but won’t be worth visiting after. Special thanks goes out to @Slasher_Clone, @Fair Play, @OCT 31 1978, @HaHaTrumpWon @badassgixxer05, @Strigoi, @Jason Todd Voorhees, @SirMang, @Somethin Cool, @GeneiJin, @Tommy86 If I listed your name, I just wanted to say thanks for the conversations, the knowledge of gameplay you shared, and/or just the general banter on the forum. I may have missed a few names because I suck at remembering names and we have lost a lot of good members since the lawsuit. Thanks also to @wes for bringing this game to life. We all had a hell of a ride with this game, but all good things have to come to an end. Thanks @mattshotcha for all your hard work and dealing with our crazy asses. Also thanks to @Kodiak, @JPops, @DamonD7 and @NthnButAGoodTime for keeping the forums running smoothly. With all that said, good bye everyone.
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