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  1. Part 8 is my fave. I was an 8 main from the time I unlocked him. Started having to deal with hit squads, so had switched to part 3 for a while. Back on 8 now, but if I suspect a squad is in the lobby, I go back to part 3.
  2. Unfortunately, Roy and Jason from J vs F were the last Ultimates approved before the lawsuit caught up with them.
  3. The Pamela figure was approved and started before the lawsuit stopped NECA. I don't know right off hand when she is being released, but the Zombie Pamela from the lake figure is coming. Here's the thread that had a link to their official announcement: http://forum.f13game.com/topic/25480-neca-releasing-zombie-pamela-figure/?tab=comments#comment-340162
  4. Miller isn't gumming up anything. The fact that Sean is so greedy he couldn't stand to let Miller get his fair share of the franchise is what has the lawsuit dragging on.
  5. There's a current issue when you use fireworks, it makes the pocket knife you have in your inventory disappear. Never heard of the knife just not working though. As for adding more pocket knives to the game, no.
  6. I celebrated Friday the 13th by playing the game for about 4 1/2 hours and then lucked up and found NECA’s ultimate Roy at Target. Told myself I didn’t want him, but after picking it up and looking at it, I couldn’t leave the store without him. I now have all the NECA ultimate Jason’s except for the remake. Have no interest in him though.
  7. Just got double XP. Searching social media now to see if the details of what’s going on has been announced. Edit: announced on Twitter: Double XP and CP and guaranteed tape spawn in every match. https://twitter.com/Friday13thGame/status/1172543711328309248?s=20
  8. Well said, my thoughts exactly. If someone doesn't play Jason online, there's no way they can have a true perspective of what other players are talking about. Not taking a shot at you @Strigoi, but play a while as Jason in multiplayer and experience first hand what others are talking about.
  9. Hadn’t had any luck yet. But I’m slowly working my way back through all the kills.
  10. Go on YouTube, you can watch him die over and over again until your heart's content.
  11. I don't understand this one either. @Strigoi, you keep jumping back and forth on both sides of the debate.
  12. This is something that several people on the forums have said in the past. If they were to ever make any changes to the game, this is one I would liked to have seen.
  13. I’ll answer that one. No it doesn’t, and it sucks.
  14. ^^^This 100%. Most people complaining that the game is to hard since the rage buff are the ones not even trying to escape. They only want to beat on Jason and dance/tea bag over him the entire 20 minutes. ***disclaimer*** I did say "most" people complaining about the buff, not "all"
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