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  1. Dragonfire82877

    people crying about savini Jason

    So dead that you are still here posting about something to do with the game. Looks like if the game was truly "dead" as you say, there wouldn't be any conversation about the game anymore.
  2. Dragonfire82877

    Current state of the game❓

    Welcome to the forums @PowerHawkBasil!
  3. Dragonfire82877

    I'm waiting for new patches.

    There are still instances where it's P2P hosting. I have been put in P2P a few times since the dedicated servers went live. I normally back out and try again to get on the dedicated servers, but I know players in other parts of the world don't necessarily have that luxury.
  4. Dragonfire82877

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Not mad at all. I don’t get bullied as Jason, run into the occasional mob and have to thin them out. Also not ashamed to admit I have been killed as Jason my fair share of times. Just find it hilarious how some people (you are one of them) can’t accept the fact that you sometimes run into someone better than you at a game. So you have never been killed or bullied as Jason? That’s a really cool story man, you got anymore?
  5. Dragonfire82877

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    If you have played as Jason over 700 times, and it was against actual people and not bots, you have died as Jason. Unless you are one of those that hide out in the water as soon as the mask is gone and sweater girl is with Tommy. Or you quit right before they kill you so you can say you didn’t die.
  6. Dragonfire82877

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    So in other words, you haven't played as Jason a lot have you?
  7. Dragonfire82877

    Current state of the game❓

    @FrenchFriedPotaters, why not play the game and come up with your own opinion about the state of the game? May not be, but this just looks like a "I haven't played in forever" post to get attention.
  8. Great choice of emote to use afterwards, lol!!
  9. I’ve seen over the last few days you can still do it with two. As matter of fact, one of them was when I was Jason (props to the Tommy and Sweater Girl players, they really knew what they were doing and did a great job). Sweater girl uses the sweater, Tommy hits Jason from behind, then runs around to face Jason and hits the kill prompt button. I’ve also seen it not work with only two players while spectating, but I’m not sure if Tommy had the mask in his inventory during the attempt.
  10. Dragonfire82877

    The Car

    Totally agree with this. You can be the best driver ever in this game and something can happen to make you not escape. I have been driving the car and all of a sudden got a bad connection, glitched, next thing I know I was having to re-start the car because it made me hit a fence post. Just saying, anything can happen to make you mess up and it will be no fault of your own.
  11. Dragonfire82877

    GameStop Exclusive Retro Jason

    Ahh, I see. Thanks for clearing that up. I missed it the first go around, thought this was the first release since the SDCC exclusive.
  12. I wasn’t trying to debate you on this, I apologize if you think I was. As I mentioned above, I’m sure there are several people who would also like to see more gore in the game.
  13. @anonymouslogan, welcome to the forums. You basically just touched on several concerns others here have been complaining about for a while now (especially the team beating of Jason). There is talk of some balance being restored through upcoming patches, but no one knows any details at the moment. Best thing to do with the group beatings of Jason is to keep playing and get used to stalk, slash and quick throwing knives. You can thin out teams once you have those skills down. As for the issue of people running around and not doing objectives to escape, there’s really nothing that can be done, people are going to play how they want unfortunately.