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  1. Dragonfire82877

    Current state of the game❓

    Playing right now on PS4. Full lobbies. You sure you know what the definition of dead is?
  2. Dragonfire82877

    Some counselors just wanna fight

    Not only car parts not being installed, but I’ve had several matches over the past few days that I was calling Tommy well after Jason was in rage mode. And what makes it worse is the Tommy cabin normally has been looted when I make the call. Seriously, you can enter the cabin and open all the drawers, but you can’t call Tommy? It’s very disappointing to check the status of the objectives half way into a match and see the only things getting accomplished are the tasks you are performing.
  3. Dragonfire82877

    Kicked because host left

    That means you weren’t connected to the servers. They still have p2p lobbies in Quick Play if you don’t connect to the servers in time.
  4. @NightmareFuel, I main Jason 8, but I periodically go rounds with all of them. This was just the first time I had lost the mask that quickly. I have been up against quite a few “squads” with the intent of getting the kill that couldn’t get the mask off that quick.
  5. I just had a match earlier tonight that took just 6 hits to knock my mask off. That’s the quickest it has ever happened that I’ve seen. Excuse the game play, I was trying to play the game and carry on a conversation with my wife at the same time. Thought someone was hiding in the cabin near the car, so I destroyed all the beds, lol
  6. Dragonfire82877

    Funniest Experience?

    Freaky skinned Jason, was supposed to be part 8:
  7. Same thing I'm seeing on the Facebook groups. They say the main objective to the game is to survive, so if it takes a glitch to do it, they say it's perfectly fine and it makes you the better player. When and "if" the exploits get patched out, I don't see these same people continuing to play the game. We'll just have a new set of trolls doing something else.
  8. Dragonfire82877

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    Last longer than what? If you are referring to F13, it’s been out for just over a year and is still going.
  9. Dragonfire82877

    Funniest Experience?

    Revive this thread, lol Since when did the offline bots start trolling?
  10. Dragonfire82877

    Halloween Game by Gun?

    I would prefer this as well. I do not play first person games, I cannot stand them. Don't know why, just never have liked first person view in a video game.
  11. Added this one from earlier tonight.
  12. Sounds like you are getting the outdated client error. While they don't have a fix for it yet, they ask that everyone that's having problems go to JasonKillsBugs.com and report it. Also include your region, game type (physical or digital), installed DLC, and version number. This will hopefully help them track down the issue and resolve it. Sorry I cant help you out with your problem, I know it's frustrating. Hopefully they find a fix very soon.
  13. Short answer, they know it pisses people off and they are assholes.
  14. @LordVader, do you get any error messages while trying to find a match, or does it just continuously try and search for a session? There are some severe matchmaking issues with the PS4 at the moment. They are looking into fixing the issue, but haven't been able to find the cause of it yet.
  15. Welcome to the forums @LordVader. Awesome name by the way. By any chance, are you trying to play the game on PS4?