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  1. I don't know how you and your squad go about pulling off the kill, but from what I've witnessed, the sweater girl doesn't have to be worried about being tunneled by Jason after getting the sweater. She always has a couple counselors with her, and 9 out of 10 times, Tommy is already there. And yes, I'm am basically saying there is no significant skill required to pull off the kill. When you are in a group that have the same goal in mind, they will achieve the goal. 5-6 vs. 1 will always win, when they are all on the same page and are in constant communication. But as you have stated, you quit playing the game, so why even bother to keep this discussion going?
  2. Was anyone fortunate enough to get a set of the GameStop 90’s movie Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles? Know of any after market places that are selling them at a reasonable price? I’ve reached out to both GameStop and NECA. GameStop says it’s up to NECA if any more are going to be available. NECA says it’s up to GameStop.
  3. While I don't agree with chest pounding over anything in this game, the examples you have pointed out here do require some form of skill. Killing Jason really doesn't require much skill. It hasn't for some time now, not just since the recent patch. I'm not discounting all the Jason killers here. I get it, that's your play style. But, asking a serious question here. Wouldn't it feel like more of an achievement if you actually had to earn the kill? Right now, it should just feel like you're going through the motions. Not trying to single you out @nicola.zanetti.it@gmail.co, just wanting input from everyone that actively hunts Jason.
  4. Played 5 rounds last night on PS4, oddly with the same group each round (didn’t get kicked back to the main menu). Three of the matches I repaired the phone and called the cops, escaped two of those rounds. In the rounds I repaired the phone, the others were working hard to repair the cars, but the Jason players were guarding the cars like their life depended on it. Each of the times I repaired the phone box, it wasn’t trapped. The one round I wasn’t able to repair the phone, someone had ran the fuse to the phone box, but I died trying to get to it. The final round I played in, I was Jason and cleaned house.
  5. This happened last night in a match. I’ve never seen this before or heard anyone else say anything about it. Counselors were hiding in the cabinets, but one of the doors stayed open and you could see them as Jason.
  6. I’ll be happy to explain it. You have been lucky enough to not go up against coordinated kill groups. It’s that simple. I have been killed twice since the patch. I am an average Jason, in my opinion. Have been told by a few that I was better than average, but that’s their opinion. Both times I have been killed since patch, I knew going in what they were planning, took all the necessary precautions (trapping the Tommy house power box, trapping the shack) and they still got me. I didn’t even trap the phone or cars so that I had extra traps to re-trap the Tommy box. Didn’t work. If a kill squad wants you dead, you will die. This was the case before the patch as well.
  7. You are aware that your mask can be knocked off while in block aren’t you?
  8. Oh yeah, I forgot. There’s Jason players so good that they have never been killed. I haven’t personally met one as of yet, but I hear that they are out there. 🙄
  9. I have experienced the invisible weapons. The few times I have though, I think it was result of lag on my end. My ping was spiked up in the 200’s each time I have seen this happen.
  10. @MovieWatcher101, I understand where you are coming from. I have had several matches when I find the fuse, and I spend the next 5 plus minutes looking for the phone house and cant find it. When this happens, I normally drop the fuse as close to the center of the map as I can, if I haven't been caught by Jason yet. Next thing I know, you hear the notification that the cops have been called, lol.
  11. If the Jason player times it right, he should be able to shift or morph away. Consider this Jason's pocket knife or health spray. Just because the kill sequence is set up and it gets started, it shouldn't necessarily end in a kill, but the action has to be pulled off flawlessly. And for what seems to be the 100th time this has been posted, no one is removing the Jason kill. It is just entirely to easy to accomplish at this point in time. I'm sorry you cant (or refuse) see this.
  12. Like others have said, wedge shift. or, if they’re behind a small couch, just grab them, lol
  13. Most of the time when I’m in a game and someone is running people over in the car, it’s a level 150 player who apparently just wants to cause chaos. They appear to have no connection with the Jason player, that I can tell.
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