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  1. Did you read that on a forum somewhere? Like I said, I can’t find any mention of Boss Team and Friday the 13th being linked with the exception of their Evil Dead game being released on Friday the 13th this year.
  2. Okay, I’ll bite. Where did you hear about them making a F13 game? The only games they’re linked to is Evil Dead and a Cobra Kai game. Can’t find any info of them ever being attached to a F13 project.
  3. You have a link where he said that? I'm not doubting you, but I would actually like to read where he said that and see if anything more was said.
  4. That’s one that was suggested to me by multiple people. I performed the kill with every Jason. The trophy is bugged.
  5. I had my son play private matches to let me perform every kill on the list to unlock the trophy and it didn't work. I'm completely convinced the trophy bugged on me. The only other achievement I needed to 100% the game was the 1000 online matches as Jason. I was at 726 matches as Jason when the dedicated servers was cut off. The connection I have without the dedicated servers will not allow me to complete online matches anymore, even with my PS4 wired directly to the network. Alas, I'm permanently stuck two trophies shy.
  6. This mess will drag out until we're all dead and gone. Once one of them die, their estate will take up where they leave off. They'll never see eye to eye and that's a real shame. Greed is an ugly monster that in the end really only hurts the fans.
  7. I thoroughly enjoyed the story. It was great. I was even stoked with the face off between the horror heavyweights, although it didn’t really go no where. It was a good movie with a great script, but not so good actors.
  8. It pains me to say this. If you have something else you can watch, go for it. The acting is horrible in this one. Action gets decent when Jason finally gets on the scene, but overall I wasn’t to impressed by this one. Story was great! Actors were horrid.
  9. Anyone watch it or heard of it? It’s supposedly a direct sequel to Friday the 13th New Blood. Also, has a cameo in it from another Horror heavyweight.
  10. Thanks @OCT 31 1978 It’s not 100% screen accurate, but I got it as close as I could on a budget. I have my tickets already reserved for Afterlife Friday night at 8PM. I can’t wait. I loved the fact I was a kid in the 80’s. Ghostbusters was mine and my cousin’s number 1 love though. We both grew up Ghostheads and haven’t grown out of it. I love 80’s horror (and Jason is king) but to this day, if anyone asks me what my all time favorite movie is, Ghostbusters is the answer.
  11. Here's the pack I made, mostly out of cardboard and other parts I found laying around the house and at work: Here's the one Hasbro is offering:
  12. Besides 80’s horror, Ghostbusters was my favorite movies when I was a kid. Always wanted one of those proton packs to run around with. Over the years, I ended up making one from plans off a web site. But now, with the upcoming release later this week of the new movie, Hasbro is giving every Ghostbusters fan their dream prop. Hasbro made a 1:1 scale of one of the packs in the movie. If interested, check it out on the HasLab page: https://hasbropulse.com/products/ghostbusters-plasma-series-spengler-s-proton-pack
  13. Greed doesn’t look good on anyone. Especially two cranky old men unwilling to share.
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