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  1. It's on Packanack. It's also a spawn spot for a pocket knife sometimes and can have a health spray at the very back of it near the targets and hay stacks. The range only appears on the map style that has Jason's shack at the top of the map above one of the cars.
  2. It is with a heavy heart that I will be retiring this game from my PS4. Ever since the servers shut down, my connection has went to shit. Even when I’m host, the gameplay is so jumpy it is impossible to pull off a straight forward shift grab with Jason. I want to thank everyone here for the knowledge shared and the general conversation throughout the forums. The forums have been a staple for me since I joined back in early 2018. Unfortunately, they will be going away shortly as well. I will continue to visit them until they are archived (which I believe is unnecessary) but won’t be worth visiting after. Special thanks goes out to @Slasher_Clone, @Fair Play, @OCT 31 1978, @HaHaTrumpWon @badassgixxer05, @Strigoi, @Jason Todd Voorhees, @SirMang, @Somethin Cool, @GeneiJin, @Tommy86 If I listed your name, I just wanted to say thanks for the conversations, the knowledge of gameplay you shared, and/or just the general banter on the forum. I may have missed a few names because I suck at remembering names and we have lost a lot of good members since the lawsuit. Thanks also to @wes for bringing this game to life. We all had a hell of a ride with this game, but all good things have to come to an end. Thanks @mattshotcha for all your hard work and dealing with our crazy asses. Also thanks to @Kodiak, @JPops, @DamonD7 and @NthnButAGoodTime for keeping the forums running smoothly. With all that said, good bye everyone.
  3. Nope. Still not dead. Won’t be long now, but you were far from right.
  4. There was a rumor running around about a year and a half ago that they may be in talks to try and get permission for a Halloween game. It was just rumors it appears, but I would love to see them get their hands on another horror franchise and give it the same treatment they gave F13. The attention to detail in this game was out of this world. If they could get another major horror franchise and no lawsuit to hold them back, they would probably have a game of the year on their hands.
  5. Yep, it would totally count as a patch. An un-needed one at that. Rage buff is there to stay. They aren't changing it.
  6. I know a horse that’s gonna be extremely happy once the forums get archived in the near future. Talk about “beating a dead horse.” This topic is the most severe case of beating a dead horse I’ve ever seen. @Kodiak, here’s another one.
  7. Great topic 👍 First counselor played was Nessa and promptly died within the first few minutes to a part 3 Jason. First Jason I played as was part 8, didn’t try Jason out until I unlocked part 8. Killed 3/8 and was told how horrible I was over the mic by the ones that got away, lol. First escape was to the cops (someone else called them) on Crystal Lake small. First Jason kill as Tommy was on Higgins Haven small against a Roy. Very next match, I was sweater girl and the sweater girl that helped me kill Roy came back as Tommy and we killed a part 4, also on Higgins Haven small. First time I died as Jason, I was part 8 and they got me on Packanack small.
  8. Not making excuses for them. Just relying on the facts that was presented. I’m not much of a conspiracy theorist like most of the misinformed F13 fans obviously are.
  9. It was good. At some points the story was kind of hard to follow, but they did a good job overall. Would like to know more about the main girl and her back story of being a Voorhees and if Jason really did kill her or captured her.
  10. Yes. The kills are tied to the weapon. As long as you have the weapon equipped to your Jason, the kills will be available. I main part 3/NES Jason and use the machete with the part 7 kill pack equipped as most of the kills.
  11. Welcome aboard @Vexx0927 Any chance you can share some pics of the Jason costume? I love seeing custom made costumes and Jason 7 is the most bad ass looking Jason IMO.
  12. They cannot do what you are asking. They would have to get permission from the IP holder and that's what the lawsuit is about. If they could release mods or add content, the discussion of the servers being shut down wouldn't even be happening right now.
  13. Not going to happen. Savini was a backer exclusive. They will not release him again. Many of us (including me) missed out on him, but it’s just tough shit. @Kodiak, here is one of your favorite type of threads.
  14. Play private matches and you can activate friendly fire. As for friendly fire being turned back on in public lobbies, no. Just another tool teamers and cheaters will abuse.
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