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  1. LOL, who is Queen Berhenzigh? But seriously though. I personally think, Uber, could be released, but hey, that’s just my own little delusion.
  2. Uber Jason Voorhees, will be released.
  3. Dead Meme

    Jason blocking

    This would be an awesome addition to the game, IMO!
  4. Not really, it’s the same formula everymatch. And since I got no friends to play with in PM, I gotta deal with quick play idiots. I only still play it because it’s a Friday the 13th game, if it wasn't I would have abandoned this game, a long time ago.
  5. Dead Meme

    Jason blocking

    Are you a Streamer? And yes, they need to fix blocking.
  6. Those kinds of players, are a bunch of cowards.
  7. Dead Meme

    AFK kick

    IMO, an AFK Host, is better than a Troll/Rage quitting Host, lol.
  8. This doesn't work against someone who knows how to use the boat. Also while in Stalk, counselors will always see you in the water, so it’s useless. Your best bet is to just check up on the boat, to prevent it from being fully repaired, or intercept it near the dock.
  9. Dead Meme

    What is your favorite Map!

    Higgins Haven.
  10. I was referring to Jason players in general, that Slash ‘N Cast face. You did good as Jason, though!
  11. LOL, I find it amusing, when Slash ‘N Cast, get salty when Jason, spams head punch. I mean what else kill should he do if he’s being ganged up on? Two handed choke? Head squeeze? Those cool kills are too long, plus, Choke ‘N Head Puch, is reliable against groups and hit squads.
  12. Dead Meme

    The pressure playing as Jason / My diary.

    I would assume, he would eat all of their attacks, and kill everyone ganging up on him, in quick succession. But obviously, the game, doesn't allow that because of game balance, I guess.
  13. Launch build, was the best.