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  1. All I want for Jaysoun is a Hockey Mask HP increase. The Devs was able to get rid of mosh pits; now they must get rid of easy, and repetitive Jaysoun-kills.
  2. Unfortunately, it's not possible on a Mouse and Keyboard. Only for a controller...
  3. Shifting inside of buildings is not as difficult as you think, as Savini. Ever heard of “Strafe-shifting”? Of course you haven't! Here. Take a look:
  4. Speaking of traps; could you guys allow Jason to place his traps over his disarmed ones? This would really help with protecting objectives 😂 @mattshotcha
  5. @PARTVI Oh. Well context kills glitch out more than ever since the latest patch. Usually normal grab kills don't; maybe high ping is a factor?
  6. They were delayed with the engine upgrade patch, I think. They serve more use for window hoppers and the car.
  7. @DontZzz34If Jason kills the sweater girl and it glitches out, the sweater disappears, If I’m not mistaken.
  8. There’s nothing WRONG with this patch. But everything that was causing problems prior to this patch is still there... That’s what’s wrong.
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