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  1. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    No, it does not count, dumbo. I said when you learn how to spell, did I say CAST a spell? Huh, maybe you need to learn how to comprehend sentences, also.
  2. Having a bad game, such as lag, glitched out, Counselors Rage Quiting, when I finally catch them, and dying.
  3. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    I'll stop, when you learn how to spell.
  4. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    Aw, well thanks! Glad, someone could actually explain, it to Me.
  5. Babaj, I’m a HUGE Fan! I love your Streams, and your humor, it’s hilarious! Keep up the great streams, and don’t forget to keep telling other Players, “Uuuuuu succc”. 😂
  6. Hey, at least I was, Honest. And “Unfunniness”? Oh, I must have missed the memo, I didn't know, this was suppose to be a Joke, LOL. Sorry, not sorry, for actually being honest and serious, explaining, why I LEAVE a match. TBH, if the members on this fourm, is shiting on other members, for not using the search function, or bad spelling and no-punctuation, but when someone (Dead Meme) actually, create comments, with clear spelling, punctuation, and opinions, He, gets shafted also. Honestly, I couldn't care less, but since other people do, it only makes sense to try, and, get involved. But, it doesn't matter. What do I know? I’m just some random guy on the forums, speaking their mind. Also, I don’t know what your deal is @WashingtonJones. But, you're one stubborn, dude. Sincerely, Dead Meme.
  7. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    What? Is this suppose to be a Joke, or something? I’m lost. Also, I’m sure that your Mom, would not like to talk to some guy on the Internet, or more specifically, The F13 Forums.
  8. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    Huh? Sorry, I don’t understand, what’s going on? I was just explaining why Savini Jason, is bad, and then @The Gunslinger, said “SO MUCH COMMAS”. And then I was like “I thought Commas, are used for punctuation?” @TheHansonGoons, can you explain it a little more better, to Me?
  9. I will Rage Quit, when I don’t feel like, Spectating, or the match is going bad, such as teaming, Jason, tunneling, me the entire match, bug caused me to be stuck etc.
  10. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    What? You're confusing, Me.
  11. Dead Meme

    Best Kills for Part 9

    Back Breaker, Choke, Chest Chop, Free Kick. Or Eye Gouge, instead of Back Breaker, or even Jaw Rip. But, if you want to, The Bear Hug, looks good on J9, because He, killed someone with a Bear Hug, in Jason: Goes To Hell.
  12. Dead Meme

    Best Kills for Part 8

    I think the Pig Splitter, while using the Heavy Bloody skin on J8, is going to look awesome!
  13. Dead Meme

    Best Kills for Part 9

    Machete, Pig Splitter, or Hedge Trimmers.
  14. Dead Meme

    Boat Escape Idea

    Nah, having a Four seater, plus a boat, that can hold four passengers also? Maybe, if a Two Seater, spawns.
  15. Dead Meme

    Savini Jason

    Savini Jason, isn't the problem to why he sucks, it’s his weapon. When Weapon Swapping, is finally released, IMO, Savini Jason, is going to be the best Jason, Gameplay wise. He, will dominate, on Small Maps, I mean yeah, all Maps, in general, but with Legendary Perks, coming there will probably be pretty good boat speed perks, and you will easily, be able to speed right pass, Savini Jason, as if he was never there.