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  1. The most “scariest” Jason is INVISIBLE JAYSOUN 👀 You’ll never see him coming...
  2. Firecrackers are annoying. They can be used to block power boxes, CB radio, etc. So having the advantage to bypass that in rage is quite nice! Flare guns... Maybe. If you shoot him in the face (only the face) it’ll stun him; that, I wouldn’t mind.
  3. Is it possible to just generate Savini codes and give em' to backers for the switch (with proof that they backed the game via Kickstarter or Backerkit, and bought Savini Jason) through email or something like that? This was probably a dumb question, lol. @mattshotcha
  4. I can’t believe J3 is so low... like, tf? J3 is, arguably, the best Jason in the game! His shift is good, got +weapon damage, good morph, 5 traps, can run and his weaknesses aren't bad. If anything... J3 should be #2 at the very least. Savini is the number one walking Jason, imo; J3 #1 running. Plus water speed and stalk ain't gonna save you from an axe to your skull (unless you turn into ocean-man, aka a fish).
  5. I just started playing on Xbox, and I got the 666/1313 in, like, three days? Edit: This was bots, btw.
  6. Do we have to start over, or can we transfer our data from PS4/Xbox? @mattshotcha
  7. @Ahab, it takes a long time to demask a blocking Jason. Weapon strikes deal minor chip-damage to his mask; although, Buggzy and Tommy can knock it off in 12 hits with heavy attacks using a machete or axe. I could link some vids, if you want. Also, blocking as "host" is referred back to when consoles didn't have dedicated servers. If you're the host (a person who has full control over the lobby) does not have ping next to their name... so this grants the player as host faster inputs, such as Blocking, using throwing knives, shift-grabbing, etc. But after the engine upgrade and the addition of dedicated servers, everyone now has ping; no more host.
  8. The biggest band-aid they could give Jason (IMHO) is more mask HP. That and some invulnerability frames after stun animations. Although, it's probably a tedious process to add the 2nd thing I mentioned; mask HP will do... and widen his grab cone
  9. In this video at 0:59 there’s a fire cracker throw bug. Is this intended or no? Could you take a look at this, please? @mattshotcha
  10. Composure: 2 Luck: 1 Repair: 6 Speed: 9 Stamina: 4 Stealth: 8 Strength: 5
  11. Jason’s “slashing” is fine as is. No more negative tweaks for Jason, please
  12. That’s a good explanation, @VoorheesAJollyGoodFellow I know this is a VERY small suggestion, but could you pass this on to the team, please? @mattshotcha
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