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  1. Dead Meme

    Jason is weak

    Here’s a few examples of when Jason used to have invulnerability frames: This is one of the things that Jason needs. @mattshotcha
  2. IMO, I like Roy the way he is. I think it’s a nice tribute to have Roy be literally identical to Jason. It makes him more scary than as if he was just a “human”. Also, I really like the “Jason’s spirit takes over Roy’s body” theory. It kinda would explain why he was able to take a good amount of damage, rage through a door, be everywhere at once, etc.
  3. Thanks, Matt. @thrawn3054, I agree with your plus morph suggestion!
  4. 10% more hit-points will not save you from an axe to your skull, Nor will two traps. But I personally would rather deal with 90% hit-points than 3 traps. But, hey. What do I know? 😉
  5. Dead Meme

    Rank The Jasons!(V2)

    Jason Tier List: 1. Savini, don’t even have to explain. 2. J3, neutral Jason. 3. J7, good morph, shift, plus weapon damage. If only he had 5 traps. 4. J6, good sense and shift, two of the things that help with chases and catching counselors. 5. J8, neutral Jason 6. J5, basically a running version of J6. 7. J9, J7 is better than him, IMO. They both have minis traps and a good shift. But J7 has plus weapon damage. 8. J4, I would rather use J4 than J2. They both have a minus shift, and J4 has plus weapon damage and destruction, so I would rather deal with that minus traps. 9. J2, Minus shift and lack of plus weapon damage makes him a less viable Jason, for me.
  6. GamePlayingGuru, or REyeZBlOoD03, on PS4.
  7. IMO, Part 7 Jason should have -defense instead of -traps. Why? Because in the 7th film he took a lot of damage and was unmasked by Tina (the final girl aka Carrie) plus he wasn’t very good at blocking all the shit Tina threw at him. Also, he would be the only WALKING Jason in the game with +Weapon strength, good shift, and traps (not counting Savini) Anyways, let me know what you guys think. @mattshotcha
  8. Dead Meme

    New window kills!!!

    @PowellCampsNAKED, those are great suggestions! But, unfortunately, they (the devs) can't add any more content because of the current lawsuit that is still in play. Although, the devs could add a simple change to the open window kill, to make it less silly. That change being having the open window close when the kill animation starts and closed windows/broken windows will remain the same.
  9. Dead Meme

    Jason weapon swapping

    Yes, Savini is the same. Also, the trident’s heavy attack can never get stuck!
  10. Dead Meme

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    That’s the point. Don’t shoot it if you don’t know how to use it 😉. Jk, lol.
  11. Dead Meme

    Jason is weak

    Yeah. For host I’m 100% sure, client might be different, idk. But @Tommy86, and @GeneiJin, might be able to give you a 100% answer.
  12. Dead Meme

    Jason is weak

    These two are great suggestions, IMO! Edit: Oops, double post. My apologies.
  13. Dead Meme

    Jason is weak

    Maybe it’s cause Jason uses the same amount of force for both attacks? But, yeah, the heavy attack for counselors should do the same amount of damage as light attacks, and it will just be used for vertical attacks.
  14. Dead Meme

    Jason is weak

    Jason CAN block from behind, his entire body is protected in block. Picture it like this; when Jason is blocking there is an invisible shield around Jason and it will block all melee attacks no matter where he is hit, and the only things that can break the shield is unblockable attacks.
  15. Alright, thanks. I’m going to try this in Offlinemode.