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  1. Jason really needs some combat buffs.
  2. Hey, I know [redacted]. And that’s not cheating, it’s called sliding, some sort of tech.
  3. Wow, haha. They should patch that, lol. Jason can put traps on objective items, but not bear traps?
  4. So, an unarmed and armed counselor bear trap, can prevent Jason from placeing his own in front of an objective such as the phone box and the power box?
  5. There's a new method to get on the roof. Hopefully it will get patched, in the next update.
  6. They should rework this kills space requirement. Because it needs too much space to be performed.
  7. I thought fire crackers were just noise makers, during the beta? Or am I wrong? I could have sworn fire crackers didn't stun him in the beta. And from my experience I remember that you actually could shift through fire crackers during launch, but then again I could be worng.
  8. Dead Meme

    Best Screenshots

    @aurllcooljay, how did you get in the upstairs room on the packanack party, without starting the cutscene?
  9. Dead Meme

    Patch for ps4?

    I think the Devs said “Soon”. But, I highly doubt it.
  10. That is satisfying, but most of the time, QP Jasons do not know how to play. So when everyone escapes, that one troll is running around with like two pocket knifes and a med spray, trolling a level 10, lol. I guess they want to protect their fragile ego, but little do they know that no-one cares and just wants get on with the next match.
  11. Intentionally closing doors on you, stealing your cabin loot (even though there is three different cabins nearby) counselors that try to survive the night with all the pocket knifes and still die, wasting everyones time. Loud music, autistic screaming and loot horders.
  12. Agreed! ? Jason is a killing machine! Not a pansy.
  13. @ShiftySamurai, any thoughts? You guys should really do something about this, cause Jason having no options against groups except using knifes and running away, and that is not fun ?
  14. Dead Meme

    Patch Notes [PC] - 08.15.18

    It wasn't like that before. It was added a couple patches ago, I think. The resist bar use to continue to fill up when you get kncoked to your knees. But, not anymore.