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  1. 44 minutes ago, glowing ooze said:

    it is a little odd how jason takes a swipe at sweet little deb and her reaction is "ouch" then she lays him out flat with a 2x4 no big deal haha seems a little ridiculas but hey deb needs a chance too!


    has there been any serious talks about mask HP or perhaps reworking the "resist" bar to only fill once instead of restarting after the brats make you kneel down thats a good @mattshotcha 😢


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    @DontZzz34 @NickersLarge @SirMang

    To be fair, I have only played the game a few months before I put it in its rightful place, the trash bin. No, I didn't really put it in the trash.. all my games are digital. I'm still here on the forums because I get bored and  sometimes people are talking about other things besides bugs/glitches etc. Also I'm patiently waiting for the day the game is no longer a flaming piece of 💩

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