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  1. New Sonic trailer with redesigned Sonic the Hedgehog. WOW. Great work. Def gonna see it now!


  2. Check out this brand new fan film, Here Comes The Night


  3. This movie looks interesting. Reminds me of The Mangler.


  4. The Mandela effect strikes again! I bet you remember Jack Nicholson starring in The Shining when in reality it was Jim Carrey!


  5. This movie is gonna rock!

  6. chucky-new.jpg?ssl=1

    1. F134Ever86


      I think this Chucky looks better than the last two Chucky movies.

    1. badassgixxer05


      Ha! Thats fuckin awesome..

    2. Slasher_Clone


      I saw that yesterday, got a good chuckle. It’s really fuckin impressive, he even reaches up to fix his mask. (Looks that way, probably not a new animation.)

    3. F134Ever86


      Yeah because new animations = new content and we all know the rules about new content lol.

  7. Excellent! Bill and Ted 3 is officially happening! Confirmed!

    Also, Dead by Daylight is getting Evil Dead content!? Groovy!

    1. Slasher_Clone


      Wish he was coming to F13, I’d kill for an Evil Dead map.

  8. Carl Buechler, the man who created Kane Hodder's costume and makeup and directed Fridaythe 13th : The New Blood, has passed away due to cancer. Let's all watch the film in his honor and play as J7 in the game.


  9. Just stumbled across this cool fan film.


  10. DBD live stream in 4 mins

  11. So I was checking out Dr. Wolfula's latest episode and apparently The Banana Splits ( most of you are probably too young to know ) are getting a made for TV HORROR movie on SYFY! Why am I excited for this?


  12. Don't forget to order the new album Lord of the Lake by First Jason! For the uninitiated, First Jason is a rock band fronted by Ari Lehman (the actual first ever Jason) check them out on YouTube!

  13. I came to the forums to offer feedback on how to improve the game and since no new content can be added it's pointless for me to be here. The devs should be aware of bugs and shouldnt rely on us to inform them. I was so excited when this game was announced as I'm a diehard F13 fan and I'm sorely disappointed in the final product. Thank you to everyone I've communicated with these past few months, but I'm out. #SaveCrystalLake

    1. The Wolf with that Toast

      The Wolf with that Toast

      Oh , man you´ve Gotta be shitting me.

      Well , goodbye man , I had a great time with you.

  14. I'd find a new purpose if there was one for me, but I can't leave my feelings when the city sleeps. In darkness, in vain, to the very last hour you will know my pain is real. Anything to numb, anything to keep spitting ignorance. Anything to numb, anything to kill this grief. Anything to numb, anything to kill your ghost. Insufficient reactions. Free myself from the everday and death awaits my touch.



  15. @Ahab




    1. Ahab


        Awesome tunes.... thanks again.

         Fleece Teva: Triple hoppy oatmeal sour butterscotch stout.... I love beer, but that one does not sound too good.

  16. Im bringing SxE back!

  17. Hooray! Just got my rehire email to be a ghoul at my local theme park this fall! Time to get fit!

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