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  1. @GhostWolfViking Looks like Mr. McConaughey is remembering that time he was in a Texas Chainsaw film.
  2. That would be considered new content, which if you didn't know, is not allowed due to the rights lawsuit that has been ongoing for years and wont be resolved for at least another year or so.
  3. Without the lawsuit I think there would have been additions to gameplay mechanics. Here are a few things I would have liked to see : 1) Jason be able to change weapons mid game. 2) Allow 2 players to respawn as the cops. 3) Play as a counselor in first person. 4) Give Jason specific kill conditions. 5) Add wheelchair and crawling state to counselor play.
  4. Check out this brand new fan film, Here Comes The Night


  5. good ideas @PowellCampsNAKED If he's faster than Vanessa, he shouldnt be able to Sprint indefinitely Instead of knives he gets a bow He can also roof glitch Traps require a counselor to free other players He has greater reach with his super long machete
  6. For the most part yes. I would have tweaked a few things but mostly added more mechanics such as each Jason requires a different kill setup and the ability to swap weapons on the fly.
  7. A toggle for lock on (enabled/disabled) would be great
  8. @tyrant666 I just got a strange hankering for cheese pizza. Even the offline mode is broken. So sad. So so sad.
  9. This movie looks interesting. Reminds me of The Mangler.


  10. Well, Tommy is just a man and Jason is a supernatural, somestimes cybernetic killing machine. Living Jason was still surviving in the woods on his own, so I believe there is supposed to be a significant gap between the two when it comes to power/survivability.
  11. For me it's slashing/combat stance. It's his 🍞 and butter. It's a tough call because all his powers are integral to stacking bodies for mother.
  12. Brushing off how easy it is to kill Jason is probably their way of saying that it will cost too much and take too much time and create too many bugs.
  13. *HOTTAKE* Having the CB radio marked on the map... Well... Hey let's also mark where the sweater is too gang!
  14. It could be evil dead also. Bruce Campbell confirmed that a game was in the works.
  15. As horrible as Friday turned out, I'd still be interested if they did do a Halloween or other licensed horror game.
  16. One thing I'll never get about Kane's portrayal of Jason is why does a walking corpse need to breathe, especially like an asthmatic?
  17. Biggest gripe for me is that the game should have 4k HDR support and run @ 60 fps on PS4 pro and XBOX ONE X.
  18. Zero. @DontZzz34 @NickersLarge @SirMang To be fair, I have only played the game a few months before I put it in its rightful place, the trash bin. No, I didn't really put it in the trash.. all my games are digital. I'm still here on the forums because I get bored and sometimes people are talking about other things besides bugs/glitches etc. Also I'm patiently waiting for the day the game is no longer a flaming piece of 💩
  19. Here is some gameplay footage. Looks ok. https://bloody-disgusting.com/video-games/3579298/gamescom-2019-predator-hunting-grounds-gameplay-footage-revealed/
  20. I would have shelled out so much money for the missing content and it would have been worth every single penny. When the lawsuit is eventually over, my wallet will be ready for gun media and whoever might be working on the game to reach in should they decide to continue with the game.
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