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  1. I just want to play the game as intended without unwanted glitches and annoying physics/rendering bugs, also bring back meat shielding.
  2. Toyfair is off to a great start with neca announcing ultimate versions of the lost tribe from predator 2 as well as an ultimate and retro ghostface!
  3. 1) there are no new games for them to talk about yet 2) the changes to F13 are so insignificant that it doesn't make sense to make a stream 3) they don't really play/like the game very much Sidenote - Guys, Strigoi made a post saying he has mental health issues so take it easy on him.
  4. Jason and his machete look dope but his mask is absolute trash; way too cracked. I think the mythos is large enough to support multiple seasons and would love to see it happen. I would even subscribe to whatever platform it came out on.
  5. Only if Jason gets perks as well. Also Jason isn't and has never been invincible.
  6. Non running, specifically part 9. To me they are scarier. I do like playing as all the Jason's though. Roy is my least favorite because his coveralls seem off to me.
  7. Los Angeles, CA, USA born and raised! I live in the desert and everything you've heard about los angeles/CA is probably true.
  8. @OCT 31 1978 I just picked up pinhead and candyman from target today! @OCT 31 1978 making custom figs seems like a lot of fun, right now I'm working on a diorama for dream sequence Jason @OCT 31 1978 I would hold off on the turtles for now because they're going to re release them for the 30th anniversary. Look for an announcement on their social media during NY toyfair
  9. To celebrate I watched the remake of my bloody valentine. That movie is underrated.
  10. Best remake - John Carpenter's The Thing. Need I say more? Worst remake - A Nightmare on Elm Street. This could have easily been avoided if they did the scene right where Freddy comes out of the wall while Nancy is sleeping.
  11. If I was the judge I would force them to settle it or sell the rights to the highest bidder.
  12. @Fair PlayThe Schumacher bat movies are underrated and get a lot of unjust hate. Enjoy the nipples!
  13. The pitchfork and speargun COULD be used as enviro kills but I doubt they will.
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