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  1. Probably because the game is still buggy, there will be no more new content, a lot of players feel the game is still unbalanced or not scary and the trolling is the icing on the cake that makes the game not feel like Friday the 13th.
  2. I don't think they use these programs for anything other than pissing people off.
  3. They simply don't have enough people working on the game.
  4. 1. Counselors don't have a mini map 2. Counselors are only marked on the map if they have a radio 3. No static feedback when Jason uses his powers 4. Tommy spawns when 2 counselors remain 5. Counselors are randomly selected - no duplicates 6. Flashlights have limited battery life 7. Jason can grab counselors if they are right next to a window 8. First person perspective
  5. I'm hoping that a settlement is reached and movies/games can continue. If not at least we got the stuff we already have and new merch continues to be made.
  6. Nothing is certain until the phone mediation is completed.
  7. Not only that but maps, Jason's, counselors, new heros, SPCs, Jason AI and so much more. It's simple math. Tons of people will spend about $20 for a movie ticket so why not have them spend $60 for a game? All they have to do is add tons of content and re-release the game at $60 or $30 if you already own it.
  8. I'm hoping that at the end of the phone mediation between Miller and Cunningham they will both invest in the game to continue content. Imagine if they put all the money for a movie into the game...
  9. Killers do have moris but the point is to sacrifice survivors on hooks.
  10. Exactly this ^^ @HuDawg I would even suggest that the sound blips be combined with sense. Additionally, I think Jason's powers should be in this order: morph, stalk, shift, sense.
  11. Michael Myers has been stopped by regular people too. One thing that Jason has going for him that Michael doesn't, is that he has risen from the grave and has taken a lot more punishment. Any way you slice it, Jason wins. Michael's best chance at victory is facing off against sackhead Jason.
  12. I think it's very likely that the game will be on the Nintendo Switch come May 26, 2019.
    1. badassgixxer05


      Ha! Thats fuckin awesome..

    2. Slasher_Clone


      I saw that yesterday, got a good chuckle. It’s really fuckin impressive, he even reaches up to fix his mask. (Looks that way, probably not a new animation.)

    3. F134Ever86


      Yeah because new animations = new content and we all know the rules about new content lol.

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