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  1. Sony teaming up with Illfonic?! I got chills when the music kicked in... I'm hyped and onboard! If ever there was a shot at redemption, this is it!
  2. They were all great and unique in their own right. @Jason Todd Voorhees Personally I really like Derek Mear's portrayal. IMO he's the best.
  3. Counselors can also eat a bunch of knives with the right perks.
  4. Well this is it guys, tomorrow is may 7th and the fate of this beloved franchise will be decided once and for all. Keep your fingers crossed, hope for the best and worship mother's shrine for at least 13 minutes tonight! @Jason Todd Voorhees yep. Here's a recent tweet from Mr. Larry Zerner
  5. You're absolutely right. Unfortunately a lot of gamers are very immature.
  6. All i know is that client side servers need to be brought back once dedicated goes offline.
  7. @Ahab not a fan of Jason climbing through windows. Grabbing would be easier I think.
  8. chucky-new.jpg?ssl=1

    1. F134Ever86


      I think this Chucky looks better than the last two Chucky movies.

  9. Not that it matters but Cunningham started the lawsuit. I'm holding out hope until the 7th. Now that the layers of fear 2 release is imminent, Gun might have more time/money to put into fixing F13.
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