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  1. I would have shelled out so much money for the missing content and it would have been worth every single penny. When the lawsuit is eventually over, my wallet will be ready for gun media and whoever might be working on the game to reach in should they decide to continue with the game.
  2. VR would make for great counselor play in a first person perspective but I cringe at the thought of the bugs that are guaranteed to come with it.
  3. Gun media and Black Tower, I've brought in a motivational speaker...
  4. @jdl1201 traps matter as they act as proximity triggers if placed strategically.
  5. @HaHaTrumpWon silly Republican, it's called cowardice.
  6. Maybe you guys should just focus on one issue at a time so that you can keep rolling out fixes in a timely manner and create fewer or no new bugs.
  7. Because too many people thought they were getting Jason x content.
  8. Costner wasn't found but at least you developed stretchy Freddy Krueger arms! And when they use the sweater on Jason, he deals a Savage low blow just before Tommy kills him
  9. The only one I thought was good was the reverse head rip
  10. Yeah, trying to fix more than one bug at a time clearly isn't working out. You guys should just hotfix one thing at a time.
  11. A frozen mummified Jason would be pretty sick. I could imagine him busting through a frozen Crystal lake.
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