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  1. This movie is gonna rock!

  2. I think new game modes is a cool idea but would make finding a game harder. I think options for private matches would be better.
  3. A bug free came would please mother very much. Maybe bloober can take over for black tower?
  4. I watched a compilation of every kill by the mountain. It was like 30 mins long. Great stuff! Especially when he kills that guy who poisons him.
  5. @m3ga_monk3y.cfg I would imagine they will revert back to client side servers when dedicated goes down but I think they should still be up for the foreseeable future.
  6. When's servers go down... Well, as they say in Hollywood, that's a wrap... Unless they bring back client side servers of course.
  7. Two years in and still buggier than the inside of oogie boogie... Indie game or not, this is unacceptable. Mother is very disappointed...
  8. The appeal went through, its going to be a few years until this case is finally settled... Just let it be. For God's sake just let it be.
  9. @Daneasaur I believe the other phone mediation took place on the 23rd. Larry Zerner should post an update soon, though he said don't expect a settlement as there is a lot of money at stake.
  10. He is most likely going to say it's low priority but could be considered. I've been asking for 4k 60 fps on pro/x for well over a year and still hope it gets implemented in the future.
  11. Sony teaming up with Illfonic?! I got chills when the music kicked in... I'm hyped and onboard! If ever there was a shot at redemption, this is it!
  12. They were all great and unique in their own right. @Jason Todd Voorhees Personally I really like Derek Mear's portrayal. IMO he's the best.
  13. Counselors can also eat a bunch of knives with the right perks.
  14. Well this is it guys, tomorrow is may 7th and the fate of this beloved franchise will be decided once and for all. Keep your fingers crossed, hope for the best and worship mother's shrine for at least 13 minutes tonight! @Jason Todd Voorhees yep. Here's a recent tweet from Mr. Larry Zerner
  15. You're absolutely right. Unfortunately a lot of gamers are very immature.
  16. All i know is that client side servers need to be brought back once dedicated goes offline.
  17. @Ahab not a fan of Jason climbing through windows. Grabbing would be easier I think.
  18. chucky-new.jpg?ssl=1

    1. F134Ever86


      I think this Chucky looks better than the last two Chucky movies.

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