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  1. I came to the forums to offer feedback on how to improve the game and since no new content can be added it's pointless for me to be here. The devs should be aware of bugs and shouldnt rely on us to inform them. I was so excited when this game was announced as I'm a diehard F13 fan and I'm sorely disappointed in the final product. Thank you to everyone I've communicated with these past few months, but I'm out. #SaveCrystalLake

    1. The Wolf with that Toast

      The Wolf with that Toast

      Oh , man you´ve Gotta be shitting me.

      Well , goodbye man , I had a great time with you.

  2. Not gonna happen although I wish they supported PS4 pro and xbox one x
  3. F134Ever86

    Ghostboy Exits

    @Ghostboy20Couldnt find the gif i wanted but... https://giphy.com/gifs/dudebropartymassacre3-5sf-l85di2Fourn9K/fullscreen
  4. I'm actually not playing the game and would estimate my time with it at less than 24 hrs. I dont have buyers remorse, it's just absolutely ridiculous that a year in and still no dedicated servers and the game is still buggy.
  5. Why does how many hours I invested in the game matter? I haven't returned it in the hopes that they fix it. What point are you trying to make?
  6. Why is it sad to feel entitled to a complete and polished game that we spent our hard earned money on?
  7. The way this game has been handled wont magically make people buy future games from GUN either.
  8. F134Ever86

    What's your opinion on Veganism?

    Theres a lot of talk about a carnivorous diet. I'm going to try it.
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    Eat your slop!
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    No, it's my honest opinion lol.