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  1. Your not screwed because the red cross has donated a more than ample supply of first aid sprays to the camp. Also your rolling the wrong perks if your having this issue.
  2. Interesting. Maybe Tommy and Megan were charged with the murders because who is gonna believe a story about a killer resurrected. Maybe there's a team of documentary film makers following the case. Maybe Jason is still down there, waiting.
  3. @Strigoi he did win but horror Inc filed an appeal and that's when they had the phone mediations. Those were unsuccessful and they are now going back to court so the rights are disputed yet again. In my opinion Friday the 13th would work best as a TV series.
  4. Because there is a legal dispute over who will own the rights to the Friday the 13th franchise. No new licensed Friday the 13th products can be made or sold. This includes movies, video games, books, clothing, toys, dinnerware, condoms, forts, pillows, toiletries, binders, pencils, paper, letter openers, can openers, gum, pretzels, flashlights, Combs, pizza pockets, cereal and sports equipment. Oh and llamas.
  5. Which is why the game needs to be re-coded entirely. If you're gonna do something, you might as well do it right. @Fair Play the lawsuit allows for bug fixes and re-coding the entire game is one giant bug fix. You're right about Gun not having the money/manpower to get it done though. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I cannot support any future games from Gun until this one is up to my standards.
  6. @TimDuke 01 double post much? ๐Ÿ˜œ Wow, talk about bad timing on my part... Disregard this post and curse whomever robbed me of my joke!
  7. There will never be more content for this game and I seriously doubt it will ever be in a playable state.
  8. At least we get Roy and FVJ among others.
  9. The definition, according to Miriam Webster, of a 'Jason Try Hard', is a player in the popular game Friday the 13th that prefers to play as Jason Voorhees and does so in an effective manner that usually clears lobbies and evokes fear out of counselor players. They also tend to prefer the Tom Savini designed Jason character.
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