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  1. New Sonic trailer with redesigned Sonic the Hedgehog. WOW. Great work. Def gonna see it now!


  2. I love Freddy vs Jason! The fact that this movie is a reality proves the existence of God. I gotta disagree with you on the casting of Jason and his design. Definitely one of my favorites. There is one scene that makes me cringe however. When Freddy and Jason are fighting in the quarry, you can see Kirzinger's eyes and fresh pink skin when he looks up at Freddy Also the lax approach to continuity doesn't bother me in the least. I do wish that Freddy got more kills too. In fact I wish the run time were longer to be able to fit more kills and fights between these Titans of Terror. My biggest and only real gripe is that a sequel never happened. Freddy vs Jason vs Ash would have been great. At least the comic exists.
  3. That would be a fun cheesetastic flick! How would they cross paths though? I got it! Some residents of the Crystal Lake area are searching for a supposed gold mine in the surrounding mountains. They stumble across the inbreds and are attacked. Some die, others flee down the mountain and the inbreds follow them back. As the inbreds are hunting the residents of Crystal Lake, Jason is stalking everyone. I could imagine Jason hacking through the inbreds family tree until an epic showdown with the patriach.
  4. When the lawsuit is eventually settled, you could approach gun with $10 million cash and they still wouldn't do it. Give it a rest You're right but I'm not holding my breathe @Fair Play
  5. Let me guess... They're either taking the series to space or putting it on a boat. I'd prefer space myself, those are always fun.
  6. I scared the sh*t out of complete strangers 🎃🎃🎃
  7. Tapes! If we're lucky (which we aren't) they will divulge some info on what could have been..
  8. You're telling me the lawsuit won't be resolved by Christmas??
  9. @GhostWolfViking Looks like Mr. McConaughey is remembering that time he was in a Texas Chainsaw film.
  10. That would be considered new content, which if you didn't know, is not allowed due to the rights lawsuit that has been ongoing for years and wont be resolved for at least another year or so.
  11. Without the lawsuit I think there would have been additions to gameplay mechanics. Here are a few things I would have liked to see : 1) Jason be able to change weapons mid game. 2) Allow 2 players to respawn as the cops. 3) Play as a counselor in first person. 4) Give Jason specific kill conditions. 5) Add wheelchair and crawling state to counselor play.
  12. Check out this brand new fan film, Here Comes The Night


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