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  1. Given the patch was so small, the game should have no more issues right?
  2. Because of his association with new line cinema would be my best guess. Also because of his association with zombie Jason, telekinesis, sewers and of course Canada. I for one really enjoy kane hodder and all Jason actors.
  3. @Slasher_Clone building dioramas is a lot of fun! Definitely recommend giving it a shot!
  4. Dead by daylight 4 year announcement!! Who will the new killer be?

  5. For me it just happened. It was my first time playing in over a year and I murdered an entire kill squad with part nine. Saw sweater girl going for mother and I shifted inside before she could grab it and hacked her to pieces then systematically slaughtered the rest. They got my mask off but that's it.
  6. Jason in dead by daylight? New Friday boardgame? What the actual fuck? If there is in fact a legal loophole to extend the life of the game, why wouldn't GUN take advantage of it? 😭😭😭
  7. I don't think one stat is more important than the others and to think so will likely get you killed without doing anything relevant to you and your friends survival.
  8. The game hasn't been completely abandoned already?? Oh wait I forgot about Jeff the intern trying to earn his stripes. It's been 3 years... The bots will always be on the short bus and the game as a whole will be buggier than Jason's grave at the opening of Jason Lives. I will still play bots until I die though for the sheer novelty.
  9. Happy mother's day! A lot of mother's can learn from Pamela... RIP


  10. This is impossible and a shame at the same time
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