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  1. Carl Buechler, the man who created Kane Hodder's costume and makeup and directed Fridaythe 13th : The New Blood, has passed away due to cancer. Let's all watch the film in his honor and play as J7 in the game.


  2. I got two of em and the exact same answer from NECA and Gamestop. I don't think they're going to produce more in the near future. Possibly when they scale down Shredder and the Foot Soldier. You can get scalped on eBay like I plan to do. Better now before the price is really driven up. I really wish they would open a brick and mortar location.
  3. I voted for the reboot. It encapsulated everything that a F13 film should have; a dope Jason design, comedy, gratuitous violence (although I would have liked more), and hot babes. I also saw it in the theatre on Friday the 13th and to top it off, I had eaten 2 pot browniez and Y2J, Chris f**king Jericho sat next to me and was crackin wise the whole time. Good times... F**ker.
  4. If anything I would suggest faster cool down for shift/morph. Also don't be so quick to use powers let alone one after the other. Swimming is an extremely valuable alternative.
  5. If they make a sequel they should save money by not using likeness rights and add create a counselor. They could also save by not using anyone from Hollywood. As much as I like Kane, Harry and Tom, they weren't necessary to this games success.
  6. Still waiting for SPC kills to get implemented to MP. This would give a little more life to the game.
  7. Was anyone else slightly bothered by the fact that no one in chat recognized the girl from part VII when Wes talking about Deborah?
  8. While I agree with you, let's not forget the time Jason was sent crashing through a staircase after getting hit with.... a light bulb.
  9. I can think of a slew of added features that would warrant a $60 price point and couldn't possibly be called a cash grab and I'm just a lowly armchair game developer.
  10. I'm going to have to ask all of GUN media to relenquish their hockey masks and machetes if they could make a sequel/content and choose not to.
  11. I thought for a second that we were gonna be able to create a counselor ... Looks like I jumped the GUN®
  12. Lack of content sucks, but the real problem is the persistent bugs and animation glitches like rainbow blood and counselors teleporting into the floor while being killed then shooting up as if they were part of a circus act. I don't see why they would release this game on switch before eliminating all bugs. Maybe the next patch will release along side it.
  13. I think a lot of Jason's don't even bother knocking out the power. They just trap the phone and cars.
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