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  1. @Fair PlayThe Schumacher bat movies are underrated and get a lot of unjust hate. Enjoy the nipples!
  2. The pitchfork and speargun COULD be used as enviro kills but I doubt they will.
  3. Haven't played it but the custom private match settings has me intrigued. It would be cool if they could expand upon it in the future too. Still think a first person perspective for counselors would be fun and immersive. What I think would be really fun is to implement a respawn feature for both counselors and Jason.
  4. Who is this Rufus Sewell and why should we care?
  5. I don't know why they won't revert back to client side servers when official ones are kaput
  6. I'll post pics of my figs when I get off work. Until then, my avatar is my FVJ 😅 Also Target is having a buy one get one 50% off sale until the 11th I think. @OCT 31 1978 the sale is already underway go snatch your figs before they sell out
  7. I feel the kill is fine it just needs to become an option ONLY when there is a final girl and Tommy remaining. If that parameter isn't met then the sweater prompt should never appear.
  8. I haven't played since shortly after the SPC mode was released. I most certainly will come back just as soon as every other thread on this forum isnt about how the game is glitchy or broken. Until then Jason stays at the bottom of the lake where he belongs.
  9. Lori takes the cake for me. For the original films it's definitely Chris Higgins.
  10. 😑 just buy it off eBay... You know you want to. Or put your energy into something actually worthwhile.
  11. One thing she def didn't do is teach her special, special boy to swim. What's up with that Pam?
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