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  1. I equally love and hate this idea. It'd be funny to see at first but then again...ew no
  2. Yes yes yes! I'd love to see Tamara too (I do think she's hotter) but J.J. is a total babe and her and her guitar should be in the game.
  3. I'm not good with all the rights stuff but if he wins doesn't he only get claim over everything from part 1? So everything after part 1 should be fine? I think the whole lawsuit is a mess hopefully it doesn't affect the game too much...
  4. Yes! Part 8 had a lot of cool characters. I'd suggest Julius as well but Vanessa's stole his tracksuit lol On the topic of kills Rennie's uncles death from that movie with the toxic waste barrel would be nice too.
  5. Yeah and they don't have any counselor from part 8 in game yet right? They have 3-4 from part 3 so who knows. I'd like to see J.J. too.
  6. I'm thinking June. They seem to be still looking for bugs at this stage so maybe early June. If it's July I'll probably die lmao.
  7. Ooooooh I like. I'm one of the few people who actually enjoy using emotes lol Also do you think they'd release two counselors at once? I'd like to see them do it because they could add a lot more counselors that way but with the lawsuit and everything they might stop. Adding Ginny and Winston from part 2 could be cool too.
  8. I'd like to see this. The only problem could be that recent interview with Ronnie Hobbs. He said that if they were going to do another game mode it'd probably be Paranoia. He talks about it at 1:46. I guess things can always change but yeah.
  9. This would be nice an option to mute the voice would be cool. It's especially needed for Roy imo.
  10. I dislike part 5 in general and I wish Roy wasn't in the game (not in his current state at least). I think Demon was pretty forgettable when compared to a lot of other guys in the series and he was only in the film for like 5 minutes. It's been a while but like the other poster, I completely forgot he was even in the film. If they had to add a counselor from part 5 I'd rather it be Eddie or Victor. Even Reggie would be better despite the obvious age issues. Demon was only really memorable for the outhouse scene which I hate but that's besides the point I guess.
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