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  1. Do not listen to them, if it's feature intended by the devs, then it's fair game, unlike the goddamn Packnack Roof Glitch. They just get salty because they don't get to use their pocket knives, that's what upsets them, obviously it's their fault for not getting away when they can.
  2. Son, with all respect, check your facts. The Lawsuit is NOT over. Sadly, Horror Inc. appealed.
  3. Something similar happenned to me in one match, but this time, this guy was working with Jason. It was Crystal Lake Small, the traitor was LaChappa and he ran over almost everyone in the match, including Tommy. Me as Mitch was the only one left, and that guy wanted me to get out so he could run me over, but I was still juking Jason in a cabin, he wasn't that good, he was like level 30, so I could understand the help, but it was unfair anyway. Well, at the end LaChappa escaped with the car and I was left alone with Jason; and then the 2 minute warning popped up in the screen. He grabbed me, but thanks to Mitch composure I broke free, and a few seconds later the match ended with me being the sole survivor of this mess. Later on, this guys started to insult me, I don't know why, and then they left the lobby. I was so satisfayed... a few months ago I had another encounter with two teamers, but in this case I was with a friend and we both survived again against a hacked Savini Jason with that damn .dll file. I could list a lot of intense and crazy play sessions, but I think it would be too long.
  4. I'm having the same issue, the textures are not loading in the gameplay. I've tried re-installing but it didn't work. This already happenned to me before this patch, but the textures would load in one second, no they won't.
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