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  1. funny thing is it hasn't happened recently. The last time it happened I think you were Jason and that was a couple of weeks ago lol . I'm curious if the new update will fix that issue. their updates are notorious for fixing one thing and breaking something else. I wouldn't be surprised if I killed myself on a bear trap and it says I escaped.
  2. yeah it was fun last night unfortunately I couldn't play too many matches as I had to get to the office early today. I was there for the Darth Vader choke on Zaney and I have to admit it was very impressive. I didn't know Savini Jason dabbled in the force.
  3. If you are a Friday the 13th fan then I think it is worth buying , shit even if you aren't I say buy it. Even though the game has its issues I think it is still playable at least in my opinion. To answer your question if you switch your spawn preference to counselor there is little chance you will get picked as Jason in quick play at least.
  4. I hate pinehurst as Jason . its a lot of area to cover and I tend to lose objectives on that map. You're right though the objective items tend to be far apart and harder to find as a counselor.
  5. Good to know I'll be sure to keep my button mashing to low volume lol. I'll definitely consider playing as jason one of these weeks. I'll have to train first lol.
  6. No you aren't a bad Jason I've played a few evenings where you were Jason and you did well. That pinehurst map is horrible for a Jason player and from the sound of it you tend to get stuck playing as Jason on that map alot. I don't play Jason well enough sober I would hate to see how I play with a few drinks in me lol.
  7. Lol It was a fun Thursday night . One of these weeks I need to switch my spawn preference to Jason but I don't know if I'm ready to get embarrassed by the group ?
  8. Yeah it's a good group man. There is No host quitting or trolling at all just a group working together having fun.
  9. Like @Truth said you should join the Thursday night group. We typically meet up around 9pm cst. I'm probably the worst player of the group lol but everyone else is level 150 and very good. I'm sure if you join up tonight they will give you a run for your money. I hope to see you there.
  10. Thanks for the invite. It was fun except for the fact I always get stuck at the boat after I fix the motor .I think my boat fixing days are over. The last match I played I came back as tommy and after I exited the car I wasn't able to raise my shotgun to aim it at Jason. I had to pick up a bat and then pick up the shotgun again for it to work. Other than that it was a fun night.
  11. damn that sucks man. I saw them gathered at the Packanack lodge dancing their hearts out waiting for you and thats when I stepped away. I came back to the tv and the kill cutscene was just finishing. Its all good man I've been killed a few times when I've played as Jason and I made a similar mistake and morphed too close and was killed. I played in a lobby monday were I almost died but I ran out the house , turned on stalk and shortly after the sweater girl came out and I took her out lol.
  12. yeah I played a few games with you guys later in the evening and we had some fun games. The only problem I had was I couldn't hear anyone that was talking which is strange because I was able to hear everyone in the lobby I played with @Truth
  13. yeah last night the game played fine except for the one time I tried to fix the boat motor I got stuck and the game wouldn't let me leave the boat. I was running in place until you picked me and I was able to run away after I knifed you lol. After you killed me a few minutes later I stepped away to take out the trash and when I came back they had killed you. I was rooting for you man I was hoping the sweater girl would separate from the group so you could take her out lol. I can't believe you hosted 3 hours without a single crash.
  14. I will continue to play even though they will not be releasing new content. It sucks that I'm having more issues then I did before the recent patch but the game is still playable so I play.
  15. Ever since the May patch I haven't been able to hear anyone unless I have headphones plugged in yeah this update fixed a few things but broke even more things. Yeah you were Jason that match and another counselor was driving the 4 seater and just decided to stop the car. He left the car but the game wouldn't let me leave the car. The game crashed on me 1 minutes later
  16. I'm on xbox and I had a game where there was one survivor and the game just ended without anyone quitting. Another game I was under the bed hiding to regenerate stamina and without pressing any buttons the game decided I was done hiding and had me crawl out. I also had a game where I got stuck in the passenger seat of the 4 seater and other game where I fixed the boat motor but was unable to move away from the boat. On a positive note the game didn't dashboard on me like it did before this patch. Oh and the unicorn blood is still there at the pinehurst main house.
  17. Yeah I'll try to jump on tonight. I have had issues recently joining games I was invited to or clicking on a friend's profile and clicking join game. hopefully I'll have better luck tonight.
  18. This topic has been covered before but yes it would be nice to play as counselors in offline mode. I think its unlucky to happen though. I honestly think it would be too difficult for them to develop a quality AI Jason. He would probably get stuck on rocks all the time and spend the whole match collecting knifes while the 4 seater drives off.
  19. Kill deb in the field or with the stop sign, kill lachappa by the barn, kill AJ while she is dancing. Kill vanessa in the bathroom or kill her when she walks back to her room.finally wake up bugsy and kill him. Slash n cast also has a walkthrough you can watch on YouTube
  20. The method I use is similar to @Truth suggestion except I use the small packanack map on easy difficulty and kill 7 counselors and tommy. I use all environmental kills , I break one generator and I trap one counselor. You should be able to get 2600 XP if you do all that. You should be able to level up once every 4 matches.
  21. Yeah if I bought a headset it would be primarily for this game and for the times I play with friends and forum members.
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