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  1. I really hope they give Victoria, and all the dlc characters, alternate outfits. Not that I dislike the jumpsuit but out of all the outfits from part 7, it's the least memorable for me (why didn't they go with the all white outfit? That was amazing!). Anyway, yeah, I hope all the dlc characters get some form of extra clothing because without that it makes them feel almost lesser. I do wander though if it's some weird rights issue? Obviously Mitch and Victoria are renamed, but it's very strange that none of the new characters have access to any clothing packs and based on the leaked video, they won't have access to the pajamas dlc either.
  2. I hope there is an updated road map. It gives players an idea of what's coming and when it's coming. Obviously things change, that's natural, but at least we know things are being added and that there's plans for continued support of the game. Being open with the community about future plans for the game is really important. It doesn't have to be a 'Grendel is coming in this exact month, clothing pack that month, part 6 map next month' or something but a rough time frame is important as is giving us hints about future planned content. I like what was done with the current road map. Not everything was hit in time which is natural but we had an idea of what was coming and when.
  3. Based on what I've seen they are adding some...risque, let's say, content to spc. As long as that stays in single player, and never makes it's way to QP, I'm fine with it.
  4. While I do agree that Tamara and Melissa are similar, to me Deb is an asian Maddie. She looks almost exactly like her. Outside of being Asian and smart, I don't see the similarities. When I first started playing I didn't even realise she was supposed to be Asian and it wasn't until I saw the surname that I noticed. The whole 'each character represents a new trope' thing I'm not fond of because not only does that mean we won't get any final girls, who are all super popular, it also means we are limited to tropes which aren't popular at all, and therefore the characters probably won't get played as much. I mean I'd love to see Dr. Crews or Tina's mom etc. but will they be regularly played? Probably not. Personally I'd do away with each new character representing a new trope because we've all but ran out of tropes and the ones left aren't that popular at all.
  5. I'd also like to see them add his weed whacker kill from the movie in all it's glory (maybe in a future sp challenges?). It was heavily censored in the movie so it'd be cool to see it play out in the game. Prefereably done on him.
  6. Oh true, I forgot Tommy's clothes can't be changed. That's something they should fix in the future for sure. I wouldn't mind either option but she was so badass in the movie that I'd love to see her make a dramatic entrance, ready to bring Jason down (maybe for revenge over Paul? Idk). Regardless I'd be happy with either option.
  7. I always play Roy for Pinehurst and Part II Jason for Packanack. Outside of that I just choose whatever I feel like playing but I usually stick to Part 4, 8, Roy and 2. 7 and 9 are my least played by far.
  8. Would people prefer to see Ginny as a 'hero' type or regular counselor? Personally I think either could work well but another hero possibility besides Tommy would be interesting.
  9. I was re-watching part 8 and it still confuses me that they decided to kill of Eva and Tamara even before they arrive at Vancouv- er, New York. All of the interesting characters were killed off on the ship! Eva really should've been the final girl because Rennie is just...no. Just no. Anyway two things I noticed are 1. Both Eva and Tamara were flats, so they wouldn't have to worry about making heels I guess, and 2. Both of them have long hair, Tamara's actually goes half-way down her back and Eva's is all the way to her waist. So yeah, they'd need to learn how to make longer hair. It's definitely not impossible and would greatly benefit current counselors like Jenny, Adam, Tiffany etc. as well. For alternate outfits, a good Halloween possibility for Eva could be a reference to Kelly Hu's role in The Scorpion King: It's a cool outfit and a nice reference to her other work. An alternate for Tamara comes from another movie I watched recently, I Know What You Did Last Summer. Helen (aka Buffy) in that is crowned in a pageant and this type of outfit could work with 'The Prom Queen' trope: She also wears the crown alongside a swimsuit at the beginning of the movie, which maybe could work for the swimwear dlc?
  10. This trope isn't really popular but I'd like to see this character! Maybe not Crews (I'd prefer McCulloch from part 8) but it's be cool to get this trope in-game regardless. The only stats I'd really change are maybe luck and repair. I'd give him 6 luck and 4 repair. 6 luck because like Melissa he survived right until the end, and because he was manipulating Tina and her mother for some time without any repercussions.
  11. I'd like to see this too. I'm surprised it wasn't an option to begin with. I'd also like if they implemented the option to choose which counselors you wanted in each match instead of it being random.
  12. Yeah I agree that if they're going to add her she should have long hair. If they can't do that then they should at least give her a long ponytail as an alternative. But if Eva and Tamara are added it probably won't be until they add Lazarus/Manhattan sooooooo since they still haven't added Grendel yet that gives them probably at least a year or longer to work with. They definitely could learn how to improve and make longer hair in that time. Most of the counselors need some hair improvements imo.
  13. Y'know a dog could actually work really well. Reminds me of the game Haunting Ground. In that you could command the dog that follows you everywhere to attack enemies or look for items. Maybe they could implement something like that? (The image of Muffin tearing Jason's throat out is killing me XD)
  14. I mean who wouldn't love Kelly Hu, she's great! And agreed on her being more cute than sexy but I do think she's one of the best looking actors in the series. She still looks great even today. It's interesting about that because Tamara ended up being almost sociopathic in the film but was much more sympathetic in the script. Guess they knew people would prefer a ruthless mean girl over one with daddy issues. And yep, the trope fits perfectly. I'd love to see her interactions with Victoria in-game. The one thing that worries me is the long hair. I'm not sure they could really pull it off. Below is an artwork someone did of Eva that could maybe work as an alternative?
  15. The more the merrier imo. I'll play as all of them and I'd gladly pay for counselors if they continued adding them. I saw where he said they have an internal wish list, I just hope this doesn't mean more characters from Part III.
  16. I'd love more characters from part 8 so I vote yes! I also welcome more normal clothing pack dlc like the one suggested. As for Tamara and Eva, I like them. I actually prefer Tamara over Melissa because she truly felt like a mean girl. Pushing the worst final girl in the series off a ship gets bonus points from me! She was also really hot which helps. Eva I love. Always liked Kelly Hu in anything and I know people say Deb is a mix of Maddie and Eva, but she's basically an Asian Maddie. I think both actresses would return. Kelly Hu does video game voice work and I think Sharlene Martin has been in all of the documentaries. A part 8 map combining Lazarus and Manhattan, with these two and maybe McCulloch would be sweet.
  17. Ginny would be amazing. She's my favorite final girl in the series and it'd be great to use her as the sweater girl against Jason. Fingers crossed she makes it!
  18. Maybe not as aggressive but I'd like to see something along the lines of 'Mother's disappointined in you Jason...come home now!' I couldn't see Pamela calling Jason a bastard but new lines would be welcome.
  19. This would be really cool! I also like the idea of each character having a unique style to reflect their personality. Personally, I'd love to see more 'normal' clothes dlc in general.
  20. Hi everyone I'm Espy. I got the game in December (a bit later than most) for Ps4 and absolutely love it. I've been a fan of the movies for years so it's great to play a game that captures the feeling of the movies. I'm level 43 and prefer to play counselors and mostly switch between Jenny, AJ and Adam with Tiffany and Mitch occasionally. Anyway nice to meet everyone!
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