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  1. 1 hour ago, tyrant666 said:

    Probably unpopular opinion, but if they end up adding another person anytime this year. I'd hope for the aged asshole non believer, like a Charles or Dr. Crews.

    I don't think it's that unpopular. I'd love to see that type of character in game. I think most people would prefer Dr. Crews from VII but I think McCulloch was the better version in a lot of ways. I know some people want characters from X but I'd much rather see characters from 6, 7, and especially 8. I hope they continue adding as many characters from the movies as possible, even if they have a different name like Chuck/Mitch and Melissa/Victoria. More the merrier imo.

  2. I like her more after seeing her in the challenges. Beforehand I never really glued to her because she's based off Violet who I always saw as super overrated. But now that we've seen so much of her in the challenges I've grown to like her a lot more. Also I wouldn't really call her a 'slut' because she's playing roles from the films, be it Debbie or Marcie or Sandra. I feel like the sixth challenge is closest to her actual personality.

  3. 1 hour ago, TiffanyxAJ said:

    I finally realized why people think Victoria looked/looks so much like Fox. They have exactly the same eye model. There are only minor differences.

    - Fox's eyes are slightly bigger in size, she has lighter brown eyes, whereas Victoria has darker brown eyes, and their eyelashes are different shades. Fox more of a light brown and Victoria more of a light blonde. 

    Other than that, their eyes and eyelashes are the exact same model. It kinda sucks that they had to reuse eyes from another counselor for Victoria, possibly because they're too lazy to make their own. Who knows. 

    @Barbara Ann, can you see what I'm talking about? It does kind of bother me. I really like Victoria, but I'm not a fan of her clothes and now I almost can't unseen Fox when looking at her. I still love her but she's definitely not gonna become my main without so more clothing options. The eye thing isn't all too bothering, but it does make her less unique, appearance wise. It sucks.

    Edit: I keep seeing Fox in Victoria even more now. Her picture in the lobby screen literally almost looks like they just gave Fox a blonde wig. Ugh.

    I'm honestly curious as to whether they used Fox's face as a base for Victoria instead of creating an original one. I was comparing the two and it's really shocking how similar they look. And yeah, Victoria has Fox's eyes which is just...odd. I know she's not Melissa but Mitch looks exactly like Chuck, and Melissa had blue eyes and Victoria has more of a passing resemblance. I really like her, especially her voice, but I wish she was more unique. I even read that they just re-used Tiffany's body for her. I hope they edit her model in the future to look more unique but that's unlikely.

  4. 6 hours ago, Treymaker said:

    Tamera was THE 80’s slasher movie for me growing up.  I absolutely thought she was the hottest female ever created.

    Her and Eva were the best part of the movie tbh. Such a gorgeous pair. It's still criminal that they killed both of them off before they even got to Manhattan.

    If they ever add a Lazarus map, or Manhattan, I'd love to see Tamara, Eva and McCulloch with it. Although it'll probably be a long time before that even becomes a thing since they're still working on Grendel.

  5. Yeah Chad is basically Trent with Russell's clothes. I'd like to characters inspired by Chewie, Bree, or Jenna added to the game. For FvJ...honestly I don't want anyone from that movie. It's an ok movie but I hated pretty much every character. I'd be cool if they did what they did with Chad and combined characters so:

    Bree + Sandra from part 7 inspired character = Party Girl trope

    Chewie + Ted from part 4 inspired character = The Goofball

    Jenna + Sara from part 4 inspired character = Virgin/Virginal character (?)

  6. 5 minutes ago, Qcici said:

    Sean and Nick were really similar. I'd give Nick the "Boy Next Door" trope and give Sean the "Nice Guy" trope. I think when it comes down to it, only one of the two can become a canidate of being implemented. If both were added, that would cause counselor cloning to occur. 


    Also, thanks! You can add ideas on what other characters from Part 8 you want in along with ideas accompanied with stats. 

    I mean I have no problem with characters of the same trope being in the game if they are interesting (which is why I'd like to see Tamara) but Sean was just kinda...eh. I wouldn't mind seeing Paul or even Rick from III make it in alongside Nick.

    Will do. The only other character I'd like to see is McCulloch. Not sure about stats at the moment but I'll edit/reply when I do!

    Edit: Also I hated Wayne lol one of the worst in the series for me.

  7. 1 minute ago, Qcici said:

    Ok guys! I decided to change the direction of this thread, this thread isn't focused on Eva or Tamara anymore, but Part 8 characters!

    I added Wayne Webber and Sean Robertson along with a new Jason combat ability. I changed up the voting options so you can seperately choose which counselors you would like to see make it in the game! : )


    Gimme feedback on this guys. 

    I don't really like Sean or Wayne so I just voted for Tamara and Eva. I'd like to see Sean's trope in-game but would prefer if it was someone inspired off Nick or even Paul representing it.

    Really like the idea of changing it to part 8 characters though! It'll be helpful for if/when we get a part 8 map.

  8. 8 hours ago, Qcici said:

    Kelly Hu has a facebook page, but I'm not sure if I can contact her there.


    Kelly Hu is a REALLY busy woman I believe, I'm not sure if she can voice Eva in the game. I think personally contacting her would be a breach of privacy kinda, we can only ask that Gun Media and Illfonic contact her about implementing her into the game. 

    Yeah you're right best leaving it to Gun.

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