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  1. Squeakers, what a great name. Usually i'll just leave or mute them. Whats amusing is if theres a squeaker in the lobby, theres like a 90% chance they're chosen as Jason. Its just incredible.
  2. No because they might not even notice or care when its happening. Id say what you just said is probably more true for players between lvl 20-40.
  3. Ok how about this, just in the few posts I read of yours I can say you're irritating.
  4. Dont. You'll always be disappointed. I played 3 matches last night on the switch. All were good! Had to stop when in the last game after fixing the only 4 seater, couldn't find the keys, got killed. Then watched someone hide from Jason the rest of the match and in the last 30 seconds when Jason found him, he leapt from the closet. Jason caught and killed him, which was great and what did I hear when he died? The jingle of keys falling to the ground. Then I remembered why I get frustrated with this game haha. Finding the keys then hiding in the closet the whole time... get the hell outta here.
  5. its like people aren't reading ANY of these threads. Jesus christ people. THE SERVERS ARE BEING ATTACKED YOU DUMMIES.
  6. Its not that, its people saying the patch isn't working, when they CLEARLY said that this issue won't be resolved until the patch goes live on ALL PLATFORMS. They said you might some SOME improvements and at least for the switch, I was able to play 4 out of 5 games. People are going out of their way to fuck with our game using any means they can because they're big fucking babies. Its not as simple as just changing a password. And thats Guns fault the game isnt running smooth cuz someone is INTENTIONALLY trying to destroy the game?
  7. After reading some people having success, played a 4 or 5 games on the switch and only one timed out. So far things'll only get better I hope!
  8. Some of the dumbest people in this community are here to complain, like they haven't read anything at all. I play mainly on Xbox and Switch but im ok just waiting it out. I suggest some people spend the time waiting for servers to be fix to go read a book instead.
  9. The boat is more fun if you DO escape in it. Its just pointless if its a zombie Jason or anyone with a hair of skill. I always shoot for the phone, always.
  10. Not exactly. The phone is the easiest because you can do it with a high repair counselor and a pocket knife. Jason wont know what hit him and he'll just get the timer alert. The car if you can fix it can dodge Jason pretty easily if you off-road and know what you're doing. If you stick to the paths, then its tricky. His advantage is certainly the boat. Waiting it out isnt a bad idea in the hopes that he'll morph out if someone tinkers with the car or the phone.
  11. Well, thats what I was implying when I wrote "Yeah this make it much harder as any Jason can basically just teleport to one of the boat escapes and wait, giving him a huge advantage."
  12. I always liked escaping with the boat, but IIRC this thread was about the patch where the boat makes a start up noise alerting Jason. Yeah this make it much harder as any Jason can basically just teleport to one of the boat escapes and wait, giving him a huge advantage. Personally, I liked it without the patch because it made it more strenuous on Jason to have to keep checking the map to see if the boat was moving. Then again, doesn't make sense that the boat doesn't alert Jason but the car does. Its pretty risky now, and I only would try for shitty water Jasons, like any of the running ones. With 7/8 its practically impossible against a lightly skilled Jason player.
  13. I play QP matches only and I prefer high repair counselors. Its much easier for me to silently repair stuff and make a quick get away than to tank. I do have them with thick skinned just in case. In other matches when i'm randomly another character who sucks, i'll tank the trap for everyone else, but it seems no one else cares. If I dont do it no one will. So I prefer to disarm them to put a part in. Mostly for the phone along with dads a cop. Then everyone survives and its easier to escape since Jason can't focus on one thing, like the boat/car.
  14. I kinda felt that not having enough pocket knives are only an issue against part 2 Jason because of the amount of traps. But I figured they'd think enough people run thick skinned that its better to tank it. Although harder cuz it alerts him.
  15. Haha its fine. I'm level 150 and have all the tapes on my Xbox account. I actually laughed out loud when it happened.
  16. Haha oh man I had a great time out. I played one game earlier today and it was ok. Then in the same lobby it timed out. So I tried again, ran into a cabin, within 10 seconds grabbed the battery, opened a drawer. A Pamela tape! Hand grabs it, and JUST as I grab it, it times out, so the tape is still in the open drawer lol. I only have 3 left but I just thought it was hysterical.
  17. Was just about to check this. Was just playing on the switch, played 2 games with no issues. Then BAM.
  18. I didn't even think this was really a thing. I was playing a month or so ago with a 3/4 full car. Someone was running around the car while jason was walking to the front. I assumed they didn't know what seat to sit in because they were behind the car. Didn't realize till after I saw they were teaming, they were pinning the car so jason could smash it.
  19. It's threads like this that remind me why I stopped coming here. Utter nonsense.
  20. Well I still got the random counselor thing. Guess I got lucky!
  21. I played a couple of rounds on the switch. Felt good to me, plus the two games I played I was the character I chose. So I wonder if all of those 'bugs' were part of what's been going on.
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