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  1. ...which is why I suggested that idea.
  2. This is certainly a good point, but I feel some people who get killed don't even wait that long because the chance of them being Tommy is small. And ones that don't get chosen sometimes just leave anyway and sacrifice the XP
  3. Curious on peoples thoughts about this. It seems like if you can get Jason's mask off, which isn't super hard if you have a few people that know how to fight and smack Jason when bursting through doors. Once that mask is off, its real easy to kill him, unless the player actually knows whats up and hides in the water. I was thinking what ways can make the game harder for that to happen without changing the game? The first thing I thought was making it harder to Tommy to come. I think like 19 out of 20 games he shows up. To make it harder maybe 1) Find a part to fix the radio, just like the phone. Or 2) Start with all the generators off and need to be repaired. I think this is a bad idea, but its still an idea. 3) Jason can see what cabin has the radio on the map at the start and destroy the generator early. Sometimes you get lucky and its the first one you go to, and can see the tower in the distance. Destory and trap. ok, then what about not having Jason players always run from councelors when then can see they're going for a Jason kill? The only thing I can think of, is make whoever is wearing the sweater invisible to Jason so they can't see the sweater on the councelor, of course unless theres 2 players left and one is Tommy. Just ideas. Thoughts? Has this been brought up before?
  4. Get Rage mode faster

    Oh wow I didnt know that. I thought it was always fixed. I try to wipe the lobby before I go into rage anyway
  5. Friday the TROLLteenth

    Yay for using the Gonk from Dawn of the Dead. I have a good one I forgot about. I was escaping as Adam and jason grabbed me the millisecond I ran over the escape line, he proceeded to still grab me but get shot by the cops, so when he put his arm up while he's getting shot he has Adams body and it looks like he's using me for a human shield.
  6. Hmm you may be right. Like I said I can't exactly remember where I found my Tommy tape that annoyed me when I quit haha, but I do remember finding a Pamela one in Pinehurst a few times and trying to get people to grab it. Im hoping for good karma here haha. I always assumed it was completely random in any spot, but that night made me think otherwise. I'll try to see if I can get any more info on it. I also want to say another good location for that "Treasure" cabin is the northern most cabin in Crystal Lake that's in the peninsula a little. I want to say i've had some success there.
  7. Long time lurker here, but I felt compelled to register to add a message. I gotta agree with the tape drop. I completed my Pamela tapes at lvl 93 (I got my first at level 4). Since then I was finding tapes a lot. The last few tapes I got were in back to back games on a friday, and then again on a monday. I was real excited about this event to finish my Tommy set, and nothing. Found 2 Pam tapes. I always thought maybe the way you play helps get them, and with Tommy maybe you have to escort people for a higher rate? In any case, I wanted to drop this interesting piece of info. The ONLY 2 Pam tapes I found the whole weekend, were in the same drawer in the same type of cabin, on the same map. It was in Pacanack. Towards the right side of the map, where the three cabins are by the lake, or the large cabin to the right of the Lodge there sometimes what I call the 'Treasure' cabin. It has 14 or 15 drawers. You'll notice it if you enter from the side and there's a white and brown 2 drawer desk across each other. Then there's 2 more white ones and three more brown ones I think by the windows. That cabin can spawn anywhere I think, but my success is either when its by the lake, or right next to the Lodge. Anyway, both times I found the tape, it was in the green drawer on the same wall the bathroom door is. I think it was within the same hour? Both times that cabin were in different areas. One time it was by the lodge and the other was the most nothern of those 3 cabins. I wonder if certain drawers in certain cabins have a higher spawn rate. If I recall the tapes i've got, I usually have seen them in the same drawers, or same kind of locations. I think the cabin by Packanack Lodge ive probably found 3 or 4. Maybe more but I don't remember. Tommy tapes I cant remember at all because its been so long. I was looking forward to this event, cuz the day before I read this event was happening, I was searching thru all these cabins, left one drawer empty, ran right to it but someone beat me to it. What did it have? A tommy tape... I was so annoyed I shut of my xbox hahah.