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  1. Played a few games yesterday, luckily with a really good team (getting tired of a lot of bad teams on switch) so it was quite a pleasurable experience, minus the random counselor bug haha.
  2. I can't help but think some of these issues are server/connection related. Like the random counselor glitch. I dunno how that issue all of a sudden pops up.
  3. I think I can report the 'x' not showing up, although I have no idea how things can break when they're completely unrelated to it are fixed. I've been in a few random lobbies where ive seen jason killed, others where I had one today I had the sweater and the guys knocked Jason down but they didn't actually kill him. I thought they were just stupid but perhaps the prompt didn't show? That was on the switch.
  4. For some reason I had all my perks and clothing choices removed on the switch. I thought something like that was addressed for the PC and not all platforms.
  5. Some stuff seemed 'ok', like the extra shift, or the knife stuff. Even being able to break the door quicker. But the reason why I asked was because it seemed some of those things were not intended by the developer which to me seems like an exploit, or some cheating advantage to someone that isn't familiar with them (like Ghosting, or any of the combat stance stuff). Which is why I asked if it was important for top players because I would have guessed if you have a team of 7 skilled and knowledgeable players w/ communication vs 1. Skilled Jason, it seems like Jason would always lose.
  6. Am I the only one that thinks these 'advanced tips' are really just exploits? Are knowledgeable counselor teams so strong that a Jason needs these in order to balance the fight? Im actually serious because I've never seen a game of 8 high level players.
  7. You don't have to kill yourself. Its possible they just jumped thru the window. IIRC there was this thing someone created about getting Pamela tapes and it had to do with jumping thru a window right at the start of the match. Regardless, its a far stretch to say thats a bug.
  8. The window was broke because someone probably jumped thru it already. All these random counselors have to all be ping/loading problems. When the random character thing happens, its the millisecond in between time from the loading part, to when the game actually starts. I have no idea how thats even possible. 90% of the time when it happens you don't see the loading screen. But i've had some with the whole loading animation and still random. Usually what happens is you get the perks of that character but under someone else. I know this cuz I have Thick Skin for Deb and LaChappa but when it glitches and im somone else, I still have it. Also I think it also glitches when you have 'random' set. Ive been using 'random' now so at least I have the right perks, and I started as LaChappa with the generic cloths. Next match I was LaChappa again with my chosen hawaiian shirt cloths.
  9. Ill take it because English isn't your first language, I was scratching my head at these things. 1) Yes its free speech they can say that, but it's also free speech for me to tell them that I think they're a bit dull because they do not understand the point of the game or the franchise. Have they even watched any of the movies?! All of them? If you watch the movies and know the vibe of the franchise, you are SUPPOSED to die, unless you work together (at least in the game). 2) I would want Jason stronger and I don't even play as Jason! I set my preference to counselor! Personally I find it very boring, that I can be Deb, and without communication exit most of the time. It would actually be MORE exciting to have to work together with a good team and win. Instead of 'oh look I escaped again'... 'oh and again', 'oh and again'.
  11. TBH I would want Jason to be even stronger. The game was based on communication but now can easily be played without it. I dont like that I can play without a mic and win/kill jason/escape relatively easily, personally. Escaping Jason should be tough, exhilarating and rewarding with good teamwork. I dont use a mic because at this point I dont need to.
  12. I don't know that much about what goes into making or patching a game but im always baffled how something that worked fine can eventually be a bug. I leveled out on my Xbox and haven't played in a while. I ended up getting a switch and playing it there. I noticed that the door wouldn't always barricade. The button would work and fill, but the animation wouldn't barricade the door. When you let go of the button it would just open the door. I thought it was only for the switch. So I kept getting the random counselor glitch on the switch even after the patch but never happened to me on Xbox. So I figured why not try it on xbox, and I still can't barricade every door? Id say like 1 out of every 15 wont barricade unless I walk away and try again. EDIT: Nope got a random counselor on Xbox lol. Gotta have to put this game off for a bit again and hope in a few months things are fixed up better.
  13. Looks like a combination of Stan Winstons and the other sculp used for the proper unmasking scene, since both were used in the film since it was changed during production. http://jasonlivessince1980.blogspot.com/2018/10/the-many-faces-of-jason-voorhees.html?m=1 BTW I never noticed the messed up ear in the movie. Looks so odd!
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