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  1. What weapons can not remove the mask? Im going from memory so I could be foggy but I remember playing a match where I clearly saw the mask come off with someone using a blunt object. I want to say it was the bat. Ive also seen the gun once do it.
  2. Really enjoying the new servers. The only issue I seem to have which is minor, is that when playing offline, 'random' jason ALWAYS seems to be Part 5. Anyone else have this issue for XBONE?
  3. Maybe its just me, but anytime im interaction locked, its always when im in some mid animation trying to open a door and my internet gets disrupted at the same time, spiking 999ms with the connection error icon on screen. It happened to me once while trying to kill someone, but I went into the water and it went away.
  4. I see more people wanting the 'quick block' addressed. But I apologize, I don't read the forums everyday like the gospel and disrupting the "Wolf with that toast" show here. Medic and thick skinned is fine so stop it and stop trying to get that post count up by necrobumpin.
  5. Here ya go kid... happy? I played a few days ago, whats your point? Here are some things I found: 12-12-17: Medical Sprays will no longer contain extra charges after being dropped by a counselor with the Medic perk equipped. Lowered the maximum amount of Medical Sprays that are able to spawn in drawers 1-30-18: Reduced the amount of Pocket Knives and Medical Sprays that can spawn per match No one complains about this because it really isnt a big issue anymore. Step away from the forums and the game for a bit and get some fresh air.
  6. Why? Im fairly certain these issues were addressed, since it was Nov of last year. Are you searching for old posts just to comment on? Haha
  7. Being 150 to me doesn't mean skill. They could just be leaving their systems on the whole time and be away during double xp events or anything.
  8. guitar.zombie

    Hey guys.

    I gotta agree. People are acting like they're retiring like a HoF athlete. Its a stupid fucking forum, jesus. Anyway OP be smart, change your password to something random and then copy and paste it. PS I like that Alkavian guy. He seemed like he was pretty smart and factual. Everyone else I could not care less about.
  9. I thought it was all universally accepted to be part IV?
  10. It 'does' work but only if you can get the last remaining ones you need. I suggest getting all the normal kills online if you can, and save the more annoying ones on against bots (cemetary gate, higgins barn immediately jump to mind). Thats what I did. I think I had like 3 left and when I did them in offline it popped. But of course if you're trying to ADD to it, it wont save. It took a lot of trail and error to figure out.
  11. Hmm... I didn't brag about it. I mentioned it because thats one of the things I hate about QP? And for the record, im a little over 130 and ALL I play is QP. So yeah, who cares.
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