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  1. Being 150 to me doesn't mean skill. They could just be leaving their systems on the whole time and be away during double xp events or anything.
  2. guitar.zombie

    Still Undefeated

  3. guitar.zombie

    Hey guys.

    I gotta agree. People are acting like they're retiring like a HoF athlete. Its a stupid fucking forum, jesus. Anyway OP be smart, change your password to something random and then copy and paste it. PS I like that Alkavian guy. He seemed like he was pretty smart and factual. Everyone else I could not care less about.
  4. guitar.zombie

    Best Friday the 13th Film OST?

    I thought it was all universally accepted to be part IV?
  5. It 'does' work but only if you can get the last remaining ones you need. I suggest getting all the normal kills online if you can, and save the more annoying ones on against bots (cemetary gate, higgins barn immediately jump to mind). Thats what I did. I think I had like 3 left and when I did them in offline it popped. But of course if you're trying to ADD to it, it wont save. It took a lot of trail and error to figure out.
  6. guitar.zombie

    Most annoying thing about QP

    Can he get me one too?
  7. guitar.zombie

    Most annoying thing about QP

    Hmm... I didn't brag about it. I mentioned it because thats one of the things I hate about QP? And for the record, im a little over 130 and ALL I play is QP. So yeah, who cares.
  8. guitar.zombie

    Most annoying thing about QP

    No. Stop being a baby.
  9. guitar.zombie

    Most annoying thing about QP

    If theres 10 left mins in a match and one person is hiding the whole time. Fuck em. I want to start a new match instead of waiting around. How does it benefit me when the whole lobby is dead waiting for one person? But like I said thats only happened like 3 times. Its not teaming, more like 'take your lumps and lets start another game'.
  10. guitar.zombie

    Most annoying thing about QP

    All I do is play QP and almost all those choices are awful and I could live with. But the ones that make me angry almost instantly are kids screaming. VERY close second to the DJ's and "make a deal"-ers altho i've never encountered the latter. Also if im one of two people left and the other person is hiding the whole match, ill purposely bring Jason to the persons spot, or if im dead and theres 10 mins left and the kid is hiding, ill just message Jason where they are. That has only happened less than a handful of times.
  11. More Single Player Challenges and a couple of more maps. I really could not give a shit less about Uber Jason. Otherwise this game for me is pretty complete.
  12. guitar.zombie

    My boyfriend got me the greatest gift ever!

    Those items are aka the "Asshole Chad that doesn't help the team" starter pack.
  13. Yay! Finally completed my Tommy tapes! Now I have em all. Funny cuz I think last week the beginning of my play session, I found one right in the first or second drawer I opened. Having one left I kept playing every day to grind. Just rummaging thru drawers. Nothing. Played a bit today, nothing. Then on a whim after band rehearsal I decided to play one more round, and it was in the first drawer I opened. Strange how that works.