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  1. I know it’s been about a year since this thread was created and responded to, and obviously now with the lack of support from the creators the game is what it is. With all that said, here is my attempt to oversimplify this question. The answer is: it depends It’s more about what you value and how you like to play as Jason. Since everyone seems to focus on how bad Pt 4 is, allow me to say this about my fugly friend: he’s real strong in the beginning of the match with his ability to run and break down doors quickly. If you slash someone you’re gonna do major damage. As the round goes on his strengths are diminished and he’s more of a liability after the first five minutes (the most important few minutes of any round). His -shift hurts at the end of the round even once rage kicks in because it takes so long to reuse it and his shift doesn’t cover much ground. I’m a better counselor than I am as Jason but I’ve surely wiped many a lobby clean against top tier players as pt 4. I’ve also been wildly frustrated at the end of the round with him as well. As many posters have pointed out, it’s more about your style and what strengths you value. I value the pressure a running Jason puts on counselors, the destruction on locked doors a powerful Jason has, the ability to morph around the map (+traps and +morph = a good Jason even if pt 2 has weaknesses) and I think knives are important but nowhere near as important as traps (I can always grab a few extra knives as the round goes on but sure it’s a bonus to start with them). So pt 4 has two of the four things I value. I love pt 2 as well and I promise even a great lobby of counselors will have their hands full with me and pt 2 Jason. Everyone knocks those two Jason’s after 7 got tweaked and doesn’t suck so much any more, however I still really like both and have lots of success with both (until the boat gets started and I can’t catch it). But it’s how you play AND evolve, as the players around you do too. I never cared about defense and stun resistance but as I’ve gotten better with Jason I’ve come to realize you can’t beat great counselors unless you learn to block their attacks. The other night I was playing a full lobby and wasted everyone except one Chad. I was pt 2 and had a good plan and executed it (one of the best things any player can do is look at what ranking the players are before the round starts. If you’re in a loaded lobby you better have a plan of attack. If you’re going up against a bunch of mid-40 level players you can approach it differently lol). This one Chad tho...I blocked four of his five attacks on me in the round and got knocked down on three of the four I blocked. I acknowledge he had the best stun weapon (bat) but I was stunned (see what I did there) I went down on three of four blocks (tbh that’s bogus I don’t care how good the perks are that’s just garbage in my not-so-humble opinion). If I had used a Jason with better defense and stun resistance maybe I would’ve stayed on my feet more. Then again, I still wiped out 7 of 8. I don’t like using the “undead” Jason’s because I really value the running ability in the early parts of any round (I’ll say it again: the first five minutes of any round are the most important). Having seven traps and a great morph allows pt 2 Jason to lock down objectives early on. Lots of players still think he’s trash. Nothing like placing a few traps in places people aren’t quick to look and catching a level 150 in a trap they never ever saw coming. Players try talking trash on their headsets all the time when the round starts and I’m a pt 2 or 4 Jason. And then I kill em all and they don’t seem to have as much to say other than I’m a teamer lol (it’s so satisfying when someone assumes I’m cheating because that’s the only way their mind can wrap itself around how I killed them and the other counselors so quickly). As the one commenter made mention, to each their own. Having a Jason who can’t run basically means (to me, anyways) you’re going to be less effective in the early parts of the round (did I mention yet those are the most important minutes of any round?). You’re not catching anyone on foot nor is anyone scared of you to do so. If you aren’t part 8 you’re not breaking in quickly to counselor cabins. Later in the round the undead Jason’s are great but that’s just just me and how I play and what I’ve seen. As a last example, I find pt 3 retro (because of the quieter music and how hard he is to see in the dark) and pt 8 to be the Jason’s I find the hardest to play against when manned by a skilled player. Not 2 or 4. Maybe because I know those Jason’s better? My point is, the Jason’s I’m most effective with aren’t the ones I struggle the most against. I think the one thing we can all agree on is Chad is totally a momma’s boy and I love to smash bird baths on his head and break his neck simultaneously. Or is that just me?😬 Play on, players. Do your best to do your worst. 🔪❤️
  2. I’ll keep it short and sweet, but yes I’m that annoyed by it I’m posting about it: getting interaction locked (PS4) on the drawer in the upstairs room across from Roy’s room in the Pinehurst house is getting real old..
  3. What up slashers and slashettes, avid f13 game fan here, and I’m frustrated enough to take to the forums and start a thread. Is it just me or is the lag atrocious lately?! i have played a few rounds of this game darn near every day for the past eight months so I think I’ve got a good feel for how the game plays. And the lag lately is out of hand. I have defended the game play in the past, as well as the patch updates, the new Jason grab, etc etc etc. the lag currently is so frustrating that I can’t defend it/need to know what’s happening. It can’t be me right lol?? Last night as Tommy Jarvis I couldn’t sprint. I tried so many times to sprint and it just wasn’t happening. I got grabbed by a Jason (part 8) with no running ability. That doesn’t happen lol. My style of play is a sprinter - I play as Vanessa. I’ve never been great at brawling with Jason but I sure can drag his ass around any map in the game for 5-10 minutes and drive him insane going in and out of houses/windows/etc. i messaged the part 8 Jason I mentioned above and said wow I’m experiencing some crazy lag are you? I figured I’d get a snarky comment like “whatever you’re just mad I killed you”. His response was “yeah me too it’s been like that all night. That was my last round I’m done with it”. And that’s coming from a player playing as Jason. Any one else experiencing crazy lag/inability to sprint? I sure do love this game but it’s maddening when I can’t play the game the way I know it can be played. Come on dedicated servers! -Z
  4. I’m not gonna say I’m the most advanced Jason player, but I’m on level 150 and I’ve killed my fair share of counselors and I gotta completely disagree with you about how drastic the new grab is. I mean seriously?? Like you honestly feel it’s that drastic? When I said “relearn” I mean to say adjust your game the slight bit you need to for the “new” grab. And if I have seen a difference with the new grab it’s that it’s been easier to thwart that annoying counselor trying to wind up and hit me with their weapon. I have grabbed more counselors mid-swing since the update than I averaged before. So I have already seen a benefit to the grab. Meanwhile you don’t want to play anymore because the grab is a game changer? Yeah im gonna call balderdash on that one. You’re welcome to your opinion. You can always play as a counselor, and I’ll happily grab you when you swing at me, drop you to your knees and kick your head clean off your body. Or knock your block off. Or slit your throat. It depends on what weapon I choose. #weaponswapping
  5. I’ve been plying this game like a fiend since the start of the new year. Physical copy. PS4. And through all the bugs and trolling and bs I absolutely love this game. I’ve been waiting and waiting for this update. I’ve been reading this thread to see what people are saying. Long story short: I think the update is pretty darn cool. I expected some bugs and glitches. I’m hoping they get worked out. I agree the new grab kill is a bit different but awful or unusable?!? Lolol learn how to play the game OR RELEARN how to play the game and get over yourselves. Puh lease. I haven’t experienced the rubber banding yet but I’m sure it’s annoying when it happens to you Yes it’s dark out. And maybe it is a twinge too dark. I’ll adjust my gamma and figure it out. The game still looks great and it’s a huge part of why I’m addicted to this game - the graphics are dope. Point blank period. Single player challenges are a cool addition. I am on board for being able to skip the cut scenes. Victoria is cool. Not a game changer but still a cool new addition. And although I would’ve liked her to have more clothing options I think they’ll come later. It’ll make it that much more rewarding too once we strip off those MC Hammer pants of hers into something more revealing (and in turn making her seem more vulnerable when she gets slashed by Jason) Can’t wait for those dedicated servers. Like cannnnnnnnnn’t wait. I love the color for Roy’s new outfit. How would any of us know if the salt mines were real and not a troll on people to quit acting like jerk faces? Is there anything tangible to show they are functioning? Overall I’m very pleased w the update! Work needs to be done to tweak it but I still sure do love this game!
  6. Agreed and amen Ahab I think it’s a good question to be asking the devs even if they can’t give a straight answer or simply won’t - and I’m cool w either. But I think it’s good fodder. I’m not gonna get Tiffany’s panties twisted over the salt scoring system, I just want to understand said system best I can. So so I don’t end up in the salt mines with you jerks. I kid.. mostly
  7. T.W. That’s too broad a stroke. When I’m Jason and can’t grab someone because of a glitch or, as I previously stated, have none of Jason’s additional strengths, I’m not gonna run around for 10-15 minutes - that’s a waste of everyone's time. I’m not saying there’s is going to be a perfect salt points system but leaving it at just don’t quit isn’t viable. Which is why I asked for clarification around how the points are “earned”.
  8. Howdy y’all. Let me start by saying I freakin’ love this game. I just reached level 150 and I can’t wait for the new counselor Victoria and the engine updates and, of course, the salt mines! I have a question about salt points: how will the distributors of said salt points know the difference between when someone quits the game as Jason, for instance, because they are simply salty OR because the game is glitching and, for instance, Jason has no access to any of his powers - which just happened to me right now while playing as Jason. When the game glitches I usually give it a minute or two and try and play through it/give the game a chance to un-glitch itself, but I just quit the game I was playing because I don’t want to run around for 10+ minutes trying to kill these pesky counselors with no morph, sense, shift or stalk. The counselors are hard enough to kill with Jason’s full arsenal of powers. Thanks in advance for any insight you can provide and I am eager for the server updates and all the goodies you guys have in store for 2018! Cheers -Z
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