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  1. I'm not sure if I should start a new question of the day topic or keep it going on here, so question of the day is! What is your all time favorite character from Friday the 13th? Mine would have to be Tommy Jarvis!
  2. Man after seeing that cosplay outfit, I have to get my 6' 2" self into an outfit and try my hand! I've always wanted to play the role of Jason whether it be in a fan film or the real gig. I've actually sharpened my old machete and it looks really good. Would go great with a Jason costume.
  3. I'd like a random Jason Voorhees poster to come with the physical copies. Maybe on the other side of the map?
  4. Man I wish I could go... I can barely manage to scrape by as is.
  5. People would use that as an advantage to escape from Jason. I honestly think you had a good idea but sadly that is how it would play out.
  6. Oh will do! It comes in two parts, a mask over a mask!
  7. Or when he threw that guard down on the drill and he spun onto it. Let us be honest, Kane Hodder killed that role! I'm glad he is helping with the video game! I really wish that there would be a reboot to the series.
  8. Very good choice! I personally liked the part when he was trying to kill the guys playing the video game!
  9. Hey that is what Friday the 13th is all about! Those intense and gory kills!
  10. I mean sure, but hiding in an outhouse period is grounds for a great kill for Jason Voorhees. Only one door to escape from. Enchiladas not needed. My opinion.
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