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  1. Well first match as Jason with the new update.

    -Missing sounds when you slash beds

    -Horrible throwing knives. The throwing sound is late af.

    -I found a bit laggy the first door hit 

    -The grab is so fast and looks like a lag or something. You think you miss the grab.

    And the most annoying of all is YOU CAN'T find a lobby plus the "connection lost" out of nowhere! 

    Very disappointed! 

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  2. 16 minutes ago, HLR316 said:

    So I'm just going to throw this out there regarding the players complaining about being bullied as Jason. I'm just going to be straight forward about this if your being bullied are getting you butt handed to you then you just plan suck as Jason and you need to put your preference on counselor. I been playing this game since it came out I backed them during the process of making the game. So get your game up and stop complaining about being bullied as Jason I have never got killed nor been bullied they have tried but they all died thanks for everything

    Actually complaining generally, not about me. But you don't understand the difference. I don't even care if you are a backer, not getting killed or kill everyone. That's not the point. The truth is that Jason is weak. Players like you do not understand.

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  3. What about the roof exploit on packanack lodge?

    What about interaction locks when you exit the car or when sometimes using a flare gun? 

    What about Jason's grab animation who is slow as f**k? Free stun when you miss the grab. 

    Jason these days looks like pinata if you don't play well. Make him stronger than ever. 

    Feels like cosmetic update. Nothing special. 


  4. Glad for Dedicated Servers, good job.


    1) Jason stops the car and i exit. And Boom, interaction lock. I had to drop down my bat, pick it up again.

    2) I usually check the map when i vault a window or calling jarvis/police/opening/barricade door or whatever. I can not see the map in these cases anymore and it was convenient for me. Why you removed that option? 

    3) Canceling session takes forever. I had to restart the game every time.

    Please fix this issues.

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  5. 22 hours ago, prodigy said:

    I reported countless bugs with videos, they never watched them ! I'm done with this stuipid dev team and report system.

    I reported with video proof at least 25 toxic players who working with jason, who glitch out and inside map, betrayals, and other things but these players still play the game. No ban, no nothing. The reports are 3-4-5 months ago.

  6. 22 minutes ago, Vigorowicz said:

    game is in such a bad state, that i think devs should make official statement and explain whats going on. how it is possible that updates are breaking game? nobody is testing them before publishing?

    Apparently nobody testing the game before publishing. I think they don't even care about the game. 

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  7. I can't believe you DEVS. You create more bugs than you partly fix. In the first 2 matches with the new patch. 

    1) Match ending at 17 minutes with 2 survivors left. First time ever.

    2) I escaped and watching the 1 counselor left. The other "dead" counselors are on their feet and afraid in the places that died.

    3)Jason on rage mode pass threw doors without breaking the doors.

    4) Strange black lines appears when you watch the match as spectator.

    I think more bugs will appear the next matches. 

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