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  1. PS4 here. Also forgot. I can not join or spectate friend's game anymore. Only via invite.
  2. Glad for Dedicated Servers, good job. BUT: 1) Jason stops the car and i exit. And Boom, interaction lock. I had to drop down my bat, pick it up again. 2) I usually check the map when i vault a window or calling jarvis/police/opening/barricade door or whatever. I can not see the map in these cases anymore and it was convenient for me. Why you removed that option? 3) Canceling session takes forever. I had to restart the game every time. Please fix this issues.
  3. @ShiftySamurai For me no more rubberbanding issues since the june 8 update. But the exit car animation is bad. Sometimes you lag all over the place when you exit the car. Needs more work to be smooth.
  4. I reported with video proof at least 25 toxic players who working with jason, who glitch out and inside map, betrayals, and other things but these players still play the game. No ban, no nothing. The reports are 3-4-5 months ago.
  5. Finally yesterday i had Car escape Suicide!! Fix this Gun Media!!
  6. Apparently nobody testing the game before publishing. I think they don't even care about the game.
  7. When Jarvis dies the match stops no matter how much time remains. 3 consecutive times this happen right now. 2 at higgins haven small and Packanack small. The devs are amateurs.
  8. Just now. Higgins haven. The match ended in 14 minutes. I have the whole video. This is unexceptable.
  9. I'm not new player. I play the game 7 months now. But i'm new in the forum tho. Every time the devs surprise me.
  10. I can't believe you DEVS. You create more bugs than you partly fix. In the first 2 matches with the new patch. 1) Match ending at 17 minutes with 2 survivors left. First time ever. 2) I escaped and watching the 1 counselor left. The other "dead" counselors are on their feet and afraid in the places that died. 3)Jason on rage mode pass threw doors without breaking the doors. 4) Strange black lines appears when you watch the match as spectator. I think more bugs will appear the next matches.
  11. Probably the most annoying bug in the new update who don't fixed yet. https://youtu.be/cr34IuNCHyM
  12. Thanks for the update. But we need fix update soon. Not months from now.
  13. Jason's tickets doesn't seems working. I'm in the lobby 4 matches and waiting my turn to be jason. New player gets in. Boom he's jason.
  14. I have different story. Yesterday jason part 8 grabs me and come in into kill animation. Suddently, Savini appears at the kill animation and killed me.
  15. The game is getting worse and worse. Gun media need to hire some expert to fix this problems. I'm very disappointed.
  16. Same issues here. PS4. Glad you mention this bugs because some guys from the forum do not want this bugs to be heard.
  17. Don't try to be smart on me, please. Never say "i leave the game or not playing that much because of he's bugs." You say that. I love this game and i wrote my real complaints and i will continue to do so. Thank you and good bye.
  18. Ok. I don't want discussion with you anymore. You have your opinion, i have mine and i wrote it with facts. And yes, i speak with alot people about this game and they have the same complaints.
  19. You are wrong. Not everybody gets bother when you exit the car and run away 10 feet and boooom!! Jason slashing you or grabs you in front of the car door. Not everybody bother from shaken buggy kills from jason when finally grab the counselors with he's slow animation.
  20. The game has serious issues generally. Huge bugs. The bloody skin bothers you?
  21. I think they don't look this reports. I have reported bunch of people for cheating/ glitching spots over time, 3-4 months ago, and these players still play the game.
  22. So much waiting for this....?https://youtu.be/cr34IuNCHyM 1)Exit car issues like this video 2) Missed sounds from drawers, doors, knifes, windows. 3) Buggy kills from Jason. 4)Jason's grab has very slow animation. When he miss the grab, the stun is guaranteed. We need FIX update ASAP devs
  23. I think the graphics and this grab sound is the only good things about this update. The rest of it just feels like third hand job.
  24. I'm disappointed with the update. Waaaay to dark and and barely see the counselors faces and bodys. Missed sounds from the drawers, doors and throwing knifes, jason's grab has very slow animation and it's way off plus the buggy kills. And i think jason with this grab getting more weaker because when you miss the grab, the animation is so slow and the free stun from counselor is 100%. The game is still buggy. We need fix update ASAP devs. Alot of issues.
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