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  1. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    I can't find any lobby. i've play barely 2 matches since the update with 3 people in the lobby. Europe, PS4. YOU GUYS ARE AMATEURS
  2. I can't find a single lobby about an hour and half. The game is more broken than ever. Good job Black tower. Ps4 user
  3. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Man, youtube is full of f13th glitch videos. This video it's just a drop of water in the ocean.
  4. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Why you tell him to remove this video? He play as jason and some toxic players capitalized the glitches of this game.
  5. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Well first match as Jason with the new update. -Missing sounds when you slash beds -Horrible throwing knives. The throwing sound is late af. -I found a bit laggy the first door hit -The grab is so fast and looks like a lag or something. You think you miss the grab. And the most annoying of all is YOU CAN'T find a lobby plus the "connection lost" out of nowhere! Very disappointed!
  6. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    You don't understand what i'm saying. And i'm not going to explain you.
  7. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    Actually complaining generally, not about me. But you don't understand the difference. I don't even care if you are a backer, not getting killed or kill everyone. That's not the point. The truth is that Jason is weak. Players like you do not understand.
  8. Xenofon1313

    Patch Notes - 11.16.18

    What about the roof exploit on packanack lodge? What about interaction locks when you exit the car or when sometimes using a flare gun? What about Jason's grab animation who is slow as f**k? Free stun when you miss the grab. Jason these days looks like pinata if you don't play well. Make him stronger than ever. Feels like cosmetic update. Nothing special.
  9. Xenofon1313

    More buggy lately?

    Yes, interaction locks like never before, and giant weapons like this! https://youtu.be/qRjswGxm85U
  10. Hi guys. With every new update gun media puts additional bugs as always. Yesterday i discovered a new one. https://youtu.be/UYNatWrmqAo
  11. DEVS fix the canceling ASAP! It's very annoying to restart the game every time!!
  12. I found a new one. Barricade the door as always and Jason just opened the door and killed me. Cool!
  13. I think with that patch the bouncing deaths is more exiting than ever! Watch this video ? https://youtu.be/AAogQYuAUYA