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  1. Ok. I will upload this clip on jasonkillbugs. And it was very low level player. I think it came to this game just for trolling.
  2. That was intentional roof glitch. They stayed in the roof over 15 minutes and t bagging. I killed 2 people in the same game while trying this glitch. I think it's a waste of time. No one getting ban on this game. Only hard cheaters with speed hacks etc.
  3. Should i report roof exploiters? They getting ban or it's a waste of time? T bagging me and dancing while safe in the roof. Good job
  4. I said make Jason as strong as you want BUT NOT immune to stuns when raging. 1)Reduce 50-60% stun ratio 2) Immune to stuns when Jason break doors 3)Increase Jason's speed 4)Unlimited sense and stalk And many other things. At least you have a chance to survive the night. The devs are lazy and gave him immune bc it was easy for them to do it.
  5. Man, i escaped too post patch via police and car without hear jason's theme. The thing is that it's not challenging for me anymore. I've done it millions of times. I said my opinion above.
  6. Man, you are off topic. On my original post in said that i like to fight jason and if loose, fair enough. Also i am good jason player and i don't need this buff personally. Now it's so much easier for me and unfair for the counselors when my Jason raging. I love to play as jason and counselor but with this update they pushing me out of the game. I don't want to escape fast with police or car because I've done it millions of times. I'm not tea bagger or troller just i want to fight a good jason player. Make Jason as strong and powerful as you want but not immune to stuns bc when a good jason raging now, you are 100% dead. No counter play to this when he tunnels you. This is my opinion.
  7. This is not serious answers man. I was talking about when jason raging and tunnels you. And this is your strats? Ok man. GG.
  8. Ok, this is not serious conversation. Bye godlike counselor.
  9. Ironic? If a decent jason tunnels you when he raging somehow you need stamina boost because you are dead. Please no more godlike survivors and Jason's on this forum...
  10. To step my game when he raging? By hitting him and regain stamina? How long? 1,2,3 hits and eventually i'm dead. Kid, this is my opinion, you have yours. I think you are non skillful jason and you beg for this buff to kill all counselors in rage. Gongrats, 8/8 counselors. You made it! Don't tell me what to do boy..
  11. I play this game a long time ago and with this update i feel it's not challenging for me anymore to escape fast with car or police because i have done it millions of times. I want to fight Jason and if i loose ok. Now, low skill Jason can kill you easy when he raging. Pro or not eventually you running out of stamina. I am not a troller or tea bagger. Αlso, i am a strong Jason player and i don't need this buff personally. This is so much easier for me now as Jason and unfair for someone who tried to survive the night. I love to play as Jason and counselor but with this update, they pushing me out from this game. Who knows, maybe the idea is to push out the veteran players that they like to fight Jason by bringing new blood to this game.
  12. Nice to hear about jason's buff. I have one question. If i hit jason while in rage mode, i gain stamina or not?
  13. I can't find any lobby. i've play barely 2 matches since the update with 3 people in the lobby. Europe, PS4. YOU GUYS ARE AMATEURS
  14. I can't find a single lobby about an hour and half. The game is more broken than ever. Good job Black tower. Ps4 user
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