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  1. If you're like me, you had immense disappointment when Roy Burns came out. The fact he spawns at the shack, Pamela calls him Jason, Pamela Talks to him, and Abilities. But I Have an Idea. {Roy Challenge Character} One Idea I've had is make Roy a Challenge to play as. The Idea is to Remove the Abilities. It gives High Rank players a chance to show their dominance, or just give people the Opportunity to challenge themselves against Friends or Offline Bots. {Roy Changes} I've had this Idea for a while, have Roy spawn next to something (We'll talk about that something next topic.) and Get rid of Pamela talking to him. The Roy leaving the Camp screen is perfect. Also, Remove kills from Roy such as Head Punch, as he is just an ordinary human. Also I think Roy dying when he gets shot is a bit much, but If you like my other idea of Roy being a challenge, Go for it. This leads to Another Question, How do we kill the Roy-Man Himself. {How to Kill Roy} Now this Idea has been sitting in my mind and I have to let it out. Make Roy spawn in an empty space where a Shack would be, Make there be a big log there with a Chocolate Bar, Due to his son Joey loving chocolate. Take off Roys mask to knock him into reality and let any character use the Chocolate Bar and Tommy man would kill Him like always, Also this is a long shot, but how about make Joey talk to Roy Royhees. Hopefully you guys see this- Uncle Roy
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