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  1. Does the update happen after midnight tonight? Not sure how these things work
  2. So? Have you guys seen the newest update?? Thoughts ??
  3. Oh yea I can defiantly tell when I'm playing against some b.s. killers and ones who actually knows how to play correctly!! Game's are ao much more fun!
  4. I've been having the same issue as well. I found some Pamela tapes back to back once.
  5. I honestly don't like it:( It seems much harder to rank up now but I'm still new at the game. I also have been raging really hard on this game with all the killers camping.?
  6. Lyric

    Pure Gold

    I also found this picture from the original death scene with violet. Jason was originally supposed to do the crotch kill but it was cut because at the time people were too sensitive?
  7. Lyric

    Pure Gold

    I just fell in love with this picture? and that weirdo is C.J!!!
  8. Awww ? That must be why he looks unhappy in the game. She is the fire to his ganja?
  9. Moments like these I wish I had editing software. I want to see this edit!!!!!
  10. Hmmm, I'm stuck between tommy and Chad. Hank just needs tommys jacket and he would be good?
  11. @Flyin_J yes ! And it could be a easy animation edit to since they have something similar I know right? A big tease for us pyros?
  12. OHMYGOD YES !!!! @The Tommy that comment totally just made my day?
  13. No, not that. When he smack the counsilers face into the fence post. I meant to say fence post ? i said wood post jeez what the hell is wrong with me. But you know what I'm talking about right?
  14. I've managed to find three sprays in one cabin as soon as I spawn. It really does suck tho that the pocketknives are few now....idk about you guys but I rarely play with a slasher jason? Jason is always so grabby??
  15. Christmas Clothing pack would be cool...have tiff in a slutty Santa costume Jenny a sexy elf costume or something along those lines
  16. This is mostly about the propane tanks that are all through out the camps. (I also couldn't help but read it in a hank hill voice) ANYWAY have you guys seen the tanks? Wouldn't it be interesting if we could interact with them and use them? Catch some cabins on fire maybe Jason...maybe get chased by said Jason that is on fire ? It just seemed interesting and wanted to share with y'all and get your ideas and thoughts❤
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