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  1. You have to be careful who you play with on this game, It is literally troll central, I see you have done bot mod which is decent practice. You can join random games and choose your character wisely. Try to gain as much Xp and CP points as possible so that you can level up to choose the characters you want to play. I responded , to you on PS4 so you will know the PS4 user name. Do not display it on here. Thank you
  2. Hi, Billabong506 I am a PS4 user . I play private match when me and my friends are working on skills otherwise , I play public match.
  3. Thanks Damon, I wish more were like that. I have a friend who recently all she cared about was leveling up then was confused why she was a target by everyone when she reached the Max level. Hey, Damon I have a question for you regarding Salt mines. Will a host who has Blue screened be punished as well? I have been blue screened multiple times even while playing Jason and lost a match of 8 out of 8 due to Blue screen issues.
  4. Hello, Everyone new to this site but not the game. I have posted some thing on the forums and look forward to upcoming events. Please feel free to message me with positive and constructive criticism if necessary. I look forward to reading comments while painting my toenails and watching you tube:)
  5. Thank You but I have been 150 for quite sometime. I am more focused though on the skill of the person who plays than the level. I have noticed many 150's like to target each other instead of working to kill Jason or help each other escape the match. I have seen a lot of selfish idiots on this game who hear a girl's voice on mic and decide I am going to troll them instead. I hope you level up well and have some good killing matches.
  6. Patience is a virtue, Everyone expects a magical fairy to come a sprinkle fairy dust over all games issues. Real world update does not work that way. I agree if a person hates the game then why play, it will be less bored idiots,and trolls to mess up my happy killing lobby. Be gone HATERS!
  7. I love the fact that the new Update is coming soon. I do not like the fact of the Salt mines , I know it is not fully explained. However it will be a breeding ground for trolls who want to send unsuspecting host there by trolling their lobby until they rage quit. I feel that trolls, cheaters, Jason helpers should also be cast into the salt mines . It is not fair for a host to be given a penalty when the pricks who caused it get away completely.
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