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  1. Jason is indeed very weak. Just to give a few examples of how you could make it fun to play Jason again. 1. Increase his health or reduce damage from counselor weapons by a lot. It only takes 2 heavy blows with a machete from a strength 7 or higher character to remove his mask. This makes it too easy to kill him. 2. Jason's fighting ability is too sluggish and needs to be quicker. His attack speed needs to be increased, you can't hit a counselor consecutively before they hit him back and stun him because Jason's slashing speed is too slow. Also make it so that Jason can block with just 1 button instead of having to enter combat stance first. 3. Invincibility frames after stun animation. Having counselors gang up around him when he is stunned just waiting for him to start moving again so they can damage him is just horseshit. 4. Fixed location for radio tower on all maps. 5. Lastly for the love of ass, revert the grab animation to the way it was before. Right now it's just an invitation to use him as a punching bag. One last thing that is not really a buff but Jason should have a jog button like counselors have so the one playing him don't have to keep it pressed all the time.
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