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  1. What’s the point in making a second game? They could release this game again for future consoles and just keeping adding on to this game.
  2. I think we should have the option to switch it on and off, I also made a thread about a sandbox/free roam game mode which I think would be a good way to add daylight maps.
  3. Yeah we definitely need another hero, for some reason I would just love to play as her whenever I want though and I would want to change her outfits which so far can not be done for hero characters
  4. Well I’m just gonna say that you said that you will keep coming back if people talk about Reggie which is silly but that’s it.
  5. So we can’t voice our opinions on whether Reggie should be added or not?
  6. I read somewhere that Lauries granddaughter has a group of friends and they each have a theory of what Happened to Laurie after the massacre. My guess is two of those theories will be the events of 4-6 and the events of 7-8.
  7. He said weeks though not months so it’s likely a month or less
  8. Such a sick bastard!! I am happy for his Victims who can now live with closure and peace knowing that he is behind bars now.
  9. I love this but I would want Laurie to be one of the main survivors to play as.
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