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  1. Yep I completely agree, no shame to J.C Brandy, but the original Jamie is simply the best
  2. I’ve never played any of them before, i might look into it and decide whether to try them
  3. Maybe they could just relaunch the game so when the lawsuit has finally come to an end, they can hire a new team to create content, make all the things that were supposed to be released and also make new things, and then when it’s all done announce a date of a “relaunch” and have it all release at the same time.
  4. Exactly, one of the things I hate most is recasts, especially when they replaced Danielle Harris in Halloween 6
  5. I agree with you, I would love a Clarice starling figure, except I would prefer her as the Jodie Foster version rather than the julianne Moore version
  6. With NECA’s Laurie Strode action figure being released this year....what other final girls from horror movies would you like to see in action figure form? Personally, I would love to have a Nancy Thompson action figure from A nightmare on elm street. They could even start making some of the final girls from f13 such as Trish Jarvis, Ginny field, Alice Hardy etc etc. Of course they would need to likeness rights for all of these though
  7. That would be a dream come true, sadly I highly doubt it though
  8. Wes recently tweeted another gif stating that after a follow up meeting last night there is potential growing even stronger....maybe a Halloween game really is happening AHHHH
  9. This would be amazing, and they could easily have Halloween 3 as a separate game mode
  10. Most people don’t bother with objectives anymore whenever I have played, yesterday I was the only one in the match doing objectives so I just fixed the car and escaped
  11. Same here I would love to know, then again I don’t know how upset I will be if I find out all the great things they would add
  12. I mean the rights issue for Michael is dissapointing, but at least the whole franchise isn’t in a lawsuit like Friday the 13th. I would most likely choose Michael from the first 5/6 movies over the rights for the others as the original Myers is simply the best
  13. Yasss I would want all of these skins!!!!
  14. I was thinking, what characters from the movies or people based off of characters from the movies would you like to see in a Halloween Game if they make one
  15. I thought dedicated servers meant the match wouldn’t end because of the host leaving? The last few times I joined a quick play match I have been kicked because of the host leaving
  16. I would love them to make a Halloween game. It’s the right way to go after what happened with Friday the 13th and the stupid lawsuit. No more dlc coming to f13 is honestly devastating 😩😩😩
  17. Oh sorry I just assumed that’s what you meant, my bad. I only post on here still because this thread has some good memories
  18. Why shouldn’t people post on it? It was fun to talk to people in ages ago and still is fun to talk to people in it now
  19. Anybody on here wanna add each other on Twitter maybe, that way we can keep in touch
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