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  1. Thanks for the information, and yeah I agree I also think it’s unlikely other versions will get an offline save solution.
  2. Do you guys think that the game will be available on the upcoming next gen consoles like PS5 and Series X? I really hope so but at this point I’m doubting it.
  3. Is there a way you could change your setting on Steam to say your in another country?
  4. Don’t worry I think your English is perfectly fine! What console do you play on?
  5. I didn’t mean that this was the announcement, I meant this tweet of Obama saying “not really, maybe, it’s classified” could mean that maybe an announcement is coming soon, however it’s purely speculation.
  6. Yeah at this point I’m just speculating, I really wish this means they could be announcing something soon. I would love for them to do this as well to be honest Thanks, I’ve missed this forum.
  7. I haven’t been on this forum for a very long time, however Wes recently hinted at a new project announcement on Twitter and I was wondering what you guys think it could be? I personally hope for them to be working on a Halloween game but I don’t know at this point. Any thoughts?
  8. Omg it makes me soooo sad to think we will never get to play as her in these clothes thank you for sharing this on here @Barbara Ann , Victoria looks so good in these!!
  9. I’m so excited for these new films, this announcement has made me sooooo happy
  10. This is a really good idea, it will be sad to see Friday the 13th the game be forgotten, but this idea has a lot of potential. Remodel Jason a little bit and change his name, remove the counsellors that are from the movies and replace them with original counsellors, remodel the maps and then it’s done! It would take a while to remodel certain things for sure but it’s either a dead game or a game that is similar....I would go for a game that can have new content rather than just a dead game. I do love Friday the 13th the game and it is devastating it ended this way but let’s hope they can still bring us a game just as good!
  11. Welcome fellow camp counsellor @Janushka85
  12. Welcome to the forums, fellow camp counsellor
  13. Yeah i love it whenever I see a notification from this thread, a discord thread would have been cool also but it’s sad there isn’t many f13 players out there anymore. Feel free to add me on discord if you like, my tag is #8150
  14. That’s a shame, but at least we have this thread still, it’s full of some great memories 💕
  15. Same, my Twitter is https://mobile.twitter.com/LucasAaronJanda so if you click the link it should come up
  16. Yep, with f13 the game being released 2 years ago, dead by daylight still alive, a scream game in the works to be released in 2021 and a potential Halloween game in the works....this is an exciting time to be a horror fan
  17. Yeah and the difference between the two is when f13 the game was released it had been a while since the last movie but if a Halloween game is made they could maybe ask people from the latest movie to lend their likeness for a character for example they could put Allyson in the game as they could ask Andi matichak. But with f13 it was difficult to try and track down someone that was in an f13 film years ago considering most of them are retired from acting now or just aren’t in as many movies
  18. If this game gets made, I really hope the make a forum for it, I’ve met a lot of amazing people on here and it would be great to have a forum if they make Halloween: The Game
  19. I would like to see a sequel that can be similar to Halloween but with how the final girls and tommy are coping with a PTSD similar to Laurie Strode in Halloween and then Jason can return to camp and have a showdown with Ginny, Chris, Trish and Tommy and maybe even Alice from part 1 if they can give a relevant explanation to how she could have survived although it’s highly unlikely. It could mainly be about the events of 1-4 but still keep the others canon, just not going into too much detail of the events of 5 onwards. But at this point anything would please me as long as it’s not a remake
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