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  1. 9 minutes ago, Mr Unlucky said:


    I agree, in fact Gun had already created files that included extra clothing DLC for all the characters. This included a Halloween outfit for Victoria and the other missed characters, slumber party dlc and swimwear expansion. Its a shame the later characters never got the customisation the standard game characters got. If they did add fan favourite f13 characters as an option in the new game they could also give or sell us the content we never got, even from a purely business point it would make sense. 

    Here's a video showing showing you all of them if you haven't seen them. Check out Victoria's 'sleep wear'...


    Yeah this would be amazing! It really hurts to see all of that content knowing we will never get to have it but I just hope one day in the next game we can take a trip down memory lane and have a DLC with all of this! 

  2. 1 hour ago, Mr Unlucky said:In my opinion the basic form of F13 was a real winner for online play and Gun wouldn't be doing themselves any favours to ignore this in a new game. Be it Halloween or something else they could easily adapt F13 game mechanics into a slightly different new game with hopefully a lot of new features. This would make the games environment more interactive and more immersive. 

    Yeah I definitely think the next game will be super similar. When asked about the next game, Wes constantly says “well we specialise in asymmetrical horror multiplayer games” which may be a way of him saying “this will be similar to F13”. Hopefully it is anyway because F13 was super successful, just the lawsuit causing lack of dlc was what harmed it.

  3. So I was watching one of Wes’ streams the other day and he was asked a question about securing rights and he mentioned that sometimes the rights holders can get greedy, ultimately ruining a deal. He went on to say this had happened to Gun after they laid out a plan for a game but ultimately the rights holders got greedy. 

    So, I asked if this was before or after F13 and interestingly he said after. This leads me to believe that they may have already attempted to make Halloween but couldn’t secure a deal. Also, it would make sense since in January of 2019 Wes was tweeting Blumhouse, Ryan Turek and Jason Blum so perhaps at that point in time he had reached out but ultimately couldn’t secure the rights.

    I hope this isn’t the case though because it would be a real shame if Gun couldn’t get Halloween since they would do it real justice.

  4. 25 minutes ago, I'm Not a Goalie said:

    You forgot about Mitch and ironically, Victoria. I don't know why gun didn't/couldn't use the character names (They used Foxs'), but there isn't any doubt who those characters are supposed to be. They even refer to Shelly as Sheldon. Was it cheaper to use just the likeness' and not the names? Tiffany might be a bit problematic too. While not a direct character from the game, any fan of the franchise can tell she was closely inspired by the twins from Part 4. Change her clothing though, and it's probably fine. 

    Yeah Sheldon and Fox and Tommy are definitely not allowed because they have the likeness of the actors as well as the name of the character from the films. Victoria, Mitch and Tiffany should be fine though because although they are similar, they still don’t have the likeness or the same name from the films so nothing can happen in terms of legal issues. 

    I just hope we get a pack with these characters again, it would be a great nod to F13 the game and also give the characters another chance. 

  5. So I was wondering since the F13 game Counselors are original characters made by Gun (except Fox, Tommy and Shelly) could they be included in the next project? I mean say if the next project does end up being Halloween, could say Tiffany or Chad pop up as a playable character again or do they now count as “F13 property”? I only ask this since I think it would be cool if Gun included some of their own characters again. 

  6. 25 minutes ago, Slasher_Clone said:

    I hope everyone has a good night, stay safe and see you in the new year. 

    Happy New Year to you too! Same goes for everybody else, I wish everyone a happy and safe new year! 

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  7. 27 minutes ago, Mr Unlucky said:

    I'm sure a new forum will be announced with some early game development/pre-release footage closer to the time. Either that or they merge this forum as a subcategory in an updated forum for their new game. Sadly IcrazyKid we have only won a pyrrhic victory with F13, we voiced and campaigned and the dev's listened to improve the game. The major result being with the introduction of Victoria to the game, however the lawsuit couldn't be beaten. 

    Those were the good days! Campaigning for Melissa was so fun and eventually getting Victoria based off of Melissa was so amazing! I’m praying for a Halloween game next because there are lots of great characters they could add. 

  8. 31 minutes ago, Ih8teamers said:

    So was going against a streamer, he was Jason I was Vanessa on Higgens Havens.  He was a 150 so figured might have a tough match. Anyways fuse is in Evergreen and I spawn at the lodge.  I loot there and Higgens.  I then make it to Blairs with a knife and a spray.  I m trying to think what my strategy should be, maybe try to fix the boat at blairs, or meet up with teammates and try to get c. ops called.  As i m heading there cops get called. So I think I have a knife, and spray and cops are on the way so I head up to Higgens and hide in a closet waiting for cops to arrive. Cops arrive at the left entrance, I get out and wait at the cops. I try to save a random but i get there too late I hit Jason once and make it to the cops. Because this dude was streaming I rewatch his stream and he called me a bitch for hiding when cops get called.  Is it a bitch move to hide when cops are called?  I obviously dont am I supposed to just wait out in the open and make Ja, son chase me for five minutes till cops show up?  What do you guys think?  Should counselors just wait and let jason have a chance to chase u or is it a bitch move?  I do understand the point that yeah you re not really helping your teammates out by hiding but sometimes you gotta look out for yourself and let your teammates fend for themselves.  

    I see it as you should be allowed to play however you like to play and you are definitely not a b**ch just for hiding. You are right that sometimes you need to look out for yourself considering all of the trolls that play the game. 

  9. 3 hours ago, Fair Play said:

    Anything's possible...

    Hopefully their next project will sit well with everyone.

    Hopefully, and I also hope that if it’s another game similar to Friday they will make another forum for that too. It sounds sad but I used to really love this forum back before the lawsuit when we would all discuss potential dlc. So hopefully we can have another forum like that again :)

  10. However, if they are currently doing mocap on the game right now, does that mean there is a possibility of a release late next year or possibly early 2022? I don’t know much about game development. I’m hoping it means they can at least release a teaser soon similar to Friday’s teaser in 2015. 

  11. 9 hours ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    I agree with this sentiment as well!

    I also would like to see Tina from part 7 and Chris from part 3 return as well....in some capacity.

    I would also love Chris to return!

    7 hours ago, SirMang said:

    In the next movie, if we ever get one, none of them. 

    Watching Jason chase around senior citizen aged women doesn't sound like my idea of a good movie. 

    Seriously, Dana Kimmell aka Chris turns 61 this year.  Jennifer Cooke aka Megan turns 56, 

    Going by the way the movies went, none of them would have made sense to come back.  Ginny was an emotional wreck, Chris probably never saw the outside of a padded room, Pam and Part V don't matter, Tommy or Megan don't make sense to come back in the way they decided to do "Carrie vs Jason", Tina made no sense to come back in part 8 because it went to NY, and it's a straight dumpster fire after that. 

    I sort of agree with you however I feel like it could possibly take a similar route to Halloween 2018. Jason could return to camp crystal lake and start murdering the counsellors as usual. Then, one of the original final girls could return to hunt him down. 

    I don’t know I just liked how Halloween had Laurie change her own narrative and become a fighter and not a victim. It could work well with Ginny, Chris or Trish maybe too.

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  12. 14 hours ago, DontZzz34 said:

    I know you said not to say tommy but I’m including him bc we didn’t see enough of part 6 tommy in the movies. He was the best tommy to watch. Having him as a main hero character throughout the rest of the movies After part 6 would’ve been awesome. Kinda like how they had loomis in Halloween 1-6 play the hero role. And Megan Garris could’ve been tied into the sequels after part 6 as well. Her and tommy could’ve been dating or something in the sequels 

    Thinking about it, I agree with you, it would of been very cool to see Tommy and Megan return after part 6

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  13. 11 hours ago, tyrant666 said:

    More than likely, it will just be Danielle Harris and Jamie Lee Curtis beating his ass over and over with a baseball bat, while dancing over him in lingerie. Maybe they won't make the mistake of allowing the babysitters to kill him since in the films, he mostly gets away/runs away minus an entry or two.

    Starting 5 babysitters

    1. Laurie Strode

    2. Bob

    3. Tommy Doyle from Halloween 6

    4. Busta Rhymes Character

    5. Annie

    Unlock-able 5

    6. Jamie Lloyd - at level 145

    7. Rachel - at level 80

    8. Sheriff Meeker - at level 10

    9.  Rob Zombie's Laurie - at level 15

    10. Daniel - at level 3

    Hero = Loomis

    Starting 3 Villains 

    1. 78 Myers

    2. Halloween 5 Myers

    3. Halloween H20 Myers

    Unlock-able Villains

    4. Halloween 2 Myers - at level 20

    5. Hallween 6 Myers - at level 10

    6. Halloween 8 Myers - at level 80

    7. Rob Zombie's Myers - at level 100

    8. Rob Zombie's Hobo Myers - at level 120

    9. Halloween 2018 Myers - at level 145

    10. Silver Shamrock Robot - at level 150

    The first clothing pack will be a Christmas clothing pack. The second clothing pack will be a prom clothing pack. They will make small versions of the 3 launch maps.

    The 3 launch maps

    1. Haddonfield 1978

    2. Haddonfield Memorial

    3. Haddonfield 1988

    The small versions of those maps come next.

    After that, the final two maps before the lawsuit will be...

    4. Smith's Grove

    5. Northern California Private School Campus From H20

    The final 4 DLC babysitters will be...

    1. Paul from 1978

    2. Kara Strode from H6

    3. John from H20

    4. Sheriff Bracket from 1978

    The final 2 DLC villains will be...

    1. The Man In Black from H6

    2. Conal Cochran from H3

    Let’s just hope that if we do a get a Halloween game, there will be no lawsuit to prevent content lmao 


    12 hours ago, SteveChristy said:

    I've heard the supposed Halloween game rumblings as well and wondered where they came from. I'd be on board with that, for the record. With Gun's attention to detail, a proper '78 style Myers experience would be intriguing. There's a fan game out there for PC that was fun to mess around with which probably cost nothing to make. In the hands of a decent developer (smirk) and a budget of some kind it could be cool.

    I think so too, Gun for sure had some issues with this game but the attention to detail makes up for it in my opinion. I don’t feel like any other developer would have bothered to properly capture the setting of the Friday the 13th films like Gun did. 

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  14. 3 minutes ago, tyrant666 said:

    Well...there are a lot of ways to answer this question.

    If the game were the same game, with just a new paint job. Unless they made that survivor a hero character with 10/10 stats or gave them good luck/speed/stamina. Then nobody or very few would main them. So having such a character around would be merely for nostalgia. Like Shelly for example. Fox probably gets played the most of the post launch characters.

    If the game were a new game, with a well thought out balance, instead of a lazy, lopisided meta on both sides. Then it could be interesting depending on the type of character they added.

    Kay Em was a hero character with full stats, but she would be replacing Tommy on one map most likely.

    I would've liked to see Tina, provided they made her more of a real offensive threat compared to Tommy. You could've kept the loadout for Tommy as is, as more of a balanced/at best defensive based hero character. Tina could be more offensive based, but she wouldn't have a pocket knife or first aid or shottie to start. Instead various telekinetic abilities with a cooldown menu similar to Jason that have deteriorating effects over constant use.

    Oh yeah Tina would have been cool in the game! I meant in the movies though, like who would you have liked to see return in a sequel (except Tommy as he already did return in sequels)  

  15. 11 minutes ago, masterkeef42o said:

    I wish they would make another game in this style for another franchise that wouldn't end up having these legal problems. We could have a Leatherface game, Chucky, Return of the Living Dead, etc.. So many possibilities. I'm sure many that we could list wouldn't end up strangled by a lawsuit. It's sad that F13 didn't get to reach its full potential. Really could've been one of the best games ever made. I still think it's amazing, but damn. We missed out on a lot because of those 2 babies and their arguments about money.

    I have a gut feeling that Gun is possibly working on a Halloween game. There have been many clues they are trying to get a new license and there has been past tweets between Ryan Turek (Halloween 2018 producer) and Wes hinting at a possible collaboration in the future. 

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  16. 8 minutes ago, OCT 31 1978 said:

    Good topic!

    yeah the Ps5 and new X-box are going to feature/support backwards capabilities...this is a big selling point for me as I tend to wait a long time to buy new consoles because I usually have. Large stack of games I still haven’t played through on the current gen system.

    so having this feature may get me to buy it once it hits retailers.

    Yeah I should have done my research before posting this as I didn’t even know they were going to have backward compatibility lmao. I’m just happy we will be able to continue playing this game (fingers crossed the servers are still up).

    Now I’m wondering if our progress will be able to carry over? Possibly through our Xbox/PS accounts maybe? 

  17. 4 minutes ago, Wolledc said:

    Judging by the last 10 current threads (wishing for new content / what if... / questions for patches) in this forum‘s section we wouldn’t have hardly anything to talk about, if we wouldn’t have those posts, would we?

    so personally I am glad that our fantasy and spirits are still out there. 

    And yes, we definitely may not get anything new for THIS game. but who knows: someone might be out there and just now listen to all of us, our crazy ideas and if there even is a slight chance that this special someone is taking our ideas as inspiration for a totally new game (whatever it may be called) I am fine with it.

    I agree, there has to be other developers that have noticed the success of F13 the game and are also aware of its potential. This leads me to believe that we will eventually get another game (once lawsuit settles of course which could be years away). 

  18. 10 minutes ago, Dragonfire82877 said:

    Matt has said numerous times that before the servers go down for good, we will have access to our saved data offline. According to him, they want to get all the bug/glitches and other pressing matters taken care of before worrying about player side saved data.

    Oh okay, I was unaware he said this but thanks for letting me know! 

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