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    Savini isn't popping up!

    You shouldn’t judge all kids by some annoying kids you meet every now and then in f13...smh.
  2. You guys are doing a great job!!
  3. I main Victoria as she is my new fave. I just wish she had more clothing recolours and that they weren’t so high up in levels.
  4. I don’t know if this is meant to be in the game, but I just played a match as Jason put his camera wouldn’t move around. I ended up quitting as I couldn’t kill anyone due to the fact that I couldn’t spin my camera around to see where they went. Can anyone explain?
  5. IcrazyKid855

    New to the forum, longstanding F13 fan

    You should make your own introduce yourself topic.
  6. IcrazyKid855

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    Yeah with her repair, I hardly get any fail skill checks.
  7. IcrazyKid855

    "Mean Girl" Trope.

    I love Victoria, she’s my fave counselor now. My only problem is 1: I wish her outfit wasn’t so baggy. 2: I wish the 3 locked outfits weren’t so high and 3: I wish there was more than 6 recolours.
  8. Ever since Melissa’s thread was a success I have seen many threads asking for: Eva Watanabe, Alice Hardy, Megan Garris, Reggie “The Reckless” etc. So I thought I would make a thread asking for Jason Voorhees’s first ever survivor: Ginny Field. In the best part of the end of the movie she managed to run from Jason and use her brains to hide from him and attack him, this should give her high stamina, stealth and intelligence However, at the beginning of the movie she needed Paul to help her fix her car so she would need low repair. Also Jason found her under the bed but she also managed to trick him into thinking she was Pamela so this would give her average luck. In the shack, Jason realised she wasn’t Pamela and stopped her from trying to kill him. This should give her low strength since he managed to stop her. Obviously, Ginny would be a great character for the sweater and it would be stupid if she wasn’t since she used on Jason in the movie. Her trope is the “The Psychologist” since in the movie she is an aspiring psychologist which is how she tricked Jason into thinking she was Pamela. So that’s it! I personally would love to see her in the game.
  9. HAPPY 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!! I haven’t seen any other posts so I thought I would make one. This game has come a long way and I hope it sticks around for maybe a year or two more. There have been so many negative comments about this game but the devs still work their asses off. @wes , @ShiftySamurai, Without you guys we probably would have never seen a Friday the 13th: The Game so please keep up the good work! As for fellow forum members, I love you guys so much, let’s continue to love and care for this game as we always have.
  10. IcrazyKid855

    update available now

    Do you know when her 3 stylish outfits can be unlocked
  11. IcrazyKid855

    update available now

    Victoria! Victoria! Victoria!
  12. IcrazyKid855

    Dbd player turned F13th Fanatic

    Same here!
  13. IcrazyKid855

    PSA: Update will not drop on 5/26

    Not only that, DbD has a massive update in June with loads of changes in the game, more clothing for survivors, a new killer, a new survivor, a new map etc. I love both games and I am a massive fan of the f13 franchise, but at the moment my favourite is DbD.
  14. IcrazyKid855

    F13 gamer with serieus confession

    You neeeeeeeeed to watch one,, my advice would be to watch one of the first 4 movies since in my opinion I think they are the best.
  15. IcrazyKid855

    New Unreal Update

    Couldnt have put it better myself lol
  16. IcrazyKid855

    Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

    Yeah lmao
  17. IcrazyKid855

    Dead Light

    Did you install it?
  18. IcrazyKid855

    Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

    I hope so! It seems at the moment though the Friday the 13th will be getting a reboot as the person making Halloween said he would want to do Friday the 13th after Halloween
  19. IcrazyKid855

    Dead Light

  20. IcrazyKid855

    Halloween: The Game

    I’ve seen a lot of suggestions for this in other threads but it doesn’t have its own thread so I thought I would make one. Once this game is up and running smoothly, Gun Media could slowly start to develop a Halloween game while still adding content to Friday the 13th. I think a Halloween game would be amazing and a dream come true for me. For maps there could be sooooo many possible maps: a huge Haddonfield neighbourhood ( with Doyle house and Wallace house as well as other residents houses ), Haddonfield Memorial Hospital, The tower farm, Myers House, Caruthers house, The school etc etc. There could also be original survivors made by devs and movie survivors and also movie victims ( I would love to see Tina from part 5 ) also you would obviously have to add Laurie Strode and maybe Jamie Lloyd, Tommy Doyle, John Tate etc. I would love this game to be made even if it was similar to F13game as Halloween is my all time fave. What do you guys think?
  21. IcrazyKid855

    Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

    Somebody posted a topic on “Jason vs robocop” which got me thinking.... Who do you guys think would win in a fight, Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees?
  22. IcrazyKid855

    Jason Voorhees VS Michael Myers

    Yeah Jason was scary in the first 4 films for me but then all of the resurrection crap was a bit over the top and then it got even crappier by sending Jason to space. Like WTF?! Same goes with Freddy except he was scary in the 1st and New Nightmare, all of the dream warrior stuff was crappy too.
  23. IcrazyKid855

    Dead Light

    What the actual hell😂😂😂😂