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    My favourite horror movie franchise is Halloween, Friday the 13th comes second. I play on Xbox, my GT is “TheFinalBoy”

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  1. Happy anniversary guys, this game will always remain as my most favourite game ever made!!
  2. Happy Valentine’s Day to you too, I hope you have a good day!
  3. I would also love Chris to return! I sort of agree with you however I feel like it could possibly take a similar route to Halloween 2018. Jason could return to camp crystal lake and start murdering the counsellors as usual. Then, one of the original final girls could return to hunt him down. I don’t know I just liked how Halloween had Laurie change her own narrative and become a fighter and not a victim. It could work well with Ginny, Chris or Trish maybe too.
  4. Thinking about it, I agree with you, it would of been very cool to see Tommy and Megan return after part 6
  5. Let’s just hope that if we do a get a Halloween game, there will be no lawsuit to prevent content lmao I think so too, Gun for sure had some issues with this game but the attention to detail makes up for it in my opinion. I don’t feel like any other developer would have bothered to properly capture the setting of the Friday the 13th films like Gun did.
  6. Oh yeah Tina would have been cool in the game! I meant in the movies though, like who would you have liked to see return in a sequel (except Tommy as he already did return in sequels)
  7. I’ve been thinking about which survivor I would of liked to return in a sequel the most (excluding Tommy) and decided my personal favourite would have been Ginny Field. Anybody else on here know who they would of liked to see return the most?
  8. Welcome to the forum fellow fan!
  9. I’m gonna go with Alice Hardy, she survived part 1 only to be killed by Jason in part 2. The worst part is that she is only known as missing and nobody knows her dead body is in Jason’s shack. I wonder if the police ever found his shack?
  10. I have a gut feeling that Gun is possibly working on a Halloween game. There have been many clues they are trying to get a new license and there has been past tweets between Ryan Turek (Halloween 2018 producer) and Wes hinting at a possible collaboration in the future.
  11. Yeah I should have done my research before posting this as I didn’t even know they were going to have backward compatibility lmao. I’m just happy we will be able to continue playing this game (fingers crossed the servers are still up). Now I’m wondering if our progress will be able to carry over? Possibly through our Xbox/PS accounts maybe?
  12. I agree, there has to be other developers that have noticed the success of F13 the game and are also aware of its potential. This leads me to believe that we will eventually get another game (once lawsuit settles of course which could be years away).
  13. Oh okay, I was unaware he said this but thanks for letting me know!
  14. Thanks for the information, and yeah I agree I also think it’s unlikely other versions will get an offline save solution.
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