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    My favourite horror movie franchise is Halloween, Friday the 13th comes second. I play on Xbox and I adore Macdonalds😋😋.

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  1. DLC

    I don’t think you should have that, but who cares?! Free dlc!
  2. Annie would be sooooo good! She could come with a choice of her wearing her backpack or her not wearing it.
  3. “Quick ‘n’ easy cosplay tips with SmugDoka” lmao!
  4. Maybe, it’s a shame though since I would love to be able to drive around camp in a VW beetle lmao
  5. Yeah they need to puff it up more at the moment it looks like a helmet lmao
  6. Couldn’t they use the model but just remove all VW symbols?
  7. I guess, it’s quite annoying I hope they somehow can do it on her or other counsellors in the future. I mean it would be unusual for every counsellor to have hair above shoulders if you know what I mean