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  1. I've found one Tommy tape but numerous Pam. Too bad I have all the Pamela tapes. Need 8 Tommy Tapes now.
  2. Now see the blue outfit would've been better than what we got. I know we had MC Hammer pants but they only worked for him.
  3. Why does she have three colors of yellow for shoes. Did you guys run out of blue or green? I know it's inconsequential but if I earn the level i'd like a different color from the one i've already earned. Bad enough her outfit looks like she's wearing a diaper.?
  4. I went from lvl 78 to 83. Found two Pamela tapes. And then I quit playing. I got tired of people snitching me out to Jason, fake Jason's, or running around like the three stooges. I at least hoped i'd find some tapes but all I got were empty drawers and empty promises.
  5. Been playing three months. I like Jason part 8 and Tiffany but I don't play Jason anymore. Lot of mean people playing but I paid for it so my goal is to get to 150 in spite of them.
  6. It's me your friendly neighborhood stalker. I will not be ignored Dan I mean Casey.
  7. I'm Cheryl. Loved the Friday franchise since I was 8 and shouldn't have been watching. My Tiffany is Jason's full time stalker and future baby mamma. You can run Jason but you can't hide from Tiffany.
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