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  1. VERY glad to see these issues being fixed. I am not complaining because i know how tedious these patches can be especially with a small team. But my question is when on earth are you going to address the exploits for the Easy Anti Cheat.. known as EAC ? where people are using the Hacked version of EAC to enable speed hacks for Counselors and Jason, and even to spawn in med sprays, knives and infinite health or at least banning the ones that are doing this ? Thanks for all your hard work guys.. it is truly appreciated keep it up!
  2. @Prydacor I completely understand. It is time consuming especially when you have a life lol. But about 90% of the time it has turned out to be a accurate manner of identification. But as you point out, it is not 100%. Happy killing See you on the battlefield!
  3. I am very sorry to hear that my friend but it is good to have you aboard. Welcome to F13
  4. I agree very much so my friend. A proper report system and proper monitoring needs to be a hug priority to keep this community rodent free.
  5. hehe yeah the cleaver is rather large lol and the garden shears busting threw the doors makes me laugh every time.. Roy the angry barber..hehe lol we need more ideas to keep this going.. awesome replies guys thanks
  6. now that's what i am talking about man. yes leaving the already hyped weapon swap and giving even more to it. Very awesome idea
  7. that is a awesome idea. yeah get the counselors involved with the weapon assortment ultimately giving them extra weapons as well.. And having the possibility for Jason to be killed with his own weapon.. Brilliant.
  8. I have been thinking of this for quite sometime. I am happy to see the new weapon swap system coming into play, how ever I have had a idea of how to utilize all kills in a different way. I find myself running through the map and I come across weapons that i recognize from the films and it gives me a idea. We have all those weaponless kills and I think wow, why not start Jason off with no weapon and utilize those none weapon kills and environmental kills while on the other hand putting his favorite weapons through out the map`and adding a more special feel to those weapon kills it would be a sort of earned feature for weapon kills. Adding a durability to the weapons and allowing Jason to choose his weapon in the middle of battle, So if he sees a machete he can grab it , but he can switch out for the pitchfork in the barn or pick up that spear from the graveyard etc.. It wouldn't add any extra work really, just simply taking the weapons away from Jason or let him keep the weapon but add durability to it, and allow it to be swapped out in the environment to add all those extra kills making it a more special part of the Game, because it solves the non weapon durability on Jason's weapon and gives Jason a whole new reason to look around the map. Just thought this sounded really cool.
  9. Yes in fact it does . In the 1970's you would not find Sonny and Cher to far apart as a singing duo. How ever Cher found the time in 1971 to climb the American charts to #1 with her hit single Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves. So tonight at number one Cher graces our presence at the top. I'm Casey Kasem and on with the count down.
  10. Yes in fact it does . In the 1970's you would not find Sonny and Cher to far apart as a singing duo. How ever Cher found the time in 1971 to climb the American charts to #1 with her hit single Gypsys, Tramps, & Thieves. So tonight at number one Cher graces our presence at the top. I'm Casey Kasem and on with the count down.
  11. no to be honest i would not consider that as stealing. I mean you actually did back the game, so i would not even want to touch that being that you do own Savini legit which is awesome. And thanks man, i did need to vent. I am just so sick of the cheating and the bs and then others trying to back the cheating and the bs to say oh, it is right and okay to do. I mean i come off as a jerk but people that actually know me, know me as a very nice person, but they know i have no toleration when it comes to people stealing or exploiting. Especially when it is supposed to be to relieve stress and not to create more. This is such a awesome game and i just want to see it be as good and decent of a community that i know it can be with all of us. We have just got to stick together man. But yeah, wright on I was really thinking of getting this on Ps4 as well some of my good friends are there and it is a truly a wonderful game thanks for backing it man!
  12. agreed my friend. As for contributors i do agree i would love to see them receive something no one else has, and for those that are hacking and stealing, they need to be dealt with and suffer the consequences for tampering with the files and stealing what was meant for backers and also using unreleased content causing a massive issue and a lot of heartache for most all of us. We will get there my friend
  13. first and foremost gunmedia did offer a explanation to the hitting through doors and said it was a bug caused by the engine in which it would be addressed with the coming engine update. second there is no skill involved at all when using a bug /exploit "door glitch hitting" it is simply the cheaters way to go which will be fixed and that is enough of that you must not understand exploit. Exploit = people utilizing bugs in the system in which as you said give them a advantage and everything that I mentioned is a exploit. I owned my own game server company in which "Ronnie Hobbs follows still to this day" and i can assure you i am very tech savvy and in fact have done a tremendous amount of coding on the Arma 3 and Arma 2 communities and many others. These are definitely exploits and i will not argue the fact any further nor waist my time with a reply to any more people that are angry for being pointed out for simply exploiting, hacking and stealing content. The bottom line is if you are contributing to these topics, then you deserve the ban. Do not cheat, do not steal. and quit trying to make it seem it is okay to do those things..Make the community fair or do not play, because i can promise you this, from now on I will be recording every game and reporting everything i see to steam and to F13 that is along these lines along with your steam id. I have never accused someone of doing something wrong if there was not proof to back it up. So please stop saying these things are not exploits and trying to make yourself and others seem that your all in the right with cheating and stealing because if that is your morals in life.. Then my friend I feel very sorry for those that think this okay. If you robbed a bank or cheated on your taxes your consequences would be dire.. If you are doing that i am talking to you... If not then you have nothing to worry about.. Take care and see you on the battlefield...
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