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  1. Imagine there's a Arcade box in a random cabin or the main houses like Pack a snack and you can play the classic Nes Jason game with like 4 other people just need to have no push to talk to talk with your buddies in there.
  2. I am honestly all on board for this. People forget that jason didn't just kill the counselors as soon as they step foot in the camp site. They had drinks, parties,sex, driving, looking forward to Saturday the 14th... but 14th never happen and you know why it didn't. This sandbox is basically the prequel of the game, interacting with things on the map having fun with friends in the maps in daytime. Cooking in kitchen an already made pot of whatever. Watch one of the F13 films on the TV or a easter egg one Elm st,Halloween etc etc. Drive around the map with buddies (maybe some ontop of roof) Fishing in the lake Etc etc I'm still looking forward to customizing the cars
  3. Did you have an outfit idea for her? I'm curious now.
  4. Having her and tiff in a lobby would be a blessing. People will scream for bikini update if she came before summer
  5. Theres no label that anyone in the game is a dick, I played with a Chad earlier who completely ignored me talking on Wally talky to see if anyone can come to birch ridge for phone, then here he comes walking up with propeller when I was putting gas on boat near fuse house being a dick and refusing to hand it over escaping by himself. But he was such a cool person in lobby before game. Now I just wanna kill him.
  7. In the white noise game series you were able to do objectives and guild people to the tapes. Regarding F13 you can be ghost who is able to stun jason 2 times in the game and that's it, other then that you can roam around the map and confuse counselors going thru them and stuff.
  8. Lol Sorry I haven't been replying to this lately, I agree at least having this be a Separate game would be Nice and a little twist into the games Playstyle, in regards to Running over the possessed Counselor I don't think that will count as betrayal since it's someone trying to kill you but you don't have the ability to kill Jason either so it's a Loss for Counselors. Perhaps beating the Possessed counselor until there wounded can ware off the pamela curse and you gotta heal them back to full health to be able to Kill Jason again. Jasons 2nd chance ( if his mask is off) is to protect said counselor from you doing the steps above.
  9. Okay so I thought about this one night and what if when you collect the sweater there's a 50/50 chance that you can be possessed by Pamela and Work together with Jason Killing the other counselors? therefore adding more suspense that it isn't always a guarantied victory getting the sweater to kill an unmasked Jason.
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