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  1. hahaha your name inspired the mine bro, we are the same dont be ashamed, we are brothers you cant do nothing about it
  2. what are you talking about? this is my only account I have @Kodiak is this allowed? they are harassing me and accusing me with no reason. I love this account ❤️
  3. its too soon for that, I will wait more, also this forum doesnt have an option to change your user name
  4. lol uber Jason is already in the game, you dont believe me? just play on steam and you will see him in plenty of matches, with his new kills and all, a lot of people have him already
  5. the problem is that it would still happens, that doesn't fix the problem of bugs and crashes, that will not give me my xp back and my reputation, I dont want to play anymore knowing that will happen again in any moment, that match was very fun and awesome and it will never come back ??
  6. yes it sucks, mainly because I never left a match on purpose, I hate quitters, and now I am on the salt mines. I was very happy playing with people whom never quit
  7. I'm going to the salt mines because the game crashes, I was winning the game, I was about to gain a lot of xp in a match and suddenly my game crashes, "Fatal error", what a stupd bullshit. Also the other day I was playing as Jason and suddenly I couldn't move`, even the camera was stucked, and the game kicked me because of AFK, I'm going to the salt mines because of instability of the game and bugs. Before you implement an infraction system for quitters make sure to fix your damn game first. (crashes and locked movement bugs) BYE
  8. I like window combat, jason can hit me too, so no problem, and it is physically correct
  9. I have the same performance, physics are the same or even worse, graphics are the same only darker
  10. am I the only one having interactions locked sometimes when I try to climb a windows as a counselor?
  11. maybe because they delayed the update too much? it was 4 months,we expected what a normal devs would do, we didnt know they were so bad making games lol
  12. fuck!! I discovered a new bug for me, I was hiding under a bed waiting 1 minute for the police, and my character just got out from the bed while the cameras was still under the bed and I could control my character and was interaction locked, it was horrible, the update is fucked up
  13. For first time in my life I love the new grab, shut up, I like this update, the only problem are the new and old bugs but it is not so bad, it could be fixed with a few little patches
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