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  1. I agree with you that people who suicide on purpose shouldn't come back as Tommy Jarvis because that really is serious bullshit.
  2. Well it was still in the straps so the head not the face my mistake.And I did say it will sometimes take only 1 hit if it's in the right spot like directly in the face or the straps because obvious reasons.
  3. You are right but you can block and there's times when someone is hiding behind something waiting to stun you when you don't expect it so it's still a very useful strength to me.Also the only way to knock the mask off in just 2 or 3 hits is by hitting Jason directly in the face which can sometimes knock his mask off in 1 hit.
  4. @Slasher_Clone I liked the idea of different skins having different strengths and weaknesses so that's why I posted this.And you're right about throwing knives even tho I can quick throw but I can still pick them up anywhere and they're not very important to me to get a 7/7 or 8/8.The only times I find throwing knives very useful is with window jumpers,suiciders and fast counselors like Vanessa and Buggzy.
  5. @Somethin Cool How is stun resistance a weakness???Stun resistance is a very useful strength with all these Chads and trolls.A baseball bat has the highest chance for a stun but it's not 100% and I know that because I got hit with the bat as part 3 Jason who has -Stun resistance and didn't get stunned a few times so +Stun resistance decreases the chance for a stun even more so it's very useful against teams and trolls.And part 6 Jason did not have a utility belt until the paintball scene so yeah.
  6. You know that utility belt on part 6 Jason and that bullet hole on his mask.Well not everyone likes that so I have an idea.Put a new skin that removes the bullet hole and some of the weathering to make the mask look like the one at the beginning of the movie and remove the utility belt and switch his +Throwing knives for +Stun resistance because of the shovel scene and maybe -Defense for -Grip strength because Tommy got out of his grasp in less than 2 seconds.
  7. @Slasher_Clone your idea is not bad either.I actually think that's better than my idea because it would be more realistic for Jason to lunge when moving fast and only move his arm and not lunge when slow or standing still.
  8. I would like to see an option for choosing which grab animation you want to use because the new grab is kinda annoying because people will try to trick you into trying to grab and hit you while you're lunging forward.I am not getting tricked anymore because I know they're baiting me but these new players and even some players who have been playing for a long time have this issue and my mask has been knocked off a few times just because I was a bit to the left or right.If it's possible to implement this with the lawsuit still going on then I am sure many players would love to see an option to switch grab animations.
  9. @ken9ru43 I know I can do that but it will just do search cooldown whenever I come across a server before 4 minutes have passed.
  10. I play on PS4 @Dragonfire82877
  11. I play on PS4 and I noticed that I need 4-5 minutes to find a server and sometimes there's not even 3 people in the server I join and this wasn't happening before so can someone help me fix this
  12. When will Jason from Freddy vs Jason be added?And i have suggestions for his strenghts and weaknesses. Strenghts: -Weapon Strenght (Since he slashes everyone with one or two hits in the movie) -Defense/More Hit Points or Stun Resistance (His mask was never took off and he kept on getting hit and nothing happened(not in every part of the movie but you know what i'm thinking). Or maybe bundle these into one powerful strenght,by which i mean put a bit of defense/hit points and put a bunch of stun resistance and call the strenght something like Unstoppable,Relentless or something of that nature) -Stalk (Because he is sneaky) Weaknesses: -Can't run (Obviously) -Water speed (Since he's afraid of water in the movie) -Traps or something else And you guys should make him unlock at level 100 or something and make some cool enviromental and weapon kills just for this Jason and i have suggestions for the kills too. Enviromental/Hiding spot kills when under a bed he should just pull them out slam them on the bed then stab them with the machete a bunch of times and then fold the bed upwards like in the movie and when he grabs a counselor he should be able to do an enviromental kill on the bed by slamming them on the bed and you know i already said it. Weapon/Non-weapon kill only available for this Jason, Machete toss:He drops them on the ground and they start running and he throws the machete in their back like in the movie, Slash:He does a kill with the machete like in MK X and in the movie when Kia gets killed like that, now for the non-weapon kill, Head Twist:He drops them on the ground and twists their head like in the movie. And that's all i have and i hope you guys put him in the game soon after Uber Jason if you're even gonna put him in the game.
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