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  1. When escaping in the boat on crystal lake, the hair of the player and the boat seem pretty jumpy from start to the exit point,
  2. Once again I applause you for some more whining, proud of u kid. Let's color. Some more. I will bring ya the crayons.
  3. I'm not depriving anyone of their opinion just stating my own, and you show yourself to be ignorant as well. Let's really highlight this that and the other cuz you didn't like what I had to say, it's got some problems but it's playable, not horrible. And yes the complaining has made a pretty toxic forum lately our little fuss included I'm thinking if it's that bad find another game and not bring all that salty shit this way so some of the newcomers and vets alike can have some cool stuff to read other than all the boo hoo. It is what it is. I'm done with this complaining as it is nonsense so do what u will, I'm gonna jump on and play some rather than complain .
  4. And I'm not trying to be made to look like a dumbass either. It does take more than a few simple packs to impress, they need work on fixing bugs and servers yes but how does all The complaining on here fix any of that? It doesn't. And if you are a Q/A expert get the right emails out to them with some. Good guidelines to go by. Something to help the comunity
  5. Ignorance huh. The game has bugs but they are not as bad as launch still yet, maybe do less name calling and whining and more playing. They'll get Round to fixing it. I'm sure all the negativity doesn't help. I mean really if u or I. We're making this and hearing all the whining about this and that would u want. To. Fix it for people. I sure would take my time.
  6. Dbd is the same old boring garbage IMO. Ring around the generator till you get the hook . Anyway I came here to throw my f13 views out here so here goes F13 is a great game and I just don't understand all the bitching and whining about whuu I never get to be Jason, I get killed all the time or uuugghh I suck at either role I play so plz nerf this and boost that. I say the past map and kills we're spot on. New map looks really good compared to the others and the cam angles on the kill pack are awesome. Well done job. I think about a 70% chunk of all this nonsense complaining is coming from players who are not even true fans of anything f13. Oh I've watched like 1 and uhuhu. Know what I'm talking about. Stop ruining the game for people, and devs do ur thing and if they don't like it then tough sh$*,,,the real fans will still be around.
  7. I woulda irritated that dude for fun.. I just had to put that I'm lvl 101 and I'm cool to play with. That's on Xbox tho. And I've encountered a lot of 101 that we're actually pretty fun to play with. I've ran into toxic rude people before tho of many lvls. So just saying. Some 101 people are OK
  8. Cool list, all I would add as my personal favs was some battle toads,,, double dragon was cool too
  9. Jokesonu!

    My Fanart

    Great artwork, love part 8 in the alley.
  10. Yea I understand there. It's near impossible to get ones you really want. I get doubles and triple of the same quite often when I do roll
  11. Yes I already bought everything available and have saved for some time. Reached top lvl yesterday and have 96k cp saved up just waiting to be spent on something. Hopefully it can be used for later kills, clothes etc. I worked hard and spent wisely early on in hopes of that but have yet to see content for it's use.....and perks are good for me too I don't use half of them but at 29 epic I only want one I do not have. That being said has anyone came across level headed any higher than common lvl?
  12. I do wonder when we will be able to use cp earned thru matches and what types of things we can expect to buy with it. I thought for new kills maybe clothing but seems like these are paid content so maybe someone could share some insight on what it could or will be used for in the future.
  13. Come on guys, the grab is fine and shift grab can still be done just like before. You just have to time it right. If they are heading for a window just shift a few steps ahead and tilt left or right depending on what side your on. Soon as you end shift and initiate the grab you've got em every time.... And traps wise. Place one trap on the phone. Morph when you hear it go off of you don't get the councillor retrap and come back later cuz they 'WILL' come back. It really isn't a horrible thing the devs done with the changes. I barely notice them. Wasn't meant to be easy. When I was in the lower levels I got my azzz handed to me on the regular and loved the fear of the chase so to speak. It's a fun game if you just play it and enjoy. Maybe not try too hard and take it seriously.
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