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  1. I assume fewer people are monitoring this. But i cant stop playing this game despite the recent bad news... 1) its the best game ive ever played (and deserves to be glitch free with dedicated servers) 2) i havent quite 100% it yet... Since the salt mines "began", ive had way more problems completing games. Did the salt mines actually start? Are people that disinterested now? Seriously, 90% of games end before theyre complete. Thats worse than it used to be (approx 50%). I hope theres some life in this game. I bought early, paid for anything available. And still play. Id like to play more....
  2. i have a ps4 and good wifi. im not a gamer but enjoy this game. id like to have a "community" of integrity players with some skill. 95% of rooms are kids, noobs, idiots. i know theres plenty of good players who want a challenge. of course, we'll need community rules of some sort, counselors are over powered. any 2 skilled counselors can kill jason. im up for ideas and format. ill let you take the lead. ill join you. im just tired of spending evenings/nights without playing a decent game. ill be happy to share advice/info/glitch updates etc someway to keep the game alive.
  3. nope, ps4. just play a bunch of idiots, children and schmucks with poor skill and response ability. like you bums. of cours ill be jason. ill be random jason/counselor every match setting on nothing. yes, ill lose sometimes. youll lose more. yoy make gentleman rules. ill follow. i dont care. im tired if 95% shit rooms.
  4. ive attempted to connect with the community here. give ideas, opinions, challenges etc. ive played since the game came out and bought everything the game had to offer. im amongst the highest skilled players. now im bored. bunch of kids, bunch of idiots with idiot responses. seems no one takes the game serious enough to make it fun. this game is for stoners who want to run over counselors and fuck around (nothing wrong with that). not for gamers. developers had a great idea and put alot of work in. maybe revamp a little and shift focus (jason is a favorite, but have to find someone else). im on board when they have an idea, ill kickstart that too. but theres nothing left here. prove me wrong
  5. Been playing since the game came out, and am amongst the highest skilled players. I'm tired of playing with Noobs and garbage players in general. Too difficult to get a decent room. I'm looking to start a league for 150 level players, or those recommended as highly skilled. Play Friday and or Saturday nights (9pm til whenever). No Jason teaming, intentionally killing counselors, rage quitting, etc... Other items can be discussed to keep it competitive and fun. Example, I will kill you every match. Might need a handicap of some sort. Shit talk is welcome, but you won't beat me.
  6. Minus the bugs (and lack of developers desire to keep game competitive), Friday the 13th is fun, a great concept, and deserves to keep going. With copyright bullshit, basically, killing this game, how bout bringing a nightmare on elm street rendition?
  7. I just want to play games where 7 counselors want to escape or kill Jason and Jason wants to kill all counselors. That's it. That's all I want. Isn't that what the game is supposed to be? But it's never that way.
  8. With news that the never ending lawsuit will prohibit this game from expanding, how much is left? I've made numerous complaints of Jason teaming, cheating, egregious play, non competitive players in rooms of competitive players, low skill Jarvis etc... As people shift towards fortnite and other popular games, I've noticed the play on this game has continued on a downward trend. Every room takes too long to create and never has a real competitive feel (per previously mentioned issues). Such an awesome game. But if developers even want the Friday the 13th loyalists to continue to play? They have alot of game play/competitive issues to address. And at this point, will it even matter?
  9. Yep, especially when you knocked Jason's mask off, found the sweater, and bring Jarvis a machete....then he takes off to escape by cop....
  10. I like the idea of skills tier. There is a difference between level and skill for sure. I'd def like to have competitive matches more often as either Jason or counselor. Also, id like to think higher tiers would play with integrity for bragging rights and avoid the kids and cheaters who lack skill and cheat.
  11. I just don't think it takes too long to get to a level 20 (I made that in my 1st week), but that experience also would be helpful. The game has been wanting to get Jarvis more competitive. One way is to make a min level. Adding on to earlier, nothing more annoying than Jarvis helping jason (in addition to being clueless). I agree, a flagging system could be exploited. Why I'm think everyone gets 1 flag per week to tag a cheater. Maybe it takes 10 flags to get banished to salt mines. There's gotta be a proportionate system which could work (including time frame for removing flags) It'svery difficult to get any game without these issues. Be great to weed em out.
  12. Love the game. Definitely appreciate all the hard work continuously going into the game. Have a couple ideas (which may or may not have been considered/suggested). 1) Tommy Jarvis. Best character in game (minus jason). Spawning as Jarvis seems to favor the 1st person killed after Jarvis has been called (not so random). Be nice for this to become more random (perhaps he spawns no earlier than 8 min into the match, or when 3 counselors remain). Gotta keep the Noobs joining, but a level 5 Jarvis? Why not make a level 20 min to spawn as Jarvis? Also, how about a quick mini game to be played by potential jarvis' (if nothing more than to make sure that player is actually paying attention and playing). 2) private chat/helping Jason. I have no answers for this. I love the salt mines idea and hope that weeds some of this out. Perhaps nothing can be done about private chat (which tends to be buddies helping eachother), but what about some reporting or flagging system for blatant cheats? Counselors obviously helping jason (we know who they are) should be sent to the salt mines as well. Perhaps assign each player a limited amount of flags to tag cheats. When a player accumulates so many, bam, salt mines. Just some thoughts. Thanks
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