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  1. That's not the case all the time. I just played a game yesterday where everyone was going for objectives but I was guarding them all like crazy and listening for the sound queues. I never spawned to the 2 seater and focused on keeping the phone and 4 seater protected. Get down to 2 people after Tommy was called and they start the 4 seater. They were almost to the main road and nearly escaped but I got in front of them and chased them down to the end of the map without morphing or shifting. Finally stopped the car and killed them both as they tried going for it. They were a formidable team, and when they would group up I made sure to not grab them since they would only stun me. But they were finding parts, ranking traps, but I was on their asses the entire time even when some of them tried luring me away so the others could do the objectives I didn't fall for it and went after the AJ's and Debs that stayed next to the objectives while Vanessa's and Adams tried leading me away to distract me.
  2. mignt be your internet. I switched my router for a new one and it works way better. I don't crash as a host ever anymore. I've never been put in the salt mines for crashes. I think they are needed because so many people used to quit, and it's a lot less now. But back before they were a thing I could never level up because all these hosts kept quitting. They could be better yes, but they need to be there.
  3. Just recently played a match where Jason was on my tail but morphed to the phone. Another player was escaping on the boat and stopped near me. They said hurry up and get in. I got to the water and swam to the boat. The drive it to the middle of the water and stop. I thought they were lost so I said "go this way" and they didn't move. The fucker let Jason come and he tipped the boat and drowned me. Then Jason leaves the other player and they get back in the boat and repeat on other players. I was so mad lol
  4. Ehh not really. Most times I play, by the time one of the cars gets fixed a few people are already dead, so fixing the 4 seater allows most of the remaining survivors a chance to escape. I'm all for teamwork, so the more players I can save the better. My #1 priority is always calling the cops though cause that can allow everyone to escape.
  5. I don't even bother to save the host for last anymore. If you get killed sucks for you. I had a host literally run right in front of me yesterday. In the open, in front of Packanack. I grabbed her and killed her. She quit. But it is what it is. I refuse to give these shitty hosts a pass. I've noticed since the salt mines a lot less hosts are quitting.
  6. That's so weird. When people are actively pushing objectives and the boat is on the map, the lobbies I've been in have had people trying to escape in it. If anything I've seen a huge increase in trying to escape by boat. As far as the 4 seater being repaired over the 2 seater, that one is obvious. The 4 seater can take more people. Its not only generous to try and fix that one over the 2 seater, but it increases your chances of being saved if Jason stops the car since more people are likely to be there to save you from Jasons grasp. I know when I'm playing, I will usually run parts across the map to fix the 4 seater.
  7. I got in finally. And lobbies have all been full when I get in. So I think the problem is resolved
  8. It's also still not working for me. I'm so bummed. But don't get mad at the devs people. It's a PS4 issue, and out of their control.
  9. It's so funny to see angry ass Tommys act like its their way or the highway. I played a match yesterday where there were a group of Jason hunters. I was the host and we killed Jason one match. Then I was Jason the next match and I noticed one of them kept suiciding to come back as Tommy. So anyway Tommy comes back. They get the sweater. I managed to kill Tommy before my mask was off and cleared the rest of the lobby except for an AJ who was on the outskirts of the map avoiding my sense lol I almost killed her with 2 minutes left but she had a pocket knife and time ran out. Anyway the next match comes and I notice again the same person killed themselves but this time they didn't come back as Tommy so they died for no reason. And the Tommy escaped on the boat and had no interest killing Jason. Oops I rambled and got off topic. I've seen a few Jasons spam the fuck out of the resist button. It's funny when the Jasons have mics and you can hear them tapping like crazy. And it's worked for a few of them. Just have to be quick.
  10. They could be trying to distract you so the others can get objectives done. So sometimes you have to let them go and not tunnel them. But its sooooooo hard lol one time I had a lobby that all banded together to work on objectives. I couldn't grab kill any of them because they would hit me and complete the objective. They were at the 4 seater and all 7 of them were working to keep me from stopping those putting in the gas and battery. I assumed one of them already had the keys. So I started slashing away and killed 5 of them and the other 2 fled. I literally killed 5 of them in less than 60 seconds and it was hilarious to see that over confidence fade and then to see the survivors scatter like roaches. What was even better was that they went in opposite directions so once they were separated it was easy. And they were so focused on the car they didn't call Tommy yet. It was one of the most satisfying matches I've played. I had to hand it to them though, that strategy is a great one. I have survived many matches when we all band together as soon as the match starts. But they assumed I wouldn't slash away because of the bad stigma attached to it which I don't get. I had another match where they all banded together in one house and the same thing. I tried grab kills but no use, so I slashed away and they started calling me trash lol like sorry but I'm not going to let a lobby just chain stun me because of the non existing rule that only bad Jason's slash. I bathed in their blood and salty tears as I cleared everyone in that house in a matter of minutes.
  11. Hell yeah I have a blast everytime I play. It's one of the greatest games I've ever played. I don't mind the bugs because I still have fun and it's still playable for me.
  12. This topic is going to show you just how divided the community is. Many people would rather have the game fixed first before new content, and others would appreciate new content that could be fixed later. I belong to the latter. I would love to have Uber Jason and new maps even if they were glitched. This game has been glitched since release so it's not like new content would've changed that. Then they could've focused on fixing the game altogether so when new patches and content came it didn't break all over again. Even now the game is still very playable to me and I have so much fun each time I play. So I would've loved to have seen what they had come up with.
  13. I would like to know. It's like following all of the movies that were in pre-production. It was nice being able to read the script of the Friday's and Halloweens that never were.
  14. I miss the days when you bought a game and that was it. You had the full game as it was made. If there is no future DLC who cares? The game still plays the same. Why would the make it free because of that? This lawsuit is out of their control. It may suck for us players but you're acting like we aren't getting DLC because of the devs so they should make it up to us which is not the case.
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